SAVE THE DATE: The 8th of October 2022

On 8th of October, supporters around the world will gather in solidarity, to demand Julian Assange’s freedom in several events.

Here are two of them:


Join the historic Human Chain to Surround the british Parliament
Details: Free Assange Human Chain Oct 8 - Don't Extradite Assange

If you can’t make it to any event, join on social media, using hashtags like to make our call for his freedom louder:
#SurroundParliamentAssange #SurroundParliament #FreeAssangeNOW #HumanChain

Another event in Washington DC with amazing speakers:

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I hope it goes well - but I also know there is a big rail strike in the UK which means people will be scrambling to get there. Still those that make it should be able to spread out.

I understand that the High Court hearing may re commencing a week after in London. I assume the grounds of appeal will be accepted.

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The stupid British government should release Julian directly.

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Yes. People that would arrive before this day won’t have a problem with the rails. On the 8th of October, it would make sense to look out for alternatives, like busses for example and to check for updates \ plans if somebody really is affected by it. Fortunately, the tubes in London will work normally!

Additional Info from the Newsletter (Stella):

Fingers crossed the weather forecast will hold for Saturday: a gentle breeze, sunny intervals and 17°C. Not bad for October in London! Keep an eye on the weather and remember to dress with the windchill factor in mind, especially as many of you may be located on a bridge or facing directly onto the Thames.

There will be stewards to direct you on the day. They will be wearing high-visibility vests.

Transport: Some of you may be affected by the rail strike. If you are travelling by train to central London do check the rail network’s updates and please plan alternative means of transport if necessary. Plan to arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Some supporters are travelling by car from Cornwall and Bournemouth and are offering a lift. Please get in touch if you are driving from outside London and are able to do the same.

There are coaches travelling from Birmingham and Liverpool. Get in touch if you want to travel on those coaches.

Post pictures on the day on social media and use the hashtag #SurroundParliament. Bring chalk to write messages on the ground as there may be some waiting around. Bring yellow ribbons as these are the symbol for political prisoners. You can write on them with markers and tie them or use them to extend the chain if needed.

If you are a student in London and want to get the word out on your campus, get in touch as we might be able to supply flyers and posters.

Speak to your neighbour on the day! This is an opportunity to connect with people in the real world who are passionate about justice and fairness, who are willing to leave their keyboard and take part in a solidarity action and who aren’t afraid of expressing their opinion.

After we have formed the human chain, stand by at the end for instructions about gathering in Parliament square.

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#SurroundParliament 1pm

  • Solidarity actions held in
    22 CITIES!
    Wellington Press Release:

12 Noon - Parliament Lawn NZ

NOW in 21 CITIES![:heart:]

#SurroundParliament 13h
Princes Bridge 11h
Trades Hall 11h
UK High Commission 11h
Railway Park Jonson 9h
DOJ 12h-15h
CO Capitol 12h
Helmerich Park 12h
Minneapolis Federal Court 16h
Harry Bridges Plaza 12h
Pikes Market 12h
Parliament Lawn 12h
Stadt Park Grossen wiesen 12h
Noisyleaks p145 Invaliden Str 20.30h
Statue de la Liberte, îls aux Cygnes 14h
Parliament Hill Centennial Flame 12h
Opp. US Consul 12h
Legislature back libr’y stps 12h
Uk-US Embassy 12h
US Embassy 12h
RIO (Online) 16h Julian Assange Livre Brasil #FreeJulianAssange - YouTube

There are human chains forming all over the world, not least at the Department of Justice and UK Parliament (including over the river Thames along the south bank) There will be many events informing public, displaying YellowRibbons4Assange with music and speakers. Please support one of these events share to people you know in those locations or add your own city (we can help you promote this)

NB* Many of the activists who organise these protests are shadow banned and censored so we somewhat rely on you to help get word out.

Alex Hills
Candles4Assange on Twitter has the most up to date information but also on instagram facebook and dot com site.

Sounds like Stella has thought of everything! She’s quite extraordinary, Julian is very lucky to have such an intelligent partner.