Proposal draft:AssangeDAO RoadMap

Hi, all:
Write a proposal draft for the DAO, the purpose of this proposal is to provide a framework for development of the community and the overall work. it will achieve the following objectives:

  1. Organize the work of the community in order;
  2. Create and put into practice a more ideal structure for DAO governance;
  3. Try to boost the Assange DAO community’s size and market value,and create sustainable revenue sources for the treasury;
  4. Use NFTS to connect with other supporters(artists) and groups throughout the world and demonstrate Assange’s spirit while maintaining community support.
  5. The NFTS will generate income for the treasury on an ongoing basis while also directing the volume of Justice token into a deflationary channel.
  6. Try to lay the groundwork for the additional product models and project cooperation opportunity in the following phase.

Looking forward to your further ideas and suggestions for modification, let us improve it together.

If anyone have any modification suggestions, pls copy the corresponding part of the content in the following link with reply here, or make comment in the google docs.


Your proposal is good


I am alex,i strong support this proposal draft .which aim to provide a framework for development of the community and the overall work. will boost the Assange DAO community’s size and market value,and create sustainable revenue sources for the treasury,NFTS will generate income for the treasury on an ongoing basis .


Please keep moving end

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just do it,dont just say


I suggest that this draft proposal be implemented as soon as possible


The community has been silent for a long time and this proposal is great and needs to be implemented as soon as possible


I looked at the proposal, great, community silence for a long time, is supposed to move forward and hope to implement it as soon as possible

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interesting!two questions:
1\ The roadmap seems to use NFT as the governance and main participation community mode, why ?
2\ How does buybacks benefit the community? somebody will run away.


Because the family removed all of the money from the DAO, and refuses to let the DAO do anything other than NFT’s, even when I had proposed trying to free assange with a Writ of Habeas Corpus, and had proposed other projects with Amir Taaki to bring in revenue. Because the DAO is in fact note decentralized, it is centralized in the authority of the family.

it helps those people who want to sell their tokens, by increasing the price of the tokens.


Hi I’m higg,Just Do It!!Bring us to the moon! Free Asssange!


I can’t speak on the rest of this, but the family “refusing to let the DAO do anything” other than NFTs doesn’t sound right - hasn’t Gabriel Shipton expressed support for a range of projects?

(Sorry, everyone, if nitpicking hyperbole isn’t helpful - I literally don’t know…)

Thanks for the time and effort.


trying to find Stellar’s roadmap but can’t find it??? I think this was it - there are a few elements here that should be part of the roadmap ie - The First Step Toward AssangeDAO Governance - AssangeDAO

The next set of votes will be related to establishing the core team that satisfies the governance model that was ratified. This may include:

  • Electing an operational lead
  • Electing a community lead
  • Electing multisig signers
  • Electing AIP editors
  • Electing members of any other governance organisms, such as the advisory council or a community governance panel

Also there was this


I suggest that the NFT platform recently created by community members is incorporated into the proposal and that there are more details on how the staking mechanism would work and the relevant smart contracts.

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its good idea,we should support it and do it now




This article has been written for 6 hours, and the second half of it is more wonderful.
Through communication with community members, I have confirmed that:

  1. Mint rights have been destroyed,
  2. Assange’s brother has a veto,
    This is great progress.

I think the next step is to promote community governance.

First of all, I need to clarify several points to enhance mutual understanding and reach consensus:

I. About the conflict since the birth of Assange Island

  1. Assange’s brother proposed to use all the donated funds to purchase THE NFT to help Mr. Assange. Since community governance was not created at that time, it is most regrettable that this proposal was not approved by the community. Some opponents did not exercise their voting rights and were in low spirits. However, I believe that many donors, including me, still accept and support this proposal. In fact, if the community votes, the proposal of assange’s brother can still be passed.
  2. Community governance is an urgent problem. There should be a certain proportion of ordinary members in the management team of the community election, which should exceed 40% or 60% and they should be players from the cryptoo world.
  3. Obviously, some crypto players understand the original intention and practice of assange dao. However, the management team seems to have no understanding of the encryptoion world and believes that there is nothing in the encryptoion world except speculation and pumps. Such prejudice is terrible.

II. About donations and speculation.speculation and pump must be minimized which only exist at the tactical level and should not be the biggest obstacle to the great cause of the Assange Dao.

It is very innovative to create a DAO to raise funds to help Mr. Assange. Assange DAO organized a donation, which was very successful and really helpful to Mr. Assange. At the same time, the way of donation is to create a DAO and issue tokens, thