Proposal: (World) Peace, as a service, on blockchain

Hello everyone,

Have been considering the intention and efforts made for the exposure of reality, as Assange been doing; as universal public goods that many open sourced and minded people generously shared in the last decade and backwards, in their ways.

It kick started a new era, where knowledge to offset bullshit started flowing like they never did before.

My efforts on achieving World Peace, is all about creating a hybrid solution and a progressive focus on this specific domain, that I haven’t seen streamlined via tech and science, by and for us: residents of this planet; without much of delegation/representation when not needed by means of accessibility.

As technology enabling facts, demands, hopes “undeniable” and cross validated, outcomes for emancipation are tend to scale and sustain, and their relatively positive impact is indeed observable in space-time.

Since December’21 and mainly from the end of Jan’22, I have been contemplating and imagining how to apply the appropriate, and currently developed technology and methods for World Peace.

Here’s a short paper, for the Peace Fam.

Let me start with what have been main design considerations for this project, and how that’d be attempted with/on blockchain, and the reasoning behind all these at the end.

Project’s name is demoVerse, and its homepage resides on

You can find how it is manifested, and a few related wisdom quotes and links there on the page.

Feel free to contribute and join, collaborate or acknowledge/spread the word as-is if also resonating as-is.

Here’s a flow of peace, that will be further contemplated around the constants, dynamics and conditionals of peace.


Design considerations:

  • Peace is something to experience and sustain without the risk of political opt-outs

  • It is a universal and unconditional basic experience, cannot be limited within alliances, nor become luxury.

  • It is not something to vote for, yet can be expressed, acknowledged, attested and recognized in a p2p fashion.

  • Consensus is what we need to solve global problems. Peace is that consensus, that needs consensus in the first place.

  • As corporate and state-level participation made, efforts should offset violence and carbon, concurrently, by design.

  • Blockchain should be enabled of sharing rights, along with resources.

  • Here, blockchain and smart contracts, in core, are acting as technical tools of reflection; helping us making expressions, demands, acknowledgements and assurances to the rest of the world, undeniably.

Here’s the imagination space (all started @ origins frame there) :


  1. Starting Peace Guild and Peace Observatory for makers and watchers of world peace.

  2. Developing an initial set of NFT metadata standard, enabling a flow of peace. (it’s already developed, as a new user, cannot link here. Follow links on footer @ demoVerse. (Linked as Expression of Peace)

  3. Developing a (collaborative) expressions editor, that helps interaction around peer-to-peer diplomacy, that supports expressions, acknowledgements and similar, allowing to yield $wisdom, $respect, $peace, $green, and a few more probably.

  4. Enabling mint and re-mint/retirement operations, as toucan protocol does in their carbon bridge architecture in regenerative finance; offsetting carbon.

  5. Creating a whole new peace economy that incentivizes and develops multi-sum game theories for governments and us, as civilisation.

In the imagination space @ miro, there is an Expression of Peace (and demands), articulated in -supposedly- most effective (highly expressive & demanding) forms of Mutually Assured Regeneration.

Where public demands around exemption from defense related TAX;
and converting those resources (global commons) to other means:
eg. UN Sustainable Development Goals

It’s about creating social contracts that offsets violence and carbon concurrently.

Have named them EnvironMental Consensus Contracts ~ emc^2

Individual reasoning: My father is a retired officer in Turkish army, and lived most of my life in the bases and urban residency blocks in a few cities. I have lived my childhood with fear of him being killed and not coming back home ever again. Peace cannot be sustained with guns, but roses.

The revolution(s) will be minted.

Please feel free to support by any peaceful means.

Bests, in peace.

freedom yeah!


Specific Domain: WORLD PEACE

I’m here for it.
I’ve been wrapping my head around what @streamerd shared for a while now [been following and supporting his efforts prior to this post] and its really starting to make sense to me. He’s been cracking at this for a hot minute now and his timing really couldn’t be better.

Music and the Arts is something darn near everyone has in common.
These mediums of expression can be grounding and they allow space for people to express thier truest selves. I think we need this more than anything as war spreads through our sub cultures and across the globe. People need to vent and to connect and this very well could be a place where healing can happen.
This all serves content creators and consumers, I see how reciprocity could foster quite naturally in an ecosystem that knows how to monitor and redistribute its resources.

When I envision what’s being suggested I see A hub where the mindset is World Peace and a Commons for creatives where expression is encouraged. [What would come from this sort of energy would surely be lucrative, however besides the point, perhaps it is worth noting] Mission, Vision, Vales are all things a lot of projects struggle with, this projects “why” is very clear and would make navigating the ecosystem easier for those who enter.

Each day seems more polarizing than the next, sorta like the media narratives, I’m a big fan of stuff that brings people together. Could just be my opinion but this is more than a DAO its a movement from how I’m processing it all.


I enjoyed this idea too. Beginning of the Peace industry, but much more.


Hello everyone, good news.

We’ve launched the phase 1 / with Expressions of Peace.

Hope Satoshi feels it as well, what their algorithm could achieve.

Current dapp deployed to Rinkeby testnet. (faucet seems down, but yeah, will launch to other testnets as well soon)


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What are the phases?

Recognition/sealing → escrow btw states,

~ for a mutually assured regeneration

You can check this image, it was for the NFT-centric version. But changed that in the last week. Now it’s just a storage contract – needs string size/validation)

Yeah, in short, I need help in all that. Made it quite simplistic now, at least the first (most important) phase, Expressions of Peace. – needs there more than only textual expressions.