Proposal:Reactivate the vitality of the community to promote the development of the project

Considering the stagnant community for almost a month and the issue of nobody pushing the project forward, I’m here to post a proposal to reactivate the community. First of all, before talking about my specific rules, I would like to declare that this is a crypto project. All the content I propose is to reactivate the vitality of the community, promote the development of the project, and bring the currency price to a positive trend as much as possible.

1:The direct cause for the loss of vitality of the community is that the community administrators do not allow loud voices to appear, banning a large number of users, resulting in the loss of user trust in the official discord community, and members are reluctant to share their views on discord. We all know that when the price of a crypto project falls, it is inevitable that some people will have negative emotions, but such emotions are very normal. We should not regard negative emotions as FUD in the early stage of a project, we should listen to more voices instead of restricting them 's speech. We need an active community in early stages of a project for us to build up the power for subsequent outbreaks

So aim to this one,I come up with one proposal:
We should unblock all members in discord, Starting from the re-unblocking, if any members are suspected of abusing the Assange family, they can be re-banned.

  1. The root cause of the community’s loss of vitality is the inefficiency and inaction of the management team. In the past month, we can see that there is basically no progress in the project. The proposed draft was only discussed in the forum, and no one was willing to move forward. Although we are a Dao organization, it does not mean that dao does not need a leader. Dao should remove dictators not leaders

So,Aim to this problem,I come up with my proposal:
We should rebuild the admin team, replace all those who didn’t do anything (I haven’t seen any comments from some admins for two months, I don’t know what’s the point of keeping them), and elect a team who is responsible for promoting Proposal. In this way, we can improve our propulsion efficiency. Now that we have funds dedicated to advancing the project, if Assange’s family doesn’t have the energy to take care of these trivial matters, we can organize a team dedicated to coming up with good ideas.


  1. 社区失去活力的直接原因是社区管理员不允许嘈杂的声音出现,将大量用户封禁,导致discord官方社区失去用户信任,成员不愿意在discord上分享自己的观点。我们都知道,当一个加密项目的价格下跌时,难免会有一些人产生负面情绪,但这样的情绪是很正常的。 我们不应该在项目的早期将负面情绪视为FUD,我们应该倾听更多的声音,而不是限制他们的言论。 我们需要在项目的早期阶段建立一个活跃的社区,以便我们为随后的爆发建立力量.

  2. 社区失去活力的根本原因是管理团队的低效和不作为,在过去的一个月我们可以看到项目基本没有任何进展。提出的草案也只是在论坛里讨论了一下,并没人愿意推进。虽然我们是一个dao组织,但不意味着dao不需要领导者。Dao应该是去掉独裁者而不是去掉领导者。
    我们应该重建 admin 团队,替换所有没有做任何事情的人(我已经两个月没有看到一些 admin 的任何评论,我不知道保留它们有什么意义),并选出一个团队 负责宣传提案。 这样,我们可以提高我们的推进效率。现在我们有专门用来推进项目的资金,如果阿桑奇的家人没精力负责这些琐碎的事务,我们可以组织一个专门用来提出好想法的团队


So in short: You propose to unban all people that were causing FUD, insults and threats in the last months and replace the existing Mods, with Mods that behave in a way that you like? Seriously?

Apart of that, what did you mean with “your specific rules” exactly?

you have no right to blame me.I won’t answer a person who have never read my proposal seriously

Negatives aside - voting for the management team (mods included) was always meant to happen.

(People calling for Gabriel’s death or Gabriel doesn’t care about his brother- can be dammed though.) We just don’t need idiots. Other digressions maybe forgiven.

Zylo had this idea ages ago. Discussion: Meeting/Next Steps - Governance, Multi-sig, Proposals, Snapshot Settings, Roles, Moderation

Yes, bro. Like I said, many people cursed the Assange family before because they lost too much money, we should give them a second chance, if they are still abusive after unblocking them, we can re-ban them. The community is dead right now, we need to rejuvenate

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But the problem at the moment is that nobody even pushes the proposal, nobody cares how it goes

Don’t know - maybe its not their capability/skill set. Backroom people are backroom people by nature.

I just think mods have a responsibility to move the project forward, most of the mods in our discord community are disappeared, I think it’s time to pick a new mods team to push the dao forward while the Assange family is busy

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TBH - I think the one major problem is there is nobody around to write up snapshot proposals re governance. I don’t think that is the mods job at all. They merely moderate conduct on the forums. So who are the writers?

So who is responsible for writing snapshots? and where did this man go? We desperately need such a person, but he doesn’t seem to care about Dao

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Your first response seems to be to blame someone! Is this a cultural thing. There maybe numerous alternate reasons.

Also it could be she.

why cant blame?i invested a lot money,I once trusted this community,But now?No one want to promote project. I know the reason those admins don’t care is that they don’t invest much money at all… Think about it in a different light, I don’t care if I only invest a few thousand dollars too, but I spend ten times as much

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To put it bluntly, no one wants to work for this Dao now.

Why is that? I’m interested in your thoughts.

To be honest, our project now needs capable and enthusiastic people to come forward. (I also want to stand up, but I understand that I lack the necessary capabilities and resources.)


I am interested in what I can do to further the cause of justice. How we can improve the chances to get Julian finally out of that predicament. That’s the only thing that keeps my mind busy.

You are right. We need capable and enthusiastic people. People, that see the freedom of Julian as the reward. Protecting human rights, the future of Journalism and free speech. I believe such core values are the drive of most loyal supporters around the world and I hope that more people with such core values come, in order to fullfill our big mission.

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Wherever you live - I think pushing for diplomatic intervention is the main way now.

I think the DAO has to bite the bullet and pay for an experienced person to unite it TBH.

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The snapshot for the 100% of monies raised by the DAO for the NFT art piece was problematic. The DAO should have retained a percentage of all of the funds raised from the outset. I don’t know of any charity that would shoot itself in the foot like this. Every organization, charitable or otherwise maintains a percentage for its operating costs for future expansion. The DAO should have negotiated a percentage of the funds raised by its community for the DAO itself AND still maxi bidded in the Pak auction. Its all ancient history. But the community voted for it to happen.

So many people think its a scammer, but the most important thing now is someone need stand out.The reason why I always blame these mods is that they might have some ability to do something. but they always keep doing nothing except ban some people in discord causing that no one want to talk and discuss in discord