Vote Manipulation

When the AssangeDAO’s 4th snapshot vote started, the so-called Chinese Community started the thread #Solitaire in their WeChat group where tasks were posted incentivizing the group members to participate and manipulate the voting according to their wishes. Serious manipulation voting call was placed in order to give this Chinese Community more relevance and possible importance.

Please check this PDF for some chat logs and translations:

The question is how this sub-community can be trusted when the only actions they did since the very beginning were manipulation, rushing everything, and trying not to follow the rules in order to have their wishes from this DAO. They didn’t contributed with any concrete ideas besides trying to force their authority and power into to the DAO. Happen when they want to quickly force their miltisig and snapshot authors thinking that it will enough to just go ahead and publish the voting proposals they wish bypassing the community. Also as could be seen on the chat logs attacking Zylo credibility and motives.

Really serious as-well, on their WeChat there are records of incentivizing by their group of representatives for people to insult the core team and Assange’s family. Suggesting that if they are constant insulted by members, the core team will end being discredited for an easier takeover. One of the calls was for this @YETI answer to @Silke post: 4th Snapshot Proposal - Add Temporary Multisigs - #38 by YETI

its an issue that we should rake a look into it for a good future of this DAO

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Brother, if I’m not wrong, you will be greeted by many people. I hope that in the years to come, you can have a sound mind, and the right way of thinking.

Is this building owner an idiot? How to control it? I put a gun to your head? That you have to vote for this? You don’t think. Is your IQ zero? In the community, people just offer suggestions, which in your case is vote rigging! The choice is still in the hands of the community. In addition, it is not a bright behavior to talk behind one’s back. Any questions are welcome to be raised by the real-name system, and we accept and debate with an open mind


Just get used to it, no one in the Chinese area cares about the rules, and there are no rules in the community.

No one can force anyone to vote, in fact, when you vote, no one know it’s you. so it is nearly impossible to force someone to vote.

There are so many people expressing their voting choices, while others people will make their own voting decision.

You have just put only 10 screenshots, but there are more than 100x messages in many Chinese wechat groups. This will mislead people by giving selected information.

You’re in the wechat group obviously, then how about you express your thinking, and help other people to understand which one to vote.


I understand the concern.

However, I strongly believe that the DAO is united. We are one DAO that is multicultural and multilingual. I believe we all have the same goals.

As for my motives and dreams and goals, I try and make them very clear publicly:

  1. I want to help Assange
  2. I believe that the best way to do this is to grow the DAO
  3. Growing the DAO involves funding the treasury as much as possible so it can complete many projects that directly & indirectly help Assange and the causes he cares about (Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information, Whistleblowing, Whistleblowers, WikiLeaks, Encryption, Cryptocurrency etc.)
  4. Growing the DAO will also see the token price grow, which is beneficial to the DAO and to JUSTICE holders and therefore also to Assange.

The DAO growing will benefit holders and benefit Assange. It’s a win/win scenario.

My advice for everyone:

  1. Please understand that some people have difficulty accessing certain social media channels. Twitter/Discord/WeChat, etc.
  2. We want to grow the DAO to many languages and countries and across many social media platforms.
  3. We should always use the forum for proposal drafts, announcements and topics that are of great importance.

I suggest we also come up with a weekly (or twice a week) meeting time, so we can try to accommodate everyone’s time zone, as we have many people all across the world, from North America, to Europe, to Asia and Australia.

As the DAO grows larger, it will be good to have people break off into various working groups to come up with proposals, draft texts, ideas, various projects. It’s good to meet and discuss things.

We must not grow too suspicious of each other. Besides, our DAO token is spread out very well, we do not have any 1 person owning more than 1% of the total token supply. We must trust the community as a whole to make the decisions that they want to make, and trust our multisig to carry out those decisions.

Let’s focus on moving ahead!


It’s YETI, Personally, I have great respect for Silke and her reviews. When someone in the community questions Silke, I reach out to them about the contributions Silke has made to the community and Silke’s professionalism, and you can see the relevant comments I made under the post you tagged here.

I have never encouraged people to insult the core team or Assange’s family, and I have never seen anyone in the Chinese community encourage this, and when I see people insulting the core team or Assange family, I stand up to say things against them immediately.

This accusation of yours is very nasty and dirty, why are you doing this?



Dear KnightRider,

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. This is what I was thinking when I read your post. I believe Freedom of Speech is what Assange has been fighting for all these times. We welcome different views and healthy debates based on facts. I wanted to emphasize on the word “facts” because I think it’s what your comments are lacking.

Your post’s title is extremely misleading. You claimed the purpose of our wechat discussion is “vote manipulation” while in reality it’s used to encourage voter participation. If you recall, the 3rd snapshot barely reached the 3.5B quorum. We wanted to make sure we reach the required 3.5B quorum for the 4th snapshot and that’s the purpose of these wechat threads. In addition, the endorsement of certain candidate(s) is totally acceptable. Did you see how elections are done in western countries? Labor unions or public figures endorse a candidate all the time. This is not vote manipulation at all.

Chinese speaking DAO members are much more sophisticated than suggested by your post. No one is blindly following the wechat threads or voting for whoever just because someone started a thread.

You also claimed the “sub-community” is rushing on things but it is absolutely wrong. The DAO’s reputation is at great risk. Some misinformed outsiders call the DAO a “scam”. If we don’t act quickly to turn this image around, the DAO will suffer greatly. That’s why we are “rushing”. We are “rushing” to save the DAO.

The reason we tried hard to get two more mulitsigs: the DAO is criticized both internally and externally. It seems nobody who have special rights is doing anything (including the mulitsigs) after the $54m was transferred to Germany. Current mulitsigs are not motivated to do much, for whatever reasons. Both bz and Zylo seem keen to move the DAO forward, so it is in the best interest of the DAO members to vote for these two, IMO. Both bz and Zylo have been the most active contributors to the DAO after the raise was over. I don’t see anything wrong advocating for them becoming the mutisigs to increase the chance of DAOs success. If you are not happy with these two candidates, you could have voiced your opinion earlier when they were nominated during the AssangeDAO’s public Twitter Space meeting.

We are tired of the slowness of the mulitsigs and former mods on Discord. We are not forcing or mobbing others. We are the most active DAO members comparing to others. For example, most participants in the Twitter Space meeting on 3/5 were Chinese speakers. Even though the official Twitter Space was open to everyone and we invited and hoped all the mutisigs were there (, only Silke out of the 5 multisigs showed up. Where were the other mutilsigs? Where were all the other people? Where were you? Nobody is mobbing nobody. Nobody is forcing nobody. If you attended the meeting, you would know it was a very collaborative meeting. Everyone agreed that we will add a Chinese speaking member as one of the multi sigs, and two Chinese speaking members as snapshot authors and another Chinese speaking member as Discord mod. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Zylo to give you the meeting notes or the link to the audio recording. He wrote all the info on the meeting minutes and posted on discord the next day. If you want your voice heard, please go to community meetings and please get involved. Chinese speaking members are tired of the “DO NOTHING” attitude of some members of the DAO. We are also tired of the nonstop criticisms to whom are contributing to the DAO. Please read this article and become a MAN in the Arena, not just some coward staying on the sidelines and criticizing people who are doing the work. TR Center - Man in the Arena ( “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” Based on your profile, you only joined the Forum one hour before you posted this post. It seems you just joined the forum to post this post! Are you even a member of the AssangeDAO?

Chinese speaking volunteers have contributed many ideas and have many more ideas. Just 5 hours ago, when you posting your post here, Chinese speaking volunteers were having a meeting with Gabriel and a concert organizer who is planning for a concert to support Assange. There are many ideas and efforts by the Chinese speaking volunteers. If you want know more, ask Gabriel or Zylo. They probably are tired of us sending them all the ideas we have. What have you done for AssangeDao? Thank you!


您的贴子标题极具误导性。您声称我们微信讨论的目的是“操纵投票”,而实际上它是用来鼓励大家参与投票。如果您还记得,第三个 投票差点就没有达到 3.5B。我们想确保达到第 4 个投票所需的 3.5B ,这就是这些微信接龙的目的。而且,中文的 DAO 成员比你的贴暗示的要聪明得多。没有人会因为有人发起了接龙就盲目为谁投票。另外,对某些候选人背书是完全可以接受的。 你看到西方国家的选举是如何进行的吗? 工会或公众人物经常为候选人背书。 这根本不是投票操纵。

您还抱怨中文“子社区”老在催别人。我们为什么在“催”? DAO 的声誉面临巨大风险。一些被误导的局外人称 DAO 为“骗局”。如果我们不迅速采取行动扭转这种局面,DAO 将遭受巨大损失。这就是为什么我们“着急”。我们急于拯救 DAO。

