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I am inquiring about sending a legitimate proposal, that would require the allocation of filing fees to the court, and the generation of a Habeas Corpus petitions for Julian Assange. myself and my friends are experts in machine learning and law, however I have never been part of a DAO. I propose that it costs approximately $10 per habeas corpus 28 USC 2241 petition, for us to make a system to file and monitor habeas corpus petitions and the documents on the court docket called PACER, not including attorney time or developer time. I believe that under the First Amendment standing doctrine, that third parties have the right to file a writ of habeas corpus, based on the violation rights to receive the information from the journalist, and the infringement of those listener rights by the government. I have provided a screenshot of the answer that GPT-3 artificial intelligence believes to be true, when asked the question about this being feasible.

I have a very good knowledge of First Amendment law, and can create the petition and memorandum of law, and essentially create a form for people to fill in the rest of their details. I would then have to send them to the courthouse on their behalf, with their individual return address, and then monitor the docket and upload the documents in pacer to the Recap archive, and send email copies to the person who filed it.

Either from this stage, it would rely on the vigilance of people to coordinate, but ideally I would create a set of Machine Learning embeddings in the documents, and try to sort the responses from the court by similarity into buckets, to determine if there are ones that need to be reviewed by a lawyer I.E. that the judge has issued the writ and demanded that the government respond.

help me Reply to a Report to Dismiss my case against the US for violating my Right to Free Press by charging Julian my email is bullheimer@hotmail.com ph is 01 360 540 0996 here is copy of my latest Report and other first pages. i need to shepardize these cases and i have about 10 days to respond! cal any time of day or night Samuel Bull Seattle USA
Bull v US Recommendation and Report (to Dismiss)

Bull v US Rec and Report 2

Bull v US Rec and Report p3