Proposals for AssangeDAO governance

First of all, we must clarify that the mission of the Assange DAO is to integrate strong community forces to fight for Assange’s freedom. In the community’s first vote, community members have also voted that the core mission of the DAO is to be fully committed to the rescue of Assange.

The growing community will have more help on the road to rescue Assange. We aim to start the governance of the community in the DAO model, establish a governance, establish the treasury, propose feasible concepts, build a community, introduce projects, etc.

At present, the most concerned issue is that the community governance has not yet been established, which makes our AssangeDAO strong in appearance but weak in reality .
The following is my personal opinion on the DAO governance ,


Requirements for multi-signers - multi-signers should be composed of representatives of the DAO community, the main creative development team, Assange’s family, and lawyers

Selection criteria for multi-signers - Multi-signers are nominate by themselves or through community topic discussions, after that can finally enter the voting process.

The jurisdiction of multi-signers - the right to snapshot the proposal after community discussion, to implement multi-signature according to the results of community voting

Number of multi-signers - 7 people are recommended, including 1-2 Assange family members, 1-2 main creative development teams (temporarily Amir team), 1 related practicing lawyers, and 2-4 community members. Reserve the authority to increase or make changes of the multi-signature.

Just like the problem we are currently facing, two of the five original multi-signers announced their withdrawal from the multi-signature after the bid was completed. Some of the remaining three people did not actively cooperate, which led to the slow progress of the current DAO governance. We need to hold a meeting to select new multi-signature team for subsequent governance.


Operation and payment of the treasury

  • Unlike the Constitutional DAO, the initial stage of the AssangeDAO treasury is empty, which makes the operation of the DAO difficult. The subsequent refund of about 200 eth by jbx can become our precious start-up capital, which can support us to officially launch our Assange DAO. In the later stage, Assange and well-known KOLs (PAK, Vitalik) can be suggested to donate NFT assets to the treasury.

  • The reward mechanism for contributors is negotiated by the community, a certain amount of salary will be given to long-term community contributors, the participant of a feasble proposal will be rewarded , and a certain amount of dividends will be given to the sustainable benefits brought by the development team.

Project development

  • Assange DAO is different from other DAOs, aiming to make any feasible plan to expand the influence of the community, such as the issuance of a series of NFTs mentioned in other proposals, the establishment of the Assange Award for those who have contributed to the spirit of Assange, etc. ,our DAO don’t need to set a limit to restrict one’s own direction , just as the shiba community has developed from meme to shibswap, nft, DAO, etc.

community management

-The selection system of community members, the power of each department, the overall planning, coordination and rewards need to be clarify

-Management of the development team. After voting on the proposal budget and project, there should not be too much intervention. The DAO should have multiple development teams at the same time under the DAO governance .





对于多签人的要求 - 多签人应由DAO社区代表,主创开发团队,阿桑奇家人,律师组成

多签人的遴选条件 - 多签人自主或经由社区题目讨论,后进入投票环节选出

多签人拥有的权力 - 经社区讨论之后的提案权,遵照社区投票结果执行多签的权利

多签人的人数 - 建议人数为7人,分别为1-2个阿桑奇家族,1-2个主创开发团队(暂时为Amir团队),1个相关从业律师,2-4名社区成员。后续保留增加多签人的开放性探讨。




  • 不同于宪法DAO,初始阶段国库空虚导致DAO的运行举步维艰,jbx后续退款200个左右的eth能成为我们弥足珍贵的启动资金,可以支持我们正式启动我们的阿桑奇DAO。后期可以建议阿桑奇和知名KOL(PAK,Vitalik)捐助NFT资产于国库。


  • 阿桑奇DAO有别于其他DAO,旨在做出任何可行性方案扩大社群影响力,如其他提案提到的发行一系列NFT,设立阿桑奇奖给与为阿桑奇精神贡献的人物等等,不需要确立社区既定道路,一如shiba社区由meme发展成为shibswap和nft,DAO等等