Proposal: Hire an Attorney, Pay for Classified Ad on Virginia State Bar website

We should attempt to place a classified ad in the Virginia State Bar, to recruit an attorney to represent the DAO, in the attempt to free Julian Assange.

Here is the URL for the rates of graphical advertisment:

Here is the URL for the rates for classified ads

Classified advertisements are $2.00 per word for nonmembers, and $1.50 per word for VSB members with your bar ID#. As a service to our members, there is no charge for advertisements up to 50 words for full-time job openings.





Hire an attorney - this needs to have more info to become a fully fledged proposal seeing as many people do not have legal background - why is an attorney required? Basics first - explain why. What would they do, why is it necessary, what do other DAOs have etc etc My understanding is that there is already a legal representative of the DAO. However the DAO is also only setting up - so all is in its infancy…

Well, like your link says, DAOs are supposed to be regulated by the SEC and other regulatory agencies for example in china as well, and currently the DAO is not in compliance.

In what way in your opinion is it not in compliance. Can you explain.

the “core team” has never registered with the SEC , european, or other chinese financial regulators regarding the ownership, control, and responsibility over issuing securities.

I thought in the USA only, Wyoming passed a bill that recognizes DAOs as limited liability companies. Who else do?

Yes, and when a LLC raises money from the public, it must register with the SEC, but in this instance neither thing was done.

It isn’t a LLC. Why do you think it is? Just trying to clarify.