The procedures of submission of proposals to snapshot - Draft of Governance Framework 002.2(DGF 002.2)

  • Any community members are allowed to make drafts of proposals, publish them on FORUM and participate in discussions. (Temperature check: there should be a threshold, such as 30 likes for any drafts of proposals to be able to be submitted to the representatives for the purpose of examination or editing) (*There should be an invention of a mechanism on FORUM which functions to verify wallets which bind holders of $Justice to prevent from operation of bots.)

  • After the drafts of proposals pass the temperature check and are submitted to the representatives, the representatives and authors of the drafts of proposals could work hand in hand to complement the drafts of proposals before the representatives post on Discord.

  • When a particular draft of proposal is examined and edited by representatives, there are 2 places on Discord on where the particular draft of proposal is to be posted simultaneously:
    a) MAIN channel of “proposals” where only the title of the draft of proposal is posted for the purpose of announcement, AND
    b) SUB-channel of “proposals” where the particular SUB-channel is to be named after the title of the draft of proposal. Within the particular SUB-channel of “proposals” on Discord where the details of the particular draft of proposal are posted and discussed, only the representatives and the author(s) are allowed to make comments or discuss the said draft of proposal whereas other community members are merely allowed to read the record of conversation. At this stage, if any other community members wish to join the discussion or to provide suggestions within the SUB-channel, they could do so only through the approval of the representatives OR author(s) of the draft of proposal.

  • After any draft of proposal is posted on the MAIN channel as well as SUB-channel of “proposals” on Discord for 48 hours, if, within this period of 48 hours,

a) the draft of proposal could receive approval from 1 proposer and 2 seconders who both of them must come from the representative team, AND
b) there is no objection from Assange’s family on the ground of harm against the reputation or benefit of Julian Assange,

the draft of proposal would then be turned into an “official proposal”, followed by a cooldown period lasting for 24 hours.

  • It is the duty of representatives to submit the official proposals to snapshot. For non-representatives, instead of submitting the proposal to snapshot, they could only cast votes.

The updated parameters regarding how every snapshot is approved are as follows:

  • The cooldown period: 24 hours

*The length of election: 72 hours (If there is any emergency proposal, the length could be shortened to below 72 hours but above 24 hours.)

  • Quorum (suitable for two choices & multiple choices, but not for single choice): 20% of $JUSTICE in circulation (top 100 CEX holdings are not considered)

*Electoral system (suitable for two choices & multiple choices, but not for single choice): First past the post (“FPTP”). Voters could only vote for one option where the “winner” or elected choice is the one getting the highest votes.

*Single choice: When there is only one option, the quorum should be set to 50% of $JUSTICE in circulation (top 100 CEX holdings are not considered)

(Drafted by: Andrew, BT, 星Star)


  • 任何社区成员在论坛编写草案,以及参与讨论(温度测试,如获得社区成员30个点赞后,进入预案阶段)(每一个点赞用户需要绑定钱包,且钱包必须持有$Justice 代币以防止机器人作恶)
  • 由提案代表与草案作者一同编辑完善预案后,预案会被发布在discord提案主频道和以预案名字命名的子频道上。在提案主频道上,只有预案名字会被挂上用作公告用途。在以预案名字命名的子频道上,预案详细的内容会被发布。(针对每个以预案名字命名的子频道上,只有代表以及草案发起人可以发言及讨论,除代表外的其它人只可以查看聊天记录不能发言,在此阶段如其它社区成员想参与讨论或者提供建议应通过提案代表或者草案发起人。)
  • discord提案频道里公示48小时后,如果在这48小时内: 无家族委员会以伤害阿桑奇名誉或利益为由而反对;


  • 非代表无法发起提案,只可投票。



  • 投票时长:72 小时(如有紧急提案,在获得全体代表90%同意时,可将投票时间设置为低于72小时但高于24小时。)

  • 法定人数(适用于双项选择&多项选择):流通 $JUSTICE 供应的 20%(剔除地址排名前100以内的CEX持币量)


  • 单项选择:选项通过需达到为流通 $JUSTICE 供应的50%(剔除地址排名前100以内的CEX持币量)

(起草人: Andrew, BT, 星Star)

  1. temperature check need to be more efficient because simple likes can be easily manipulated by bots

  2. 24 hours temperature check Discord is to short time in my opinion, considering different times zones and not everyone have immediate availability to review, also Assange family needs time to review them, I would say minimum 48h-72h


amended version is uploaded.

What do you mean by this?

My suggestion would be to use the forum here to discuss and finalise proposals, not discord. A temperature check could be done by way of poll in the forum here itself, with a majority needed to allow a proposal to be added to snapshot.

Accordingly, I would suggest the following:

For any action to be implemented by the AssangeDAO, a AIP must be prepared and must pass through the following process, as amended from time to time and publicized on the AssangeDAO Forum:

Draft Proposal:

  1. Creation of a draft proposal using the AIP Template and its discussion in the AssangeDAO Forum, with the discussion open for a minimum of 7 days. Where a proposal requires any additional on-chain interaction by AssangeDAO, the required code must be provided prior to the draft proposal moving into Active Proposal stage.
  2. A simple poll is conducted on the forum to take a temperature check as to whether the Proposal is likely going to pass.
  3. Where a proposal is vetoed by the Assange family unit, it will not be processed. [This aspect was already decided by a previous AIP.]

Active Proposal: Where a proposal meets the requirements of the Draft Proposal stage, a Moderator (known as “Author” on Snapshot - to be separately voted on) will assign an AIP number and move the proposal into active voting on Snapshot.


Discord has stronger anti-spam account capabilities and discord can complete $Justice token holding verification.
I think Discord is more suitable


dis is not used by everyone, the forum is the home base.


Based on the proposed framework, from the beginning of the draft to the submission of final proposal to snapshot , no one can actually stop the troublemakers from proposing if the draft could pass through the temperature check and the idea coming across our mind is that manipulation could easily take place. Hence, we propose to set up this mechanism (1 proposer 2 seconders, seconders and proposer should not overlap) to prevent or at least alleviate the potential problem. Then, regarding the “gatekeeper” mechanism, seemingly it is anti-democratic and may affect the progress of the work, if a proposal could pass the temperature check but cannot proceed to the snapshot.

I come up with a better idea where the gatekeeper mechanism is removed and is replaced by following method:
When a proposer(representative) didn’t follow the code of conduct and submit a proposal without permission, the proposer will be removed from the representative (proposer) team, and the proposal will become invalid.

In my opinion discord is better for the work, discord have a lot feature and the arrangements are more user friendly for the community.

China uses WeChat, very few people use dis, and volunteers in the United States or other countries may use forums or dc, so how should we synthesize the poll results of members in China, the United States or other regions on their respective social media? (How to judge the authenticity of the respective social platform polls?) My suggestion is that all polls are carried out on the forum. I believe the forum can also verify positions. The atmosphere in dc is very bad.

May I ask how “Ideas” fit in. Currently there are numerous Ideas being generated under the Ideas category - but how does a proposal arise from any of these? Who makes a decision about how they are ranked, worthy to go towards a proposal etc?

Agree with your view Silke - that is the best way moving forward and we’re not inventing the wheel either here - this is how it works elsewhere. The safety mechanism is any proposal does no harm to Julian Assange. That’s all clear, that the family/legal rep gives it the thumbs up before it goes to a community vote.

some reference on how other project submit proposals.

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yes something like this needs to be implemented by the core, explained and conceptualised quickly before people lose heart and stop airing their ideas.