URGENT: 11th of April - Kidnapped and Prisoned 3 years ago

Soon will be the 11th of April. Assange got kidnapped and prisoned on this date 3 years ago. Equador also just got rid off his equadorian citizenship…

A good moment to let the world remember this date.

I recommend the following links for possible actions. If not the DAO, than at least as individual supporters…







this is cryptocurrency not forum. No one will care about the project with the garbage coin.
almost 2 months the treasury is still empty, the assange family has taken all the money. On social networks, everyone analyzes that this is a scam project. I didn’t see any good news from the project

just a massive growth coin meme. you don’t need to do anything. look peopleDAO, shib, cult. as soon as it grows people will actively care

Make your own thread to complain. Your comments are not related to this topic or aren’t constructive at all. Thanks.

Time is ticking folks… JUST 10 DAYS LEFT!

Time is ticking…

About 7 days until the 11th of April!!

Google Translate:

Dear rick

I’m a Justice holder from the Chinese community, and I saw your doubts posted on the forum and discord. First of all, I respect your efforts in saving Assange’s specific affairs, and I also fully recognize that if everyone focuses on saving Assange, it will greatly help the value of the overall project.

Why does everyone only care about the price of the currency and not about saving Assange? I will try to answer you with my understanding, hoping to clear up a little bit of your misunderstanding about the Chinese-speaking community.

Most of the people currently active in the project are from the Chinese-speaking community, and most of us have already contributed most of our efforts to saving Mr. Assange. At the same time, we are not good at “saving Assange” because we They don’t even know English, they don’t have free access to the internet, let alone have international relations or understand how foreign systems and laws work.

In my opinion, in a project, there should be different people doing different things for the project, just like there are different departments in a company, and their responsibilities are different. Obviously, people in the Chinese community are more suitable for market work. They are efficient, experienced, and willing to contribute time.

So I give you a realistic suggestion, please contact those holders who are more enthusiastic about saving Assange, and form a relatively close “Assange Saving Department” to discuss and advance specific plans with them. If there is a proposal that requires the whole community to vote, we will be more than happy to support your work with votes on snapshot.

Complaining can’t solve the problem, the Chinese community works around the clock for the project, please don’t easily deny their work.

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In a few hours is the 11th of April.

Just like with the wedding thread some weeks ago - Thanks for nothing, folks.