White knight in shining armor

Nature abhors a vacuum. Into the void of leadership at AssangeDAO has stepped a self-described “White Knight in Shining Armor.” The member known here as @EWillHelpYou (E) held a voice chat on 22 April 2022 at his Telegram channel TheSilentWarRoom, which has approximately 3,500 constituents. An mp3 recording posted there on 29 April 2022 allowed me to transcribe the portion of E’s remarks relating specifically to AssangeDAO. I feel both his historical account as an insider and his vision for the DAO going forward are significant enough to warrant a page on this website. Here are his words.

"I have been gone working on the AssangeDAO project, which I have repeatedly exclaimed is fundamental to our overall process. But perhaps there are those of you who are not familiar with why this might matter to what we are attempting to do. And what we are attempting to do is not simply just to free Julian Assange. That is a small stepping stone in a very large plan of action. What we are attempting to do is uproot systems of global corruption themselves. The very systems that failed in the first place and allowed the Assange situation to occur. The same system that continually fails to represent the needs of the people around us.

"So what we do here in The Silent War Room is we engage in a grassroots manner around social activism in an effort to amplify our voices and create and make possible change on a massive scale, and we do this quite successfully.

"On the other end of this battle are problems that we cannot solve without costs. There are problems that constitute a legal environment where funding is necessary. For instance, the creation of the AssangeDAO had to happen, my friends, because there was no money left for the fight for Assange. He’d been in prison for several years. WikiLeaks had stopped functioning correctly. Leadership had fallen away. Funding had fallen away.

"So what we did at that point was step in and save not only Assange but really an entire movement centered around transparency. It was an incredibly important, potentially movement-altering injection of funding necessary in order for Julian to be able to continue to fight this in a court of law. You have to understand that before we did this, the legal team was on reduced pay; even Stella could not afford the basic things. So it was not just a situation of an opportune moment to fund raise. It was necessary.

"In the greater context of why this matters outside of Assange, we are dedicated to uprooting again systems of global corruption. And in order to do this, we may need to do many, many things beyond just utilizing our voices. We may need to position political candidates in different offices. We may need to do a myriad of things that will require extensive amounts of funding. They will require a corporate structure behind them in order to engage the world around us. So if we are to be successful, we will need to have both activism on one hand and we will need to have a financial structure to back that activism on the other.

"It is one thing for me to lead this group forward and train people to stand up to systems of corruption and unite our voices together; and it is one thing for people to step into that gap and keep my personal life safe, for which I am incredibly grateful because all of this I am doing is incredibly dangerous and on a voluntary basis. But again, if I am to meet my end of this promise that I have made to you, we needed larger ammunition. We needed bigger guns to bring to the fight, so to speak, than just myself, this group and the WikiLeaks organization, to which I have become a friend. So we have now brought on a community of thousands and thousands of investors, including some large-name people who are behind this effort. This allows us a lot more upward movement with what we are doing. It is my intention to take The Silent War Room and the AssangeDAO corporate structure, and unite our groups. And this has already been widely discussed behind the scenes. The importance of activism to the DAO and the importance of a financial structure in which to support that. It is my belief that by marrying these two concepts, we can create truly phenomenal change on a massive, global structure that will involve thousands upon thousands upon thousands of active members.

"Part of the reason this has taken so much of my time lately is because other people were left guiding the structure for a period of time after I successfully helped raise the 50+ million dollars for Assange. And what had happened was moderation had been loosely enforced and the environment had grown toxic. Purposefully controlled elements had been seeding disinformation into it. Death threats were being funneled to Gabriel Shipton—that’s Julian’s brother, who is a core member of the DAO—and other members as well, myself very much included.

"So while I was doing structural work on it, there was this sort of falling away inside the structure of the DAO that was taking place. It was recently, as of a week and a half ago, brought to my attention that the DAO was very near collapse, and that if it couldn’t be fixed that there was a chance the people in charge of it might resign. And so I very hastily told them do not allow this structure to collapse. I will step in and I will save the structure. I will negotiate with Chinese communities. I will undertake this project for Julian. And, you know, give me a week is what I said—I think it took 12 days—but to give me a week and I will have it running properly.

