Through election or self recommendation, add a core member of the Chinese community who signs more than one signature

Hello everyone, according to my understanding of the community in recent months, at present, the daily affairs of several core personnel in our community should be very busy. I don’t disapprove of their efforts, but I think we need an active proposer who is willing to contribute to the community. I believe those who participate in community activities know that the community has several good ideas or some important things, such as how to use the 200 eth that have been to the Treasury. Although a few people have the right to discuss these matters, they do not have the right to implement them. Therefore, I think that there are many brothers in the Chinese community who are willing to contribute to the community. One of them can become a sponsor or one of the core signatories. In this way, our work can be carried out better.

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The Chinese community is saving Mr. Assange. In addition to money, we also organize Dao community posters for concerts. Because it’s too far away, that’s all we can do. However, in terms of community governance and community operation, I believe that the Chinese community has a lot of talents, and they are very familiar with these jobs.
The Chinese community has no other way to save Mr. Assange, because it is too far away, but we can choose to speak for Mr. Assange on twitter. Due to various reasons before, the community has left many people, so I want to run the community and tokens by electing a person in charge, so that more people can join and speak for Mr. Assange on twitter

As proposed by Zian, what we need very much at present is governance, but who will govern? Who is in charge? Can we ignore it again? Once again, after a heated discussion? Therefore, I propose to add a core Chinese multi signature staff. Put him in charge of these things. So the western community can focus on other things

We can choose a competent person to deal with these things in the form of election, just like recruitment (although there is no salary). I personally think that in addition to the ability to organize and operate, the token address held by this person should be published, give him rights and let him be supervised by all of us. This is the person in charge of community governance and token governance.


Re Governance - write up a draft proposal re governance you consider to have priority. The Chinese community should come here - and write in any language they wish to.

The person to be the conduit would have to have a decent command of English though to translate accurately.

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You say ‘few people have the right to discuss’ certain things - is this an error? My understanding is that anyone can talk (but to actually vote, they must have coin).


This is a public forum - they have a right to come to the forum. There is no rule against it. If they are a holder they have an extra stake and should use their voice. I think the only stipulation is that a fully fledged Proposal is written up concisely by a lead writer for a vote.

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Good idea - aspects of who should occupy positions should be decentralised. I like this set-up

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Yes, the translation is wrong. I mean we can only discuss, but we have no right to make any decision or submit an effective proposal. So we have to choose someone who can actively participate. As you can see, the core personnel have not come to the community for several days. I understand that they are very busy in reality

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You forgot that everyody can make a draft proposal.


At the moment - people are calling “ideas” Draft Proposals when they aren’t. The agreed procedures and the Template for a draft does not seem to be completely formalised.

I think the AIP should also include a Risk Assessment and possibly a Budget sub-heading.

Other DAOs have already sorted this. For example:

So the layout should include


  1. Summary

  2. Abstract

  3. Motivation

  4. Specification

  5. Benefits

  6. Drawbacks

  7. Vote

Some other DAOs have other sub-headings such as Background, Mission and Values Alignment, Scope of Work, Financial Implications, Brand/Marketing, Success Metric etc

The other matter that has not been formalised is what qualifies a “temperature check” - how many likes, views, comments are required for an idea to reach a Draft Proposal stage???

Who control consensus?

I agree,they don’t care about community development,they should get out of the dao

Are you new here?

All answers to the proccess and the consensus unit are on the official website since Day 1:

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