Say a few words to Gabriel 跟Gabriel说几句话

There is a famous Chinese saying that water can carry a boat and overturn it.
We used to be your shield, but we will become a sharp sword against you. If you continue to be arrogant and don’t listen to the advice of professionals, because you are not a professional in the blockchain industry.
You must be the contact person of the German foundation. We need community start-up funds, which you know better than anyone. According to your own statement, you and the person in charge of juicebox have reached some kind of refund agreement. Until now, I believe you have seen the voting gap.
Are you going to blame the community for all this? You have no responsibility yourself?
Therefore, please apply to the German foundation for community start-up funds. Community members think 5000 ETH is more appropriate.
Now is the time for you to show your attitude and the last chance we give you.
If you don’t act according to the idea of the community, you and your brother, the Assange family, will always be engraved on the pillar of shame in history. Assange Dao will be the biggest fraud in history.
Your family will become synonymous with the fraud group.
The idea is that we will release a series of NFTs to raise money for us.
Let people all over the world see your shamelessness
We don’t want to come to this step. I hope you can seriously consider it.
We are still your shield. The sheath of the sword depends on what you do next.
所以,请你去向德国基金会申请社区的启动资金吧,社区成员觉得5000 以太 是比较合适的。


Very supportive of your proposal.


The only shame, is this extremely unfriendly threat to Julian and his family… Why are you here? To help Julian, or to sabotage the family and this project?


The Assange family has a corresponding veto, but not a corresponding responsibility

I support your opinion. But I don’t understand that the funds we raised are used to help Assange’s legal defense. We have done our best to support Assange. Now AssangeDAO is in a very difficult or even extremely difficult state. As Assange’s brother and fund-raising planner, you have the responsibility and obligation to help AssangeDAO out of the current dilemma.

I agree. The Assange DAO community also needs money to help it running properly. Hope you can apply to German foundation for 5000ETH for the DAO development instead of being regarded as a fraud.

Please run as a DAO not a charity. We raised fund as a DAO and used the power of the DAO, while funds has been raised, everything becomes a charity. DAO is responsible to token holders and should have a tokeneconmics to fulfil its mission and value the token price.
At the end of the day, if we don’t value the token, why you issue it? And that’s why people are calling our DAO scam. Because we currently , just issue the token to raise fund and has done nothing to increase the value of tokens and the community.

We think the best way to help Julian is run as a DAO not a charity. It is obvious that there are people that want to make money from the token and when we issue the token this is the effect that it carries, while continue to deny those people. We can run as a DAO to value the token and increase the influence of Julian.
From the fund raise, we can see the token brings more people that contribute to the Julian activities and there are different types of people (people want to purely donate the money and people want to get tokens to make money), resulting the largest fund raising activities in DAO and that’s the power of token.
While after the fund raising, we just became another charity. There is no DAO, no money in the treasury, twitter\website is controlled by one or two people, most of the multisig is not from the DAO. The DAO can do nothing to increase the influence of Julian and maintain its token price. We withnessed the effect. Look at our discord, our user base is declining. Look at etherscan our wallet addresses are declining. Look at our DAO, we are labelled “scam” by the whole crypto community.
The before and after differences are calling us to run this as a DAO. The DAO should make it on the program that the responsibility and the value that each characters have (say mod\token holders\Assange family\our cooperations?). Currently, the token holders just have invested their money but have not any saying.

I’m sorry if you haven’t realized what I mean.
We would all be grateful if Assange’s brother could help change the outside world’s opinion that we are a scam. I’m sorry Gabriel didn’t think he did something inappropriate, and you helped him speak.

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