"This is a good thing for us, though, for me to step into this position because it offers us greater control than we’d ever have had over the direction of this organization otherwise. So stepping in as that white knight in shining armor offers us the ability to negotiate transactions, meaning we could build trust across communities, and the ability again to unite different groups of people from different parts of the world under the same activist banner, under the same mission, under the same stated goal.

"I do not believe that the Assange case is likely to go further than the European Court of Human Rights. Now, it may. There is a possibility they will deny to hear the case and global systems of justice will fail us totally. It is my intent to make that a challenging process for them to undertake. There are plans in motion to create mass write-in and mass call-in campaigns to the European Court of Human Rights. We will be widely engaged in that here. These voice chats will again be becoming a very nearly daily thing from here on out because we are going to be involved in active operations here again. Every other day or so I will run these on the main channel, which will attract hundreds of people to it and will serve to reinvigorate the base of The Silent War Room, which is still fairly active all things considered; but it needs some additional members put into it.

"I have had people that thought I might need to come on here and sell the AssangeDAO to all of you. You might not understand its importance. So I’m not a ringmaster of sorts. I’m not somebody who likes to engage in a grift of any sort. But hopefully that explanation will make sense to all of you. That if we are to put political candidates in place, that if we are to engage in anything that takes a substantial amount of funding, if we want billboard ads, if we want skywriting, if we want blimps that say Down With The Deep State or Let’s Go Brandon or whatever political slogan of the moment, whatever challenging of the corrupt establishment we are engaged in at the moment, we will need that backing. And we cannot rely on the grassroots kindness of citizens alone to support a global effort because citizens alone are being driven out of the context of that fight.

“Hopefully that will allay some of your concerns or at least explains a little bit of what I have been doing behind the scenes.”

I have experienced @EWillHelpYou lie on several ocasions so I am skeptical of whatever historical account he provides, because it will be filtered through his rose colored glasses such as:

“the AssangeDAO corporate structure”

versus the website which says:

"AssangeDAO is a cross-border collective governed by the holders of the $JUSTICE governance token, not a legal entity. "

also i would like to note:

"So what we did at that point was step in and save not only Assange but really an entire movement centered around transparency. "

I would like to see this transparency he speaks of, because this DAO did not engage in transparency, and had it done so many of the grievances would have never occurred.

We should start by asking for @Ewillhelpyou to provide his real identity to the world.


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For context: of the approx. 3500 activists I was speaking to here, quite a few are $Justice token holders and AssangeDAO members as well. Familiar faces to our discord and forum both. They have been engaging in the process of fighting to free Assange since long before the DAOs inception. But they also represent the core english-speaking grassroots community of Free-Assange activists currently in play. They are extremely adept at what would be called gorilla marketing tactics. They engage in mass-awareness campaigns. Call chains, writing campaigns. At one point they went into various stores by the hundreds in random locations, and set all their display laptops to the AssangeClock, which I had created to coutdown to his hearing last November. It contained a simple message about the case, its importance, and a call to speak out.
They are also each rather adept in their case knowledge, making them a formidable force for good. :slight_smile:

There is a misconception, I think, that because I maintain anonymity I am an unknown factor. In fact, I am more transparent than probably anyone. I expressly work for the Public as a free agent, and so have the great liberty of being accountable to them.
In the interest of transparency, there are records of every Voice Chat I have ever held openly available. As well as transcripts volunteers have made (so be careful of accuracy) that go back a very long time indeed. I attempt, at least, to operate with the utmost openness. I am quite unabashed about my intent to see this DAO expand and succeed. :slight_smile:

You maintain anonymity because you don’t want to be held accountable for your actions, simple as. If you weren’t anonymous, you might be held liable for libel or defamation, for lying out of your ass. Don’t worry, I know that you are “judgement proof” meaning that you don’t have any money that could be recovered by a lawsuit anyways, based on your begging online in the past.



Mr. “i am so transparent”

Admits that he has been lying and committing identity theft, likely referring to Ezra Cohen.


Rather WL may have chosen to stop functioning for protection of Julian - I’d like to know what its current editor, Kristinn H and Julian’s legal team believe about this. The fact is, we don’t know what Julian directs behind the scenes in relation to WL.

Which should not be conflated with the journalistic aims of Wikileaks or Assange, as if the two have the same goals.

