Some guys are destroying the community, Spread the rumors and short the price of JUSTIC

Some guys are trying to destroy the community, spreading rumors, shorting the price of “JUSTIC “(by getting more tokens, trying to influence Dao) . A lot of people are being used.

To be frankly, AssangDdao team made some mistakes along the way. However, people who were randomly chosen by snapshot are more trustworthy (Especially voting when Voters were in a bad mood) ? Are they really better than the founding team?

I still support the founding team.




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I do not support the founding team, because 3 times they have broken their promises, broken the law several times over, and they seem to have no ability to run a business or a civil rights organization. Should the DAO have funds, then we should hire an licensed attorney (civil rights lawyer) not affiliated with the core team, who will be the executive director of the organization. Then the executive director can manage the mods and devs, and make sure that they are held accountable to the shareholders, and that they follow the directions given to them by the shareholders.

我不赞成创业团队,因为他们三次违背承诺,违法多次,而且看起来没有能力经营企业或 civil rights 组织。如果 DAO 有资金,那么应该聘请一名注册的律师(civil rights lawyer) 不属于核心团队,作为组织的执行主任。然后执行主任可以管理管理 mods 和 devs,并确保他们对股东负责,并遵循股东的指示。

I support the founding team, they are the ones who are fighting for Julian before the DAO launch. They are Family, friends, (real) Cypherpunks and Wikileaks fighters who knows better than us what is good for Julian and what is not. These people are fighting for a decentralized world way before Bitcoin was here! Let’s trust theme and give theme good vibes, they need it! This is not a game of who got the tokens, when to claim it, … it’s about taking time for making this DAO last longing and making history together.
The decisions are not easy to make by theme, giving full control to the contributors can’t really help for the moment. We need first to structure the DAO with their help.
The founding team is trying to find the balance between dealing with really challenging decisions that can impact Julian life and giving to the community the role of governance for next steps.
Huuuuge support to the core team

Legally speaking, you cannot prevent the owners of the tokens, from having full control, because they are the owners of the DAO, and refusing to turn over full control is a crime called conversion.

Conversion. In order to commit misappropriation of funds, a person must not only take the money but must use it for his own purposes. However, this doesn’t require that the accused actually take the money and use it to buy something or otherwise spend it. Courts have held it’s enough to transfer the money to a bank account or even to refuse or fail to hand over the owner’s money when the owner demands it.


I am sorry but everywhere I see you commenting on the forum you only write comments which are against the DAO… What are your purposes here? Are you for constructing a better world together?
This DAO doesn’t need people trying to spread rumors, it seeks for people who wants to make it better everyday a little more :slight_smile: