Proposal: Shadow FreeRossDAO

FreeRossDAO has excellent management and a peaceful environment. It would be great to migrate some of their practices to help make AssangeDAO more successful in the quest to Free Julian Assange. We have a larger community but FreeRossDAO has been more effective in getting their message out there. I propose we gather a report on why and how FreeRossDAO has been more successful and how it is being managed differently. I can share some of this information now and why I think shadowing FreeRossDAO would be significant. For one they offer bounties for many tasks to promote their message of Freeing Ross Ulbricht. We should have a list of bounties for every member to do like follow the twitter, sign petitions, place a Yellow Ribbon in their profiles etc. We should also have middle level admin creating new bounties all the time. With our larger community these would be very successful and would have been huge impacts if they had been implemented earlier. It is not too late and we should investigate FreeRossDAO to learn how we can implement a bounty system within AssangeDAO and investigate other improvements from FreeRossDAO.

First I haven’t followed freeroseDAO personally, but I think it’s good to learn from their success. Also I hope more people who follow freeroseDAO can talk about their experience here.
One more thing, I don’t know if they have a constant source of funding, our DAO must consider having sufficient funding to motivate members to do those things.

We can learn from everywhere and see what works and what not. Thanks for the suggestion.