Who is Julian Assange?

Who is Julian Assange?

• Julian is an Australian born Freedom fighter, free speech campaigner, publisher, he has awards all over the world

• Julian started WikiLeaks, a high-volume site for whistleblowers and sources to come forward. WikiLeaks has been enormously successful and it has upset powerful players.

• WikiLeaks publications have exposed war crimes, corruption and other injustices and have been used as evidence in court cases all over the world.

• Julian is facing 175 years in prison for publishing the true information that was leaked to WikiLeaks.

• The US government wants to use the case against Assange to change the nature of the society fundamentally and dramatically. From one where it is legal for publishers, for speakers, for people on social media, to talk about what the government is doing, to one where it’s illegal to talk about what the government is doing.

• If we don’t get Julian out of prison, we will not be able to speak about what the government is doing, and if we DO speak about what the government is doing, we all will go to prison.

• Julian has NOT been charged with Espionage but has been charged 17 times under a so called Espionage Act – he is charged with merely receiving and publishing the truth.

• The extradition case against Julian has one ‘PR’ smear charge which the US government is trying to use to make Assange seem like he was involved in illegally obtaining the information – this is the so-called hacking charge. This is complete fabrication to try and make Julian look bad and was absolutely demolished by experts in court.

• Since this so called hacking charge was proven false in courts by experts, and the US government knew they would lose their entire case, they dropped the entire case against Assange and re-issued a new superseding indictment (a new case), to include testimony from a convicted fraudster, con-man, thief and sex offender named Thordarson, who Assange had helped put behind bars for abusing minors.

• Through Thordarson’s motive is clear, to get revenge on Assange, he recently admitted that the entire story he gave to the US prosecution was entirely made up, and he only gave it them (the FBI) to get immunity from his own crimes. These lies are still being used in the court documents even though Thordarson admitted himself that they are not true.

• The US Government must drop the charges and the United Kingdom must stop the extradition of Assange.

• What we are doing here, on this forum, is sharing information; is publishing information. The so-called ‘Espionage Act’ that Assange was charged under doesn’t even deal with classified information. This means that the US government can decide what information is a threat to national security AFTER it’s published, no matter if it’s classified or not.

• Our rights are at risk. The first amendment is at risk. If Assange is extradited it will mean the US government can imprison anyone, from anywhere in the world, for publishing truthful information.

• This is a political case which must be won by the public.

This is why we are AssangeDAO. We are the public. We are cyprherpunks standing up for one of our own. Assange’s freedom will mean the freedom for many others. Assange’s freedom is our freedom.

Our rights are at risk.
Julian Assange’s right to publish is our right to know.

We will stop at nothing, we must free Assange.