Release the power of community by getting the incentives right

Currently, people work for the DAO for free and part-time. That’s unhealthy and things are slow.
Therefore, we should put up incentives for people that want to devote there time to the DAO.
There are two kind of incentives.
1\ Regular payout of Justice(which could be exchanged with JBX) to those who need to work on regular basis, say marketing team.
2\ Revenue share for those who want to create projects around Assange DAO. Say who run tiktok account of Assange DAO could get 50% of the revenue share. This would get team to work around Assange DAO. As long as ideas don’t hurt the reputation of Assange. The family should let them work and create revenue stream for the DAO and themselves.

What kinds of positions should be filled on a permanent basis? What is the priority? Anyone being in a position of authority and is representative must be skilled and undergo a background check IMO.

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