Restitution for Accidental 0 ETH Redemption

That may be the case. Maybe someone still on the core team can let us know the situation of what is happening with the JBX tokens.

Either way, the DAO should eventually have funds in it’s treasury.

We can make an AIP if the treasury should acquire the sufficient number of tokens (76,564,000 as you said) to reimburse the ~137 addresses?


  • What is the process people should follow to get reimbursements? or
  • Does the DAO simply reimburse all 137 addresses?
  • Does the DAO cover all gas fees to send the tokens?

I think in this sort of situation, creating a portal where they can request the reimbursement, should be sufficient, as long as there is a prominent notice provided on social media channels, and an attempt to ask those persons who have already identified themselves or the problem on on the social media channels is sufficient. I believe that we should cover the gas fees as well, but only when requested by the person.

I think the simplest solution would be that the DAO process all 137 reimbursements. If we were to create a claim smart contract, the work that goes into that and the gas needed to deploy the smart contract would probably be more than that to send the 137 reimbursements. We could obviously exclude very small amounts. I don’t think anyone would argue against gas cost being subtracted from the reimbursed, but I think it may add a layer of operational complexity that ends up costing more,.

Why do you need a smart contract, just setup a google spreadsheet / google form, and record everyone who submits a request, then process the refunds from that list after some period like 30 days.

I’m sorry for you loss brother, but i don’t think your option is possible to deal with,

Mint and Airdrop the JUSTICE these users should have received.
As we know the community had vote to turn of the mint option permanently, nobody would be able to mint any token to compensate to you.

Return ETH from the operational fund.
Currently we’re facing a shortage in treasury because 100% of the Donation had been sent to foundation. Let’s be realistic, even if JuiceBox refund some eth to us, that’s the precious fund for us to operate the DAO, I don’t think community will spare a large sum of it to cover your mistake.


agree keep fund for treasury to build community.

the main reason why its not possible to deal with, is because people believed that McKenna was taking responsibility for solving the problem, but McKenna quit. Then Amir had raised that this was an issue, but Amir doesn’t really seem to be running the show. Zylo proposed the vote to close issuance, but forgot that it needed to consider these people, probably because Zylo is a volunteer, and quite frankly doesn’t pay attention to detail.

The failure, is a result of the core team, and unfortunately the DAO is legally responsible to compensate them.

bro one last time: their own mistake, they even didn’t read the warnings that said exactly that. no one is responsible to compensate individual mistakes for lack of attention and stop attacking volunteers that trying to build this DAO and make way more than you. that is basically trying to bring down any topic here with threaten of lawsuit or fill the posts with empty bureaucratic words trying to confuse everyone. if you don’t like how this is going just fucking leave, is so easy! and i’m sure there are many places you can go (and i’m tired of spending my time and words with you)


Im sorry that the truth hurts you so much. Im sorry you don’t think DAO’s have legal responsibility, but you need to wake up.

In a ruling issued Tuesday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission finally came out and said what the blockchain community has known all along: DAO tokens are securities and are “subject to the requirements of the federal securities law.”