Should the DAO burn the FAKE Justice Tokens in it's wallet?

As you may know, the DAO Treasury has FAKE Justice Tokens that somebody sent.
It could be confusing for people who are looking at the Wallet and see two different types of Justice Tokens.

Should the DAO burn the ~4,644,521,286.0942335 fake JUSTICE tokens in it’s wallet?

If the community agrees, someone could draft a proposal to be put up on Snapshot.


Yes! For the proposal and burning

Of course. Why not? I guess there is no argument to keep fake justice, right?

Of course . We need to burn fake tokens.

Agree. They should be burnt.

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since we are on in maybe also will be good good to burn those 99.00 POAP that are on the wallet?

or that are the PritiPlease POAP NFTs created by Silke? (says was sent to the wallet 91 days 21 hrs ago tho)