UK government to extradite Assange:

The British government on Friday ordered WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States to face espionage and hacking charges. Assange has 14 days to appeal the decision, the British Home Office said.


Statement by Australia

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Nobody was surprised and initially I was calm by this but by yesterday I was so upset with the muted response that came out of the Australian Foreign Affairs office. Today in the Sydney Morning Herald there is some stuff about behind the scenes lobbying with senior officials in the Biden administration by our Australian govt. But apparently they prefer to be discrete, Well time is running out for Assange whilst they stuff around without considerable LOUD pressure IMO. Maybe if it was loud enough - other countries would get alot louder too. Rant over.

We have to ensure the DAO continues - and yes Endo - it is hoped that the US lawyer IS looking with fresh eyes into all of your past legal recommendations (and I actually did a post of my own way back about some ideas for stronger legal actions).

So far there has not been an opportunity for the Assange Defense team to lodge an appeal against matters which went against him in the Baraister Magistrates Court.

If they lodge an appeal and a Judge determines that it can advance then they will argue these points:

The district judge erred in her decision re the question of this not being a political offence, not being due to extraneous considerations, not unjust and oppressive by reason of the lapse of time, aspects of the request would not be barred by reason of forum, the allegations meet the ‘dual criminality’ requirements of s.137, is not in breach of Article 3 ECHR (inhuman and degrading treatment) and should not be refused, pursuant to s.87, n is not in breach of Article 6 ECHR (denial of a right to a fair trial) and should not be refused, pursuant to s.87 of the EA 2003, is not in breach of Article 7 ECHR and should not be refused, pursuant to s.87 of the EA 2003, does not in breach of Article 10 ECHR (right to freedom of expression) , the request does not misrepresent the facts, the request is not being pursued for ulterior political motives and in good faith, the new conduct contained in the second superseding indictment ought not to have been excised by the Court for reasons of procedural unfairness; and alternatively that the Judge was under no obligation to adjourn the hearing so that the defence could adduce evidence to address the new indictment.

If the appeal is allowed this decision made by the European Court of Human Rights maybe added as new evidence - although a “friendly settlement” was agreed on. Jen Robinson (representative lawyer of Assange for a decade) successfully won her case regarding surveillance of herself and her legal work as a lawyer for Assange and Wikileaks by the USA and the UK…

Julian Assange appears to be on suicide watch - was stripped search and moved to a bare cell for self protection. he has been placed in social isolation.