Welcome to discuss the follow-up LP development of Assange Dao

Personal vision: transfer the governance power to the community and connect with sister-in-law. Assange LP has been used as the guide to launch the NFT issuance of Assange series and Wikipedia series. The specific issuance format is suggested to be half Eth and half justice. Justice will be destroyed, ETH will enrich the Treasury, and phase II justice will not be prepared, Vote for a second just act in combination with a series of NFTs (not limited to rescuing just people, such as rescuing children in mountainous areas of China, children who can’t eat in Africa, etc., which can also be made into a signed NFT Series) and ask you to discuss!


I disagree.

Our DAO has so much support because of Julian Assange and his family.
The scope should not be broadened to ‘Social Justice Issues’ DAO. That is too broad and too vague.

We were founded on a core mission, to ‘Free Julian Assange’ and I think the DAO should retain that mission. (It’s up to the DAO JUSTICE token holders to vote and decide)

If there are some community members who wish to start a sister DAO, such as ‘JUSTICE DAO’ - then go for it!

If the majority of the community decides that Freeing Julian Assange should not be our core mission, then yes lets rebrand the DAO to JusticeDAO or something else.

I am in the Assange DAO for Assange.