Restitution for Accidental 0 ETH Redemption

This proposal asks the DAO to provide a way for those who have contributed but accidentally redeemed their JUSTICE for 0 ETH. This issue had been brought from the beginning by a few members of the community. These users never received their JUSTICE for their contributions. A total of 137 transactions and more less an equal amount of addresses have been affected, for a total of 76,564,000 $JUSTICE, or ETH 76.564. We ask the DAO to provide a means of fair restitution to those affected with the following two options, and decide the preferred manner by way of voting.

  • Mint and Airdrop the JUSTICE these users should have received.
  • Return ETH from the operational fund.

I have manually compiled the list of affected addresses from the using the juicebox redeem page and it is available to see and check here:

no, you cant because you redeem to 0 eth on blockchain contract, dao dont have mission refund for you.

DAO could mint additional tokens, or provide restitution using the operational fund?

please describe how this error occurred.

There is a redemption button, and generally for other projects in Juicebox, the redemption allows you to get back ETH before the contribution timeline has concluded. In this case, it instead would give back “0” ETH for redeeming your JUSTICE tokens. A lot of people were confused and since JUICEBOX provided this function, they assumed that it would return some ETH. Everyone listed in the “Redeem” tab of Juicebox for the project have made the same mistake.

Why the DAO should pay for your own mistake? I’m a newby but before I redeem I read everything carefully since crypto being decentralised we are responsible for our own mistakes. If someone have to refund should be JuiceBox not the DAO. The mining option was voted and will closed so no more token could be minted. It’s unfortunate but is your own responsibility and your own risk not read or paying attention to what you were doing. Honestly I don’t understand why is this still a question and making people losing time reading this proposals.

Since I believe that the error had to do with a lack of communication on the project page, and that there was no meeting of the minds with the person who gave the justice tokens to the organization, meaning that the person who made the mistake did so by inadvertence rather than neglect or negotiation, and there was no financial consideration given to those persons who gave up their tokens to bind them to a contract, I believe that a court of law would require that the DAO should issue justice tokens to those individuals. see Unjust enrichment | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

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Ultimately, the DAO can decide not to. However, I want to emphasize that the DAO would NOT be paying for these mistakes. The DAO received the ETH from these users but gave them no JUSTICE. In essence, the DAO benefited from these mistakes. We just ask the DAO to make it so that all contributors are given their fair reward in JUSTICE for the contributions they have provided. We believe this is the just thing to do, and after all this DAO is called JUSTICE DAO.

that “lack of the communication” was the same for me as for everyone else and I have my tokens so not sure what else is left to say regarding this mater.

@endomorphosis stop treating with court of laws, it is becoming ridiculous.

Ultimately, I think it really befalls to what the “right” thing to do is. It seems fair and just that people who contributed be entitled to JUSTICE, despite their lousy mistake of redeeming their JUSTICE for 0 ETH. Furthermore, it would send a good message as to what kind of DAO this is.

DAO don’t have those ETH, they were donated to Assange legal fees and that was the plan since the beginning, again some folks got here and didn’t read that then complained that all the money was donated : THATS WAS THE PROPOSAL SINCE THE BEGINNING.

You made a mistake on JuiceBox platform, contact them, ask them for a refund since DAO isn’t responsible for that in anyway. Also not sure where you want the DAO to take that funds from. Everyone was careful to read the information before redeem so I think that was pretty much it.

Also you think the holders with more token will vote on compensate your personal mistake because of being careless? Its a waste of our time

@endomorphosis stop treating with court of laws, it is becoming ridiculous.

Financial disputes are resolved by laws, not by men and their egos. Punishing persons for a inadvertent mistake, caused by a lack of notice on the website that they receive 0 compensation, and even lack of internationalization for foreign languages, reflects poorly on how we conduct ourselves as a $JUSTICE token.

I will add, that even our own mod ZZZ, had difficulty understanding the technical aspects of things like Juicebox token bonding curves, so its not outside the realm of reality that a retail investor would make similar mistakes from a lack of communication by juicebox, who is after all our agent authorized by us to accept funds.

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The DAO will have 5% of the donated funds to use as an operational fund. There is nothing the JuiceBox platform can do as an intermediary. The funds have all gone to the DAO, and the control of minting JUSTICE remains with the DAO.

The holders benefited from the mistake that many have made. We are simply asking for things to be made even. Please understand the situation correctly, and I ask you to engage with empathy.

The Treasury has 0.34 eth and 69 Justice tokens and a bunch of JBX tokens (and some fake Justice tokens)

The DAO voted to permanently close the minting of the Justice Tokens, therefore, it is not possible to issue more.

Since the treasury only has 0.34 eth, it is also not possible to reimburse ETH.

I am definitely open to hearing the communities thoughts on if and how these tokens could (if they should) be reimbursed.

Perhaps the community could donate tokens to a pot to have them given out to these contributors? Or the Treasury could sell the JBX tokens to reimbursed the contributors who burned their tokens? Or the contributors are simply not reimbursed.

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No-one is punishing anyone, simple people did a made a mistake and its their own responsibility. Also it did said when you try to redeem the token early that can result in ZERO! I read that when I thought about redeem them earlier but didn’t because I read that.

Also man I said yesterday and and I meant it, I won’t waste any of my time replying to you, its worthless.

Yes our understanding is that there will be a token swap where the JBX tokens will be swapped for ETH and be used as the operational funds, constituting 5% of the donated amount. This should be well beyond enough to provide restitution.

Can we propose a swap between juiceboxDAO and AssangeDAO, for the respective DAO tokens, and use those funds to reimburse the individuals with Justice tokens? We were on notice before the vote that there was this issue, and it was the neglect of the core team to consider this problem, which has led to this predicament.

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There is no denying that people have made mistakes. Yet it is a mistake that can be made whole without anyone losing from it except for the operational inconvenience.

I was told that this was already in the works by @Crypto_McKenna a long time ago.

I was under the impression from McKenna’s public postings in this forum, that he was stepping down from the organization.