我们努力争取更多两个多签的原因是:DAO 在内部和外部都受到批评。在 5400 万美元被转移到德国之后,似乎没有人做任何事情(包括多签)。无论出于何种原因,当前的多签都没有动力做太多事情。 bz 和 Zylo 热衷于推动 DAO 向前发展,因此投票给这两个人符合 DAO 成员的最大利益。NFT拍过结束后,bz 和 Zylo 都是 DAO 最活跃的贡献者。我认为提倡他们成为DAO多签 没有任何错误。如果您对这两位候选人不满意,您本可以在 AssangeDAO 的公开 Twitter 空间会议期间提名他们时表达您的反对意见。您也可选第四项。

我们厌倦了 multisigs 和以前的 mods 的缓慢性。我们没有强迫或骚扰他人。与其他人相比,我们是最活跃的 DAO 成员。例如,3/5 的 Twitter Space 会议的大多数参与者都是讲中文的。尽管官方 Twitter 空间对所有人开放,我们邀请并希望所有 mutisigs 都在那里(,但只有 Silke 这一个多签去开会了。其他多签在哪里?其他人都在哪里?当时你在哪里?没有人围攻任何人。没有人强迫任何人。如果您参加了会议,您就会知道这是一次非常协作的会议。大家一致同意,我们将添加一名说中文的成员作为 multi sig 之一,两名说中文的成员作为快照作者,另一名说中文的成员作为 Discord mod。如果你不相信,你可以让 Zylo 给你会议记录。他将所有信息都写在了会议纪要上,并在第二天发布在 discord 上。说中文的成员已经厌倦了 DAO 一些成员“什么都不做”的态度。我们也厌倦了这些人为 DAO 做出贡献的人无休止的批评。请阅读这篇罗斯福总统的演讲.,TR Center - Man in the Arena 功劳属于真正在赛场上的人,他的脸上沾满了灰尘、汗水和鲜血;奋勇拼搏的人,,,,如果他失败了,他的位置永远不会和那些不知胜败的冷酷胆怯的灵魂在一起。”(这段参考英文)。 根据您在Forum的个人资料,您在发布此帖子前一小时才建立账号加入论坛。看来你加入论坛就是为了发这个帖子!我怀疑你是 AssangeDAO 的成员吗?

中文志愿者贡献了很多想法。我们还有更多想法。 就在今天早上,讲中文的志愿者与Gabriel和正在计划举办一场音乐会以支持阿桑奇的音乐会组织者开会。华语志愿者有很多想法和努力。如果您想了解这些,请询问 Gabriel 或 Zylo。我们和他俩将了很多想法。你为阿桑奇道做了什么?谢谢!


All I saw was discussions, no one ordered anyone.

If I see an opinion in a discussion group that I don’t agree with, I ignore it or fight back.

You just posted a paragraph of the discussion text. Where is the entire discussion process? And part of it is voice-to-text conversion. I have reason to suspect that you may be falsifying.

Each Token is valuable and is got through donations or bought by people with real money in the secondary market. With Token in the hands of voters, there is no way to force someone to vote. The interests of voters are bound to the interests of the DAO.

So your topic of controlling elections is really smearing and attacking the project.







Your are replying to a villain who shoots poisoned arrows in a dark corner






Google Translate:

This person has never appeared on the forum before, and has not made any contribution to the community. In the first hour of entering the community, he kept posting an article out of context.

Besides wanting to destroy the DAO, I can’t think of a second purpose for this post. If you wanted to dampen the enthusiasm of those who want to contribute to The DAO, congratulations on doing it. Those who want to do things for the community from now on, the first thing to consider is whether he will be suspected.

Those who are actively doing things, their purpose is clear, they want the community to develop rapidly, they want the JUSTICE coin price to increase, these will eventually drive the power to save Assange to become stronger. I don’t think that’s what you want to see, Mr. Knight.

The above is my personal opinion, I do not represent the Chinese community, but I am proud to say that I am from the Chinese community.


The owner is a DAO saboteur, recruiting the black. Very suspicious is sent by the CIA, serious suspicion, convinced, absolutely is.

No one puts a gun at another to make another do something, and no one has the ability to do so, they are all over 18 and they can take responsibility for their choices。

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We need people here to create and build, what you start is only argument. The Chinese community withness the work that those two multisign is done. If you aren’t satisfied with the vote, you could purchase more JUSTICE to increase your voting power next time. Instead of diss those who actually work on the project

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