Why should their base be so conflated with the WL base???

From which party? Why is this WL or this DAO’s mission? Seriously @GabrielShipton GabrielShipton - are you reading this??

If @GabrielShipton does show up, I would like to point out something. Why don’t your family file a pretrial writ of habeas corpus?

According to the governments indictment, and this law journal regarding extraterritorial jurisdiction. Apparently, none of the statutes themselves have extra territorial jurisdiction, but the government is also relying on a “conspiracy” theory with Bradley manning.

With regards to count 1)
the governments theory is foreclosed by New York Times v. United States 403 U.S. 713 moreover the statute itself is a content based restriction of speech, which makes it unconstitutional.

With regards to count 2)
in Van Buren v. United States, 141 S. Ct. 1648 (2021) the supreme court “sided with lower courts that found the CFAA does not prohibit accessing data for a purpose other than the purpose for which the user was permitted access in the first place.” Bradley manning already had access to the information, so I don’t think that the CFAA applies

The government claims that Manning gave the passwords to Assange, without citing anything other than speculation, because Assange wanted to use the passwords to for hacking other accounts. I have read somewhere (forgot where), that the passwords were being used to evade detection, rather to gain additional access.

In any case, the indictment needs to state with clearly, that there are the elements of a conspiracy, (1) a mutual agreement or understanding, (2) knowingly entered by the defendant, with (3) an intent to jointly commit a crime** . The only thing alleged is that there was an agreement to crack a password hash, which is not by itself a crime.


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@rave I understand your reservations. However, it’s clear from the AssangeDAO Discord that @EWillHelpYou’s leadership is strongly supported by core team members, at least with respect to the wide-ranging and high-profile airdrop events being planned for May 1–3. Specifically I refer to @Rick_Velvet, @bZ-bbian9388, @Andrew, and multi-sig key holder @Silke. If AssangeDAO has movers and shakers at this sluggish juncture, it is those five behind-the-scenes organizers (including E).

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@EWillHelpYou has not been voted as an admin by the community, moreover I cannot see the airdrop events, because this person has banned me from discord, after claiming libelously that I was an IC asset, and I see no discussion about this on the forum, and no proposal posted on the form.

My conclusion is that the “core team” is in breach of the AIP’s previously submitted (that “pursue other things” was not allowed), and the other founding documents (that the DAO will be fully community led).

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I thought the wider community were meant to vote on such activities? I thought there was an approval process? In principle it is a good idea though - whether they’ve allowed adequate time and sort out the fine detail though is another matter.

During the extradition hearing Patrick Eller gave evidence that Manning often discussed setting up a business after she left the service and this password hash, may not have been for hacking into the government network. Forensic expert questions US claims that Julian Assange conspired to crack military password

@rave It may be that the approval process is out the window. I think @Rick_Velvet in particular discovered recently that building consensus on this forum for timely events was impossible, so he has concentrated instead at AssangeDAO Discord, where the core leaders can hammer out an action plan within a closed thread until it’s ready to be unveiled, as happened this week with #airdrop-activity.

well, it doesn’t really matter what is convenient, it is the process that was agreed to

We have prepared an initial governance model for the DAO, which is shown in the diagram above, and can be ratified by our first vote. First, community members will share a draft of the proposal in the forum for discussion with the community. This proposal template should be used

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Yes - many good ideas have remained unanswered. I’ve felt sorry for Rick who has tried hard to get conversations started. Perhaps this is due to language barriers re all participants.

Yes I agree - the process and community expectation of correct procedure should be followed. Core team should write up the proposal template.

Has alluded to more pre-emptive legal action here:

Stop bragging. E is boasting. Take a look at the air drop led by him. In the case of WikiLeaks official twitter paticipating, less than 100 people meet the airdrop conditions.
Even fewer people THAN THE number of ppl participated in the Chinese community lottery last time. Excuse me, Mr. E, does your POWER stop here?

Want to know the reason why the airdrop failed: please invite those who criticize you back to the community first. They are also builders! incompetent E

I was not eligible because Mr E. banned me from the discord community.

meanwhile my machine learning community came up with a AI NFT generator in the same amount of time. Apes - a Hugging Face Space by ykilcher

Deleted posts, never mind. Just so frustrating.