Recurring income for the DAO – via partnership with DRIPS

Here is an idea to set up a recurring income for the dev team – we can setup a community DRIPS where people can contribute to the dev team so we can start building some funds for developing the DAO and get volunteers paid.

DRIPS, is a blockchain protocol for generating recurring income (a kind of GuFund meets Patreon). It’s a project of RADICLE team, a peer-to-peer stack for building software together and decentralize open source project (a kind of decentralize GitHub). Radicle motto is “Free your Code” :wink:

We can aim 5 to 10K a month and will be automatically split between the active dev team that we decide and setup in advance (and change as it progresses). For example, if we aim 10K monthly, we can split 1K between 5-7 collaborators and the rest into the DAO treasury. This could be a good partnership and encourage people from the outside to support the DAO and the dev team. If the monthly contribution amount is less than the monthly goal, it will be distributed proportionally.

We could even use this system in the future to pay contributors (no fee and funds are automatically spliced between the defined wallets). When the DAO has money in the treasury, the multisig wallet just needs to send monthly funds to this Drips community and the money is automatically distributed and everything is transparent on the blockchain.

(I’m a member of the Radicle community and some of the founding team are Justice token holders)


So if anyone opposed to this, I will set this up.

  • worst case scenario no one contribute but we also have nothing to loose and its good to start partnerships with good crypto projects
  • best case scenario drips community believe in our project and missing, contribute and we reach our monthly goal so volunteers can get compensated and dedicate more time to the DAO, with a % of the funds going to treasury
  • probably what it will happen is that it will be have slow start but in a few weeks/months people start contributing and we can reach the monthly or at least part of it

How to set up proposal:

I will create a temporary devs wallet so that can be easily setup — wallet together with another multisig (I’m not one) so that isn’t only me controlling that wallet to be it’s transparent and descentralize.

I will set $8K monthly goal as start and in the beginning we will forward all the contributions to DAO main wallet (treasury). Then if this works we can decide who get compensated and how much. I will cover all the gas fees and costs of the setup, after there there isn’t any costs of fee.

If anyone oppose or have better suggestions for the setup please let me know in the next 72h, then if I don’t hear from anyone I will move with this. I can also start a telegram working group for anyone that wants to join this process.


To be honest, I have read your proposal twice. But unfortunately, I didn’t really understand what you were trying to say (maybe because of language differences)

Basically this could be a good way for people to support the DAO and volunteers get compensated and dedicate more time to the DAO.

You can see it as friendly subscription from people that believe, like what we are doing and want to support. Even if we have people a few members contributing with 10$/month that already something.

This way maybe we can have some support from the crypto community that would like to support the DAO and its development.

For example, imagine that Ethereum Foundation wants to support our work, this way they can set a monthly recurring income to support the team and the DAO. See it as a kind decentralized recurring GoFundMe.

Maybe read a bit more about DRIPS to understand how the platform works –

Also, I know that RadicleDAO (the organisation behind Drips) might allocate funds from their own treasury for the projects they believe and want to support (some of their sounding team are Justice token holders since day 1), and I’m sure that others will do the same in the future.

Basically, we have nothing to loose from this, could be good to be involved and have a kind of partership with them. Radicle, the organisation behind Drips, works for decentralized and uncensured coding, loads of connection with the idea of freedom of speech in coding. I’m sure they would like to be more involved with the DAO as they are Assange supporters, so this could be a good first step for a proper collaboration.

Okay, then do this. Maybe make a proposal

i would just move and setup this is up if no one is opposed
this is a proposal already, otherwise nothing gets done

yeah something like that, a regular subscription to support the team form supporters that believe in what the project stands for and to support the team and the dao. worth trying, nothing too loose and could be a good partnership with a crypto project.

I object to this. There is nothing to ‘dev’ currently, so why are we spending money? The DAO’s funds are not a welfare check for internet keyboard warriors, and funding should in no circumstance be open ended. If a person has a specific proposal and specific milestones, and specific costs associated with that proposal, the community should be able vote on those specific funds allocations.

Moreover the only person I find suitable for such a allocation, would be a monthly contingency fee to a lawyer which would represent the DAO, and fulfill the currently only acceptable use of the funds, which is to “free Assange by any means”, and if people would like to allocate funds for a different purpose, that change in purpose needs to be also put up for a vote separately first.

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  • there is a lot to “dev” actually, DAO needs a lot of work. To “free Assange by any means” we need people working on the DAO, the ones that are working dedicating more time to the DAO
  • this aren’t DAO funds! this will be setup so DAO can have new recurring funds stream to pay volunteers that are working for free to keep the DAO running. compensate volunteers so they can spend more of their time.
  • it’s a new attempt to get more support and recurring support to pay some of the team, so isn’t spending any existing money. other initiatives should also move forward
  • also, we don’t have any funds so any initiative that can brings funds should be welcome
  • in the beginning until it’s decided who is compensated for their work the funds could fully be forward to DAO wallet (treasury) and spent the way members think that make sense
  • we need to start doing partnership with crypto projects and Radicle is a good and solid project that is related with freedom of code so makes a lot of sense (its explained above)
  • basically we don’t do this we can loose a good opportunity to get extra funds. we do it we have nothing to loose trying and i’m confident that this will work well.
  • we need to explore all the possible options that could make sense to bring funds to the DAO
  • all the rest is explained above

i will make a propor proposal for this to be voted so we follow what the majority decides


I agree with your first paragraph.

The second paragraph - my understanding there has been lawyer involve since day of inception.

It has to be agreed. The way I see it the core group haven’t put new projects to a vote. You can’t pay volunteers. Its a misnomer. The initial projects should be set up by volunteers. Compensate for their expenses is a different question.

again please read everything is written

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It is very appropriate to pay dev.
DAO’s collaboration with other projects is also necessary for our development.
@PMA I agree with your explanation of these in your reply, they fit well with our DAO needs.

I have read some of the content on that site, but I still have a few questions.
Is the payment process fan subscription - program distribution? So we need to build a community there, and then what do we need to show to the fans?

I think community members are thinking of making DAO influential in various areas, so it needs people to work for it. It’s appropriate to pay them for their efforts.
An influential Assange DAO would help Free Assange, it would unite people here on behalf of the cypherpunk force and let the public and government know we want Free Assange and many more.

I think community members are thinking of making DAO influential in various areas, so it needs people to work for it. It’s appropriate to pay them for their efforts.
An influential Assange DAO would help Free Assange, it would unite people here on behalf of the cypherpunk force and let the public and government know we want Free Assange and many more.

I understand that, however a poor budgeting process, is to just give “developers” helicopter money up front with no strings attached. Being that there is no real “management” team to oversee that the work is being performed, its impossible assess whether the money is being used wisely, unless instead we rely on a contractor model. Whereby a contractor offers a bid to perform some work, and a list of the responsibilities to be performed, and payment is contingent on delivery of those promises.

Yes, the model of getting paid every month tends to breed laziness and greed. I also recognise that there is no real management team at the moment. But that doesn’t stop the discussion on how to raise money to pay the team.

I agree with you on the point of getting paid for achieving a goal