Proposal to exchange the eth of the treasury to usdt

Suggested that immediately initiate a proposal to exchange the eth of the treasury to usdt,first to maintain th asset value.
voting options:
1,continue to hold all eth
2,exchange all ETH to USDT;



3.拿100e 在流动性池子现价添加单边流动性做价格托底,另外100e保留。

Several options can be added:

  1. Repurchase all Justice, and then use Justice as the local currency for future treasury expenditures;
  2. Buy 100e of Justice, and then increase the liquidity pool of Justice with the remaining eth. If there is any expenditure in the future, it can be paid by withdrawing the pool required for the expenditure.
  3. Take 100e to add unilateral liquidity at the current price of the liquidity pool as a price base, and keep the other 100e.

Very supportive of your proposal.

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Tether seems more stable than eth. So somehow it makes sense. In the last 2 years though, ETH showed a valley in june \ july, but got much better in August again…

Would it make sense to spread it to more than one crypto-currency to minimize the risk? It’s usually never good to have all eggs in one basket.

Can you explain how Justice would safeguard from market volitivity? Is Justice pegged to anything?

Yes, if it is recommended to replace with more varieties of tokens, please provide specific options, so that it is convenient to confirm the specific options of this discussion.

The best analysis of what to expect I could find. Since a few hours ago - our fund has dropped further. It is now 292,229.56 USD

Edit - since writing this post 30 mins ago - it has gone back up to 289,183.69 USD. I guess the decision depends on how risk averse one is - one could wait two months and it could be worth 500K. Not even the so-called experts know.

So far, the voting options already in the discussion:
1,Continue to hold all eth;
2,Exchange all ETH to USDT;
3. Repurchase all Justice;
4,Exchange 50% of Eth to Justice, add 50% of Eth into liquidity pool;
5, Hold 50% of Eth, add 50% of ETh into liquidity pool;
6, Spread to more than one token; (From Rick, maybe needs detail options?)

@Zylo @Silke @GabrielShipton
please take attention here too.

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It is recommended to replace some with usdt, retain some eth, not add pool, and retain the strength of the community. It is the best choice at present


This is just an option for voting, not a final decision. If the vote does not cover all possibilities, then the vote loses its meaning. Several of the options I’ve written about come from proposals from members of the community who, for better or for worse, represent one voice. As a voter, you only need to vote for the option you agree with.

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Please confirm the specific ratio of usdt and eth?

I would avoid USDT - due to its regulatory risk, particularly at this moment in time where some people seem to think it will collapse. I would suggest USDC instead.

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Question right now also - the market is very fearful at the moment, and it might not be wise to change into stablecoin at a high rate right now. However, I would defer to the DAO here. I would however - and I must say this again - entirely avoid USDT.

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What liquidity pool are we talking about here?

I agree the DAO needs to reduce its exposure to ETH fluctuations. Also agree there is a lot of fear and possible to add to the proposal not to convert the entire amount to ETH.

@silke what stables are safe from a regulatory perspective?

Questions of Buybacks and liquidity pools are problematic at the moment.

I would suggest we opt for USDC or DAI, but that is my personal opinion.

Repurchasing all Justice and Justice buybacks and liquidity pool are all part of a different conversation and should be removed from this vote IMO.

We are specifically trying to deal with the fluctuations of ETH. Using our only runway to buyback justice is just going to kill the DAO.

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Would it make sense to split it into 2-3 currencies, to reduce risks? (E.g. 1\3 ETH, 1\3 USDC, 1\3 DAI)

Could be locking in a loss. But saying that only $246,991 as at now.

I think only a little difference between usdt and usdc at present.
Agree to choose usdc.more security