To investors: why should we focus on free Assange? 致投资者:为什么我们应该专注于解救阿桑奇?

To investors: why should we focus on free Assange?

This article is a polling initiative for investors who have not participated much in the AssangeDAO community recently. You may be confused on whether to focus on the proposal to rescue Assange, the conclusion is simple, at this stage, for your better return on investment and for more efficient DAO development, we should vote for the first one and focus on rescuing Assange.

What is the most central factor affecting the market value of a crypto project? It’s not the diverse tasks or the technology, it’s the influence (traffic).
Bitcoin is not the most technologically advanced, it has the highest market cap because it has the highest influence; the only value of Dogecoin and SHIB is influence, and that’s enough to sustain their crazy surge to where they are today. When influence is preserved and grows, the market cap will also grow, and accordingly, the ability to adopt more technology and implement more projects will also be generated. You could say that the foundation of influence determines the superstructure.

What is the core of influence for AssangeDAO? The answer is obvious from the successes that have been achieved, and it is Julian Assange.
Ask yourself, what was your reason for choosing to join AssangeDAO? Was it because Vitalik Buterin and SBF were involved in fundraising? Is it because Amir, Pak and other big names in the crypto world are directly involved in the project? Or is it because of the news you’ve seen about it on various streams? None of these reasons would have existed if AssangeDAO had not had the full support of Assange’s family at the very beginning. Now that Snowden DAO already exists, with all due respect, Snowden DAO is a joke, most notably because it did not have Snowden’s full support. We must avoid this embarrassing status quo happening to our DAO. And Assange’s brother has made it clear that if our DAO had chosen other causes and given up focusing on rescuing Assange, they will leave and continue to fight to free Assange. (Julian Assange is very lucky to have family like yours, so here’s to you!)

From time to time I see people in the community bashing Assange’s family for this. The fact that our DAO has gained global attention in such a short period of time, set a record for DAO fundraising and received the support of so many top KOLs is largely due to Julian’s early struggles and the long and tireless fight of his family. Don’t just focus on what they’ve done since AssangeDAO was founded, it’s the countless social events they’ve organised over the past few years, the countless hours they’ve spent risking their lives going back and forth across the globe fighting lawsuits, filming documentaries, etc. that have led to the quantitative change that has produced the fundraising success and a solid foundation of influence for possible future explosive growth. Friends, when one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from.

Had we ultimately chosen to abandon our focus on rescuing Assange and lost the support of Assange’s family, who could have ensured that our DAO would have gained a better base of influence?
The full support of Assange’s family is not simply one or two community mods, it is also backed by 5.5 million followers of Wikileaks, guidance and stand-up from Julian, a high level of global media attention, etc. When Assange was previously on trial, two Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson twice referred to the US government’s evil actions against Assange in public statements at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, calling for Assange’s release. These two statements were forwarded to all media outlets across China, and most Chinese person with an strong interest in justice has heard of Assange and his heroic deeds. And this is just from the biggest media outlets I have personally witnessed regarding Assange’s news, I think everyone in our community can list the various top media outlets that have broadcast the Assange story in their minds. If we lose Assange as a vehicle of influence, who can find a better source of global influence for our DAO? Even if you could find events more valuable than Assange, how can you ensure we are represented on those events and have orthodoxy in crypto circles?

Focusing on rescuing Assange does not mean losing other possibilities.
The Metoo movement started out by exposing the sexual abuse that Hollywood stars had endured, but as it continued to flow, it escalated into a global social movement and you even see a lot of Indian and Chinese Metoo news when you search for it. Similarly, a campaign focused on the rescue of Assange would have various types of talent working towards a common goal from their own professional perspective, generating multiple forms and vehicles of activism, affecting a diverse range of people, with the potential for all sorts of unexpected ripple effects. The basis for all these possibilities and developments is the result of ensuring that influence is not weakened and is continuously grown. When the strength of our community grows to a certain point, I believe that there will continue to be a plethora of projects and activities that will surprise anyone who carries on the spirit of Julian Assange.

