Save $justice Save $justice, borrow money from the German foundation and return it later

The market environment is too bad these days. I hope to apply to borrow 1000 eth from the German foundation to help $justice. It is used to Group LP. These 1000 eth are borrowed, so when the German foundation is short of funds in the later stage, it can be returned to the German foundation. During this period, I believe justice can earn 1000 eth of her own

In addition, I think the current market environment is so poor, if justice can become the leader of Dao. It will bring the greatest exposure to Mr. Assange, and people all over the world will really pay attention to it
Or the foundation will provide funds and Assange Dao will hold an Assange award. This can also play a very good marketing effect

@yyqq on 12 Feb 2022, Pak donated 16592 ETH to Wau Holland Foundation. Under what scenario do you envision the foundation will ever be short of funds?


Now there is no money in the Treasury. I just hope the foundation can help Dao. If the foundation has enough money, it will be better. The money to help Assange is enough. I hope I can help Dao.
what do you think of applying for funds from the German foundation. Is it possible. My purpose is to use the applied funds to make profits for Dao. In the future, we can even provide continuous funds for the foundation. In this way, the money of the foundation will not be less, and Dao can become more energetic and influential. Because I translate with software, please forgive me for what makes you uncomfortable in the language. I am kind

I hope every holder of Dao is full of confidence, and the support of the foundation will make the whole Dao full of vitality. Will gather more people who support Mr. Assange. People will work harder.

As you know, the power of Dao is still too weak, and talents are constantly losing. There are fewer and fewer people in forums and discord. I need a shot of cardiotonic.

The ETH received via the bonding curve are to be used to fund the continuing operations of the AssangeDAO.

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