Status of Treasury

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but so far as I can tell, no URL leads to the status of AssangeDAO’s treasury. There are three locations where this information could helpfully appear as a separate category.

Having such an online destination would demonstrate AssangeDAO’s commitment to transparency and avoid good-faith but unrealistic proposals for schemes that require funding that does not exist.

Case in point:
Sending Nils Melzer’s book on Assange to UK MPs and others proposes distributing copies to British bigwigs at a discounted price of £10 per book, which would cost (excluding postage) either £14,250 or—if top journalists included—£14,500. More ambitiously, send copies to all UK, US and EU MPs/Congress members, plus EU and UK judges, costing £30,000.

If AssangeDAO had a web page displaying a reasonably up-to-date total of funds on hand, it would sober those who imagine a DAO with unlimited resources. It might even stimulate new donations and NFT offerings to boost the treasury and help finance worthy projects under the AssangeDAO brand.

I’m not suggesting detailed financial reporting—just an accurate picture of where the treasury currently stands.


Under the FAQ section there could be a section labelled Knowledge Base or Learn More etc where all relevant links are placed. That would help.


There is no money in the national treasury now. I propose to apply to the German foundation for funds to help Dao develop.


This is impossible without governance rules, without treasury plans, without a stable community environment.


On 12 May 2022, AssangeDAO Twitter announced that 87,478,938 JBX tokens were redeemed for 198 ETH via Juicebox bonding curve, to fund the continuing operations of AssangeDAO. According to CoinMarketCap, 198 Ethereum (ETH) = $396,474 (USD).

ETH converter

This does not necessarily mean $396,474 comprises the complete AssangeDAO treasury, since we do not know what assets and/or liabilities were on hand prior to JBX redemption. The status of the treasury remains a secret.

According to The Defiant, which analyzes developments in decentralized finance, the value of Ethereum’s ETH has fallen by an “eye-popping 26%” in the past five days. Other sources suggest that ETH could rebound and enjoy a brighter prospect for the remainder of 2022. But it’s worth bearing in mind that AssangeDAO’s treasury is subject to the fluctuations of a volatile cryptocurrency that could, at least in the short term, curtail this project’s ambitions.

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Since a fortnight ago, our treasury has lost close to USD$50K. I think the worse day of trading has been the last 24 hours. Very bad.

Today - USD$343,130 - has lowered again.

Gone up slightly - 354,792.37 USD

Another increase in the right direction 30/5/22 - USD$361,209

Recovered - up to USD $395,999 - 31/5/22

Taken another huge dive 2nd June 2022- USD $359,205.03 :face_with_head_bandage:

As at 12 June - 305,901.59 USD