I apologise that this article may seem utilitarian, as I said at the beginning, it is written specifically to cater to the needs and mindset of investors/speculators and only to push the outcome of the proposal in a more logical direction. I welcome your participation in the discussion, and if you agree with my ideas, I hope you will forward them to communities with AssangeDAO members to spread our consensus, thank you!

For justice, we together, free Assange.




对AssangeDAO来说,影响力的核心是什么呢?从已经成功的经验来看,答案很明显,就是Julian Assange。
问问你自己,你选择加入AssangeDAO的理由是什么?是因为Vitalik Buterin和SBF参与了募捐?是因为Amir,Pak等加密货币界的大佬直接参与了项目?还是因为你在各种流媒体上看到的相关新闻?假如AssangeDAO在最一开始没有Assange家人的全力支持,所有这些理由都不会存在。现在已经存在斯诺登DAO了,恕我直言,斯诺登DAO就是个笑话,最主要的原因是它并没有得到斯诺登的全力支持。我们一定要避免这种尴尬的现状发生在我们的DAO上。并且阿桑奇的弟弟曾明确的提出过,假如我们DAO选择了其他事业而放弃专注于解救阿桑奇,那他们就会离开并继续为解救阿桑奇而奋斗。(Julian Assange有你们这样的家人真是十分幸运,在这里向你们致敬!)



Metoo运动在最一开始只是曝光几个好莱坞影星承受过的性虐待事件,但是随着事件持续发酵,它逐渐升级成了全球化的社会运动,你甚至在搜索它时会看到大量的印度,中国的metoo新闻。类似的,专注于解救阿桑奇的活动也会有各种类型的人才从自己的专业角度出发去为共同的目标奋斗,产生多种形式,多种载体的活动,影响多样化的人群,可能出现各种意想不到的连锁反应。而这一切可能性和发展的基础,都是在保证影响力不被削弱,并被持续增长后才能获得的结果。当我们的社群力量壮大到一定程度时,我相信会不断涌现出让任何人都惊喜的大量继承Julian Assange精神的项目和活动。






这篇文章写得真好。This article is so well written


My perspective is that we have to generate revenue, and how many more Assange NFT projects can we realistically sell? if the product that we sell are images, i dont see the value there. I see the value in selling Justice as a product, and I think people will pay money to see justice for themselves and others. There are many people who need legal help, and making a platform that makes it easy for them to get that help, will be something that people will pay money for. However software development and attorneys are expensive, and making and selling digital art is easy.

我的观点是,我们必须创造收入,我们可以实际销售多少 Assange NFT 项目? 如果我们销售的产品是图像,我看不到那里的价值。 我看到了将正义作为一种产品进行销售的价值,我认为人们会花钱为自己和他人看到正义。 有很多人需要法律帮助,而建立一个让他们更容易获得帮助的平台将是人们愿意花钱购买的东西。 然而,软件开发和律师费用昂贵,制作和销售数字艺术很容易。

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Agreed with the author, we need to bind our DAO with Assange family instead of changing it to “JusticeDAO”. The definition of Justice is broad, what we need is FOCUS! At least for NOW !


Brother, I agree with certain positions in your quote, but our TOP CONCERN is to bind our DAO with Assange, whoever want to create or fork a JusticeDAO they can do it themself. As we know that SnowdenDAO is having some bad time because they are not backed by Snowden. It’s quite absurd but tangible that being eyes-catching is the most important thing in crypto so that we can have more to participate in building our community.


This makes me cringe so hard, because as an engineer I hate hype, and celebrity culture, I’m about the good idea, and meritocracy.



Focus on Assange! 非常好的文章,辛苦了!


Fight for Freeing Assange, LFG!

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fight for Asaange!fight for freedom!

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#AssangeDAO We fight together for Mr,Assange, for justice, for the DAO, for freedom.:speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head:


I understand your feelings, but we have to admit that AssangeDAO has the natural property of exploiting the celebrity effect and hype, and it is necessary. Because the best means of delivering justice is to expand influence and consensus, to get more people to join our ranks(no matter join our DAO or not) and to go about spreading justice to a wider audience. On this theme, the masses love heroes and real stories. This is in fact what Julian Assange himself did, using highly communicative and true stories to expose injustice and become a celebrity with a government bounty on him.