Should we allow Justice token holders the possibility to delegate their votes to others?

I suggest that we vote on whether Justice token holders should have the possibility to delegate their votes to others? Where the answer is yes, this will require adding the delegation strategy to our safesnap module.

As Vitalik Buterin has suggested in his article “Moving beyond coin voting governance” dated August 2021, simple coin voting has the disadvantage that “small groups of ….whales…. are better at successfully executing decisions than large groups of small-holders. This is because of the tragedy of the commons among small-holders: each small-holder has only an insignificant influence on the outcome, and so they have little incentive to not be lazy and actually vote. Even if there are rewards for voting, there is little incentive to research and think carefully about what they are voting for.”

This issue can be partially tackled by delegation. That way small Justice holders don’t have to personally judge each decision and can delegate to persons they trust. DAOs including Gitcoin and ENS have implemented very successful delegation systems.

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This sounds good. I think we should add the delegation strategy.

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the best method is to allow a person to burn tokens, such that they can use those tokens to vote no at a 10x rate

see e.g.

Also agree with the voting delegation!

@Zylo should we add it to the governance draft so that can be voted?

Thanks @Silke

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Support, we should be fair.