Proposal Draft: Award by AssangeDAO

AIP: 000X
Title:  The Assange Award by AssangeDAO
Author: Zylo, Rick Velvet
Status: Draft
Type: XXXX
Created: 2022-04-02

Info: In order to speed up things I created this new thread. The original idea and text is by @zylo. I summarized the information and tried to adapt it to a voting. I would update this draft according to your feedback. Would be cool to finalize the first stage of the award and defining its conditions / characteristics before 11th of April. Questions - Meeting - Calender Week 14

The Julian Assange award could be a yearly award presented by the AssangeDAO to go to someone who has made contributions of knowledge / information to society that is of public importance who has also experienced hardship or persecution due to their work.

Proposal Details
Every year AssangeDAO members could nominate someone for the award.
The award could have a set (static) monetary value in USD or in ETH or in $JUSTICE tokens.
The award could be given out on April 11th (the day Assange was arrested).
Nominees must fulfill certain criteria:

  • Someone who has contributed true knowledge/information to society that is of public interest.
  • Someone who has experienced hardship or persecution due to their contribution to society.

Would bring significant recognition to Julian Assange and his case as well as giving back to the community. This award not only could be given to people such as publishers or whistleblowers, but also others such as academics or researchers.This would also bring significant media attention to the DAO and help the DAO grow to help accomplish it’s mission to Free Julian Assange.

Voting Details:

Name of the Award:

  • AssangeDAO Award

  • Assange Award

  • Julian Assange Award

  • Justice Award

Should the Award have one or more categories?



Should the Award be only symbolic, or also have a monetary value?

  • Yes, but the monetary value should be static.

  • Yes, but the monetary value should be dynamic.

  • No – Only symbolic.

Design or form of the Award:

  • Physically & Digitally

  • Digitally: NFT / Justice Tokens

  • Physical: Certificate / Object / Trophy

If the award would be an NFT: Should every winner receive an individual NFT, or “one”, that gets transferred every year to the next awardees?

  • Every Winner should get an individual NFT
  • The NFT gets transferred from one awardee to the next one, making a history for the award.

If the Award would have a static monetary value: Should it be $Justice Tokens or a different currency (e.g. USD, EUR, ETH, BTC etc…)?

  • $Justice Tokens

  • Different Currency (Crypto - ETH, BTC etc.)

  • Different Currency (Non-Crypto - USD, EUR etc.)

If the Award would have a static monetary value: How high should the amount be?

  • 5.000$

  • 10.000$

  • 25.000$

  • 50.000$

  • 75.000$

  • 100.000$

  • None of the above. (Needs discussion)

If the Award would have a static monetary value, should it be taken out of the DAO Treasury or funded with a donation fundraiser?

  • DAO Treasury

  • Donation Fund

  • None of the options. Should be discussed more.

Announcement Date (Who will get the Award):

    1. April (The Day where Julian got kidnapped & prisoned)
    1. May (International Press-Freedom Day)
    1. July (Julian Assange’s Birthday)
  • None of the options. Should be discussed more.

Award Date (Date of issue):

    1. April (The Day where Julian got kidnapped & prisoned)
    1. May (International Press-Freedom Day)
    1. July (Julian Assange’s Birthday)
  • None of the options. Should be discussed more.

Should the Date of Issue have an Award Ceremony?

  • Yes

  • No

Who should choose the nominee?

  • Julian Assange Only (Veto)

  • Community Only

  • Both

**Since the Award would have Julian’s name in it, should Julian have a higher percentage with his choice?

  • Yes, 10 %
  • Yes, 20 %
  • Yes, 40%
  • Yes, 50%
  • Yes, 60%
  • Yes, 70%
  • Yes, but none of the above options.
  • No. Julian should have a higher percentage with his vote.

Potential Nominees, chosen in the earlier stage:


I oppose the nomination of Chelsea Manning, who has never publicly condemned Assange’s incarceration or opposed his extradition to USA. There is a myth that Manning went to jail in 2019–2020 to avoid testifying against Julian. She has, however, repeatedly insisted that she did so on principle to protest the grand jury’s secrecy. “I want to be clear,” she said on March 9, 2022. “I have no idea what that grand jury was about. There’s been speculation that it’s about a particular individual. The government told us that it was not specific to any individual but it was connected to the leaks in 2010. So they wanted to ask me questions that I’d already answered. From my perspective, I don’t know that it’s about a specific individual.” This echoed her statement on June 25, 2021: “If it was a grand jury in general, I would respond the same way.” Had Manning testified truthfully under oath in March 2019, she could have exonerated Julian of the serious criminal charge, filed in May 2019, that he “encouraged her to continue her theft of classified documents and agreed to help her crack a password hash to a military computer.” Her refusal to do so, despite having full immunity, is unforgivable.

I oppose the nomination of Daniel Hale, who leaked classified documents to The Intercept instead of to WikiLeaks. Washington, DC-based national security whistleblower lawyer Jesselyn Radack represents Hale. On December 12, 2021, she tweeted: “As Hale’s attorney, I can say categorically that he was inspired by the moral courage of Chelsea Manning, not Snowden or Assange.” Surely a deserving candidate can be found who has, at the very least, not distanced himself from WikiLeaks and Assange through words and deeds.

I acknowledge your choice and I think it is legit for debate…

I remember the leaked court tape of her, saying that she always had access without any help of anybody to the leaked information. That was pretty helpful against the actual allegations and was beneficial for Julian, if I’m correct. I can imagine that after so many years fighting for her freedom, she just wants peace and not involve too much into Julian’s case… but that’s just my theory… Maybe she’s afraid? Who knows… I don’t know… I respect her public service for exposing the war crimes and for me personally it would be difficult to exclude her from the list, after so many cruel things happened to her in past, because of her brave actions. I respect other views too, of course.

So your argument, not to have Daniel Hale as a potential candidate, was his decision to give leaks not to wikileaks but to somebody else?

If by “leaked court tape” you mean this bootleg audio clip, that was never established as being “unreleased testimony” as claimed. It’s Chelsea Manning’s voice, but seems more like an off-the-cuff private conversation released without her consent, and which she has never acknowledged. It was certainly not helpful against the actual allegations and was not beneficial for Julian because it was not part of any official proceeding.

I see. Yes it was that recording. Apparantly I saw it with a different name… Still can imagine that Guantanamo could be the reason she keeps silent now… I mean, being afraid of her own safety kinda.

And his lawyer’s statement that he was not inspired by Julian Assange.

The 2019 grand jury granted her full immunity from both the federal court and the U.S. Army. Chelsea Manning could not have been punished for anything she said. And the idea that she fears Guantanamo is absurd. As a U.S. citizen, she cannot be sent to Guantanamo for any offense.

Sry. Very late in central europe. I meant not specifically Guantanamo, but any kinda revenge or threat to her freedom, like in past. After such a fight, everybody would be intimidated somehow. I got your point and it was important that you brought up all your arguments for debate. I hope that more people will involve here…

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Gavin MacFadyen - posthumously awarded.??? Assange wanted to attend his funeral.


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Please change the name to “AssangeDAO Award”. The name you proposed is too long and not crispy. Thank you!


it will be nice to have a monetary value, but we don’t have much money in our treasury. So maybe for now just be symbolic. Or have Assange’s image made NFT as a gift.

definitely not Tucker Carlson. If he wins the award, at least half of members will leave. He is too controversial to touch. and I don’t agree with much of his “lies”

When Chelsea disassociated from Assange, saying she would have leaked the documents to other organisations if they were available but that at the time they were not available like they are today, she was helping Julian in saying that she had no personal connection to him, she was acting on her own trying to leak classified information.
Many people were angry with her, but I can see her point there.
And on top of that, she is traumatised and was tortured for what she did.
She is completely entitled to feel and act as though she has done her part and doesn’t want to be involved further.
It takes a great deal of time to recover from trauma and I would never want her to feel she needs to fight more.
She is trying to disconnect and recover still…maybe always…
We all owe her our respect.
Julian would want her to be safe and free…playing video games and hanging with real friends and loved ones…that is what he wants too…
If Julian gets out of this alive people need to be aware they need to leave him alone too


Sorry if that message is in wrong spot… I am still working this thing out!

My opinion is also that the award should have a monetary value … out of treasury… so people who donated to treasury and the public can see a value amount being given… also… for example… if someone like David McBride were to win…that would help his own legal fund for his struggle against the system… I like the idea that someone currently persecuted and in court system are to be nominated and win… it sort of compliments Julians Courage foundation in the plight to help others in direct need of assistance.
Monetary value speaks to the system.

Also I think the nominations should be announced on 11th or in May and then award given on Julians Birthday… that ensures yearly we have a celebration for his Birthday… it’s a good idea I think…
But I understand time is pressed here too

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I agree - not Tucker Carlson - he is a well paid news reader - not an investigative journalist or peace activist/lawyer.

AssangeDAO Award

That option could be left open for a decision over the years. No additional categories in the first year.

Both, The monetary value should be dynamic.

  • Physically & Digitally
  • 10.000$ initially
  • DAO Treasury

Announcement Date (Who will get the Award):


[quote=“Rick_Velvet, post:1, topic:972”]
Should the Date of Issue have an Award Ceremony?

  • Yes
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in the first of time,ASSANGEDAO AWARD should be named.if we find it is not ok we can change the name of the AWARD.