Resignation from Multi Sig

Hello everyone,

My goal with the DAO was ensuring the project to bring justice to Assange would be a success. The original mission has been fulfilled, and before stepping down I wanted to see there would be replacements elected by the community.

Now there are other people who can sign proposals in the multisig. I am not a community manager, but actually a cryptography developer with a lot of daily responsibilities. I wish all success to this community and its mission.

Amir Taaki


Thank you Amir. Take care. :heart:

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thanks for everything Amir! Keep us updated on your projects and if there’s any way they could help/partner with AssangeDAO/Assange.

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I cannot thank you enough Amir for your contribution to Julian’s defense.
I have no doubt we will look back on what has been accomplished over the past months and see it as a turning point in the fight for Justice for Julian and what that means for our daily lives.


Thank you Amir. Looking forward to the future development of Darkfi and cooperation with our DAO

appreciate your work, hope our community can have some cooperation with DarkFi in the future!~

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In fact, we need capable people to guide the development of the Dao. I deeply regret your resignation.

Sir, the glory of the past comes from the joining of talents. What should we do now?

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Thank you for your work.

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Thank you Amir. You are always welcome :heart:

Thanks guys, but really I think we can do something great for humanity with DarkFi and I want to devote myself fully to its success.

Check out more about our philosophy here:

Everybody here welcome to our chat on element. Also we have a ton of material pinned in our Telegram group. AssangeDAO is a great community.


I believe darkfi’s achievements will surpass zec. Looking forward to the mainnet launch soon.

Thank you for your great contribution here and hope AssangeDAO and will cooperate together to make great future for both projects.

Unfortunately, those who support you (including me) will also choose to leave. This community is led astray by a few.

Hi, Amir
You are real man.

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