Rough draft of an overall plan of action to extricate AssangeDAO from stagnation and insolvency. Please review and comment

The AssangeDAO is currently facing its first real crisis of function.
This problem can be defined in three key areas:

Activism, being the stated purpose of this DAO to engage in efforts to free Assange and defend free speech.

Branding, being both our engagement with the public at large, and their general perception of AssangeDAO as an entity.

Liquidity, being our fiscal solvency as an organization in general.

In these three key areas, AssangeDAO has clearly defined issues.

Activism has stagnated,
Branding is falling away slowly to bad hype and internal strife,
And our treasury stands sadly depleted and our liquidity is non existent.

Proposed below is a comprehensive plan designed to fix all of those issues, at zero cost to the DAO overall.

We begin with a thesis statement, which serves as the foundation of this plan:

By increasing 0-cost activist efforts, combined with a specifically tailored branding campaign, we can increase our public visibility and overall theoretical value to outside investors, stimulating growth and activity on an exponential scale over time, allowing us to resolve liquidity issues by virtue of new investments made from outside, untapped markets.

This thesis is based in both common economic principles and experience in creating social campaigns and movements

We begin with Activism, as the core principle function of this DAO.
In order to stimulate liquidity, and in order to capture appropriate branding, we must resolve Activism first.

Because our stated goal is to free Julian Assange, Our efforts can be uniquely focused here.
The first step in activism, is making sure we can successfully engage on a large-scale in a unified manner. Currently that is not feasible.

So I move for the creation of an official calendar that tracks events related to Assange (and updates regularly with any pertinent events ongoing) and an official task force designed to put together mass-action campaigns that the entire AssangeDAO can freely and actively take part in. (these would be zero cost initiatives like writing in mass or calling in mass to specific political offices at specific points in time. A targeted approach to decentralized activism designed to amplify our collective voice).

Ideally this task force would be voluntary in nature, and would be a group represented by every community involved so that we have an equal exchange of ideas happening and an equal way to relay to the community what our next unified task at hand is.
I would like to see volunteers from the commmunity with a sharp interest in activism and Assange be pulled to work on this.

While the current proposal process allows for this to a degree. A voluntary committee represented globally would allow us to move as a unit in social media spaces, weighting our voices and opinions together in near real time and providing a much greater autonomy to the DAO overall to manipulate interactions on a positive scale.
This is theoretically not unlike how troll farms operate, we would simply be adapting the strategy for good, and to our own benefit and brand recognition.

Branding is a major issue we face at the AssangeDAO right now. Our recognition on a public sphere really only has one high note, and then silence. So alongside the creation of activist efforts we can unite around, our brand recognition needs to come in to play. Who we are as a community of positive individuals and what we represent needs to be absolutely clear to the world at large.

In this spirit, I propose a unique process of engagement in various media circles via lull-time interactions. Which is a targeted, timed approach to active engagement wherein we utilize low periods of traffic in specific geolocations in order to capture social media trend spots. It is a highly effective means of brand spreading, particularly once a community becomes adept at moving in unison.

I also strongly suggest the creation and sale of digital AssangeDAO memorabilia that can directly serve as a way to insert funds into the DAO treasury on a consistent basis. It should be linked into the forum and any other social media sites we use. It can be as varied or finite as the community feels necessary, but I think a proper scope would be a handful of digital posters with AssangeDAO logos on them etc., and perhaps a simple tiered gift option that lets people actively fund the DAO treasury by means other than active NFT projects.

Finally, liquidity.

Liquidity, to many, is the number one issues facing the AssangeDAO right now. After we dedicated the whole sum of money to Pak for the sale of the NFT, the DAO has struggled to find its direction without funding to enable it.

In order for proper liquidity to occur, we will need more than just an injection of funds via JBX or some other means of currency we technically have vested.
We will need long-term financial structuring caused by both an influx of interested people seeking to be a part of our community, and a record of solid public engagement driving investors from outside the cypherpunk community. Without these pillars, liquidity will be a recurrent issue and speculative investors will fail to meet solid returns.
So rather than delve into a multitude of possible projects here, I will simply say that with proper activism and branding at work, liquidity should really resolve itself.

If we can move forward as a community on these very basic and fundamental proposals contained within here, I am confident we can resolve long term liquidity and strengthen $Justice far beyond what people currently think possible.

Notes for draft -

Please note: I am offering up both the secure platform necessary for the Volunteer force described in here and the DAO in general to engage in activist efforts better. Free of cost to the DAO and securely hosted. I will also freely give all hours necessary in order to develop the site further around the decided needs of this community’s activist efforts.

I am also willing to expound on, train, or otherwise freely engage this community with a substantial amount of assistance in making these things happen. Including press connections and media personalities I am well connected to.

It is my hope in reviewing this very basic rough draft, that the community is loud in their critique and engages positively in order to help resolve our issues.

I have absolute faith we can move as a unit to overcome these issues.



Thanks for drafting this much-needed plan of action. Among your suggestions are writing in mass or calling in mass to specific political offices at specific points in time—a strategy similar to what you already employ via your personal Telegram community, The Silent War Room, which has >3,300 members. Please, can you estimate the effectiveness of said approach? My sense is that, while it allows activists to feel good about themselves by virtue signaling, it accomplishes little besides pestering low-level public functionaries (flak catchers) who predictably do nothing to help free Assange or improve the conditions of his incarceration. So it builds morale to no avail.

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A fair question… we managed to get Julian his winter clothing, and help ensure his basic safety needs were met. We also held a substantial amount of confidential calls with belmarsh on record in a successful effort to force their hand there. This past winter, issues with his clothing and cell temperatures did not repeat.

We have served many other such purposes at unique junctures in time.
I find that voices speaking out matter far more than people realize. We called the EDVA so many times that they shut down their phone service at one point. We made a mark. That matters.
Sometimes you cant win with one big blow, and you need to weaken your enemy with a thousand cuts. Vocal public outcry can move mountains.
I managed to get Julians name inserted into so many political gatherings on all sides. This was done by virtue of an orchestrated unified force of people working for the same goal freely. Because our voices were loud being raised together, people took notice.
The SWR has served many purposes beyond assange. It has been a tool to help legislation along, it has served as a medium for leaking information, and it has a wonderfully creative team born out of it who freely adapted their skills to develop meadia and all manner of things.
In short, they are a good example of teamwork and why community building in and of itself matters as an exercise. It sharpens our skills and trains us not to be passive in the face of injustice, and binds us in common cause with a multitude of likeminded activists.

I once had the great honor of listening in to a meeting with members of Julians old legal team who discussed the cases glaring illegalities, and how with enough public pressure, that case could crack.
I agree with their estimation.
If we are to free Julian, it will be by virtue of successfully creating an undeniably powerful and vocal force raised against the terrible and sweeping legal power at stake in his case.
It was in that same vein, that I elected, long after I created the Silent War Room, among other groups and movements, to engage in helping create AssangeDAO, in the hopes of strengthening the overall chances of success in this fight to protect global liberties and inalienable freedoms.
This group is dearly precious to me and I will always do everything I can to see it succeed. For the sake of its community, and their overall wellbeing, and because Julian believes in this DAO and its potential, and he isnt here right now to see it through.


Anyway, this is a good step if you can express these ideas instead of Assange family, do you hold justice tokens? how can we trust in you?

Can’t do things without holding tokens? Do you have better options?

I support your ideas and will support them unconditionally, and I will criticize severely if I think I am wrong.

I suggest to modify the token economic model, and charge 0.05% of each transaction fee on the chain to the treasury, if it can still be realized now.

The main issue for me is the lack of feedback by the CORE on this forum - we should have a CATEGORY where the community asks questions and the CORE put in writing a response.

Proposals and IDEAs being regularly placed here - sadly receive no feedback from the CORE.

There is no TREASURY - a mistake from the outset. It is obvious that this is creating a certain level of dismay and frustration.

The activism element is strong I think - with or without. There is no shortage of Wikileaks Supporters.

So I think feedback on Ideas and Proposals and a budget for operation is the way forward.

Don’t. No self appointees should be placed in charge of the media campaign. This should be seriously vetted and backgrounded and ZERO American politics should play any part of it.

Fuck you, why you ban me when i asked you to show your justice hold addresses in Discord?

Fuck you, why you ban me when i asked you in Discord to show your justice hold tokens, no token no speak in AssangeDao community.

Couldn’t agree more with you and the whole plan, I have similar thoughts to yours in all three directions.

I likewise think that Assange DAO is going to have to step out of the confined circle of the crypto world and gain influence in all sectors of society. We also need to attract members of the different organizations of Free Assange to learn about us and join us, as well as university students and people from all walks of life. We have a good foundation to build on, so there is a very good chance that we can grow even more.

For liquidity, I also advocate long-term income to inject community liquidity. To do this I thought of using a Twitter reward function and a YouTube channel to allow community members to post opinion pieces and make videos to add to their own and the treasury’s income, as well as taking the opportunity to launch the community’s celebrities. It’s a win-win for everyone and will attract more talented people to join.

All in all, totally on board with your plan and willing to contribute to it.

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I may be misreading this, but it appears you presume E is American. If so, that is false. Like Assange, he is an Australian whose politics are staunchly anti-American. So you can rest easy on that score.

Thank you for your work on this!

The calendar is a great idea, with the media blackout important dates often slip by without the majority of us knowing about them. The task force is a good jumping off point. It can create forward movement while still representing the whole community. I know many of us want to be an active part of the fight for Julian’s freedom and global liberties, having a way to move beyond the stagnation this DAO has been in is a great step.

This proposal is encouraging as I had somewhat lost hope that the functionality of the DAO could survive the squabbling. This proposal addresses all the concerns of the community, on the activism side and solvency side.

Thanks @EWillHelpYou!!! I agree with everything and the creations of task forces for each of the 3 points. We need to start moving, be productive and make things happen. Ideas are being stagned for too long and we really need to move on, there is so much potential :wink:

Regarding building up the treasury, there were a few ideas for NFTs being discussed but the lack of structure and task forces to work on them they got stagnate, so it will be good to have a proper working team starting to move some of this initiatives:

  • AssangeDAO Award – maybe this will be a good initiate to ask Wau Holland Stiftung to collaborate as a sponsor of the monetary part of the award and that way start building a good relation with them
  • Generative Assange NFT avatar by AssangeDAO
  • AssangeDAO Artist Association – NFT minted by the DAO in collaboration with the artist and a DAO NFT collection in collaboration with market place (like Zora, OpenSea, KnowOrigins etc)
  • Issuance of AssangeDAO Collectibles NFT made of events (text and images) revealed by WikiLeaks (maybe in collaboration with the?). This could be an interesting idea to do in collaboration with Time Magazine via their NFT TimePieces for example.
  • Auction other NFT (like the one from Pau) in collaboration with a hight profile Artist about freedom of speech
  • later on, there was talks that Julian Assange could donate an NFT to the DAO for auction (probably in the next 6 months)
  • DAO comes up with a unique NFT project of it’s own (something that hasn’t quite been done before, like Pak’s Censored NFT open-edition collection which was innovative)

We also should have a task force to start the process and deal with $justice listing in CEX. CEXs probably wont come to us so we need to come to them. We need a proper working team that knows and have experience with listings processes to start that – that will bring liquidity!

I have a contact (he is a token holder since the launch) that did that for a solid crytpo project that is listed in all the CEXs and he said he could help us in that process – he just doesn’t have time for troll and toxic chats so he can jump in when we have a task force for this.

Also, I’m preparing a proposal for trying to have a funds for the DAO. I really believe that this could play out well and in the beginning all the funds could go to the the DAO treasury. Later we can channel part of those funs for the working team as soon it sorted and we define each team member function and goals.

And we need more activism ideas and initiatives!
Thats why we are here!


Regarding a calendar, lets build one, we can start with this: (members please add other important dates)

  • 5 April, 2010 – Collateral Murder Video posted
  • 11 April, 2019 – The day that Julian got arrested in UK maximum security prison
  • 20 April, 2022 – Magistrate to issue order to extradite Julian Assange to the US
  • 3 May – International Press-Freedom Day
  • 18 May, 2022 – Submission deadline Priri Patel
  • 3 July – Julian Assange’s Birthday. We want to try to give the AssangeDAO Award on this date
  • 4 October, 2006 – WikiLeaks founded in Iceland
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@PMA please clarify your idea that Wau Holland should sponsor the monetary part of AssangeDAO Award. I thought Wau Holland’s mandate in accepting Pak’s donation was to fund Julian’s legal expenses. How does AssangeDAO Award fit in?

Hi Tom. First, this is only MY PERSONAL OPINION! Second, I think we could ask them a symbolic yearly contribution to sponsor the Award that will bring awareness for Julian case (not directly his defense but it’s not completely unrelated). That way start building a nice relation and collaboration with the Foundation. This could be realist and a good approach I think, opposite with what the trolls are demanding that is completely unrealistic.

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@PMA I believe the calendar would have more credibility with general public if we could avoid inflammatory terms like “kidnapped” instead of lawfully arrested for breach of bail.

sure! let’s build it together! :wink:

Good job, constructive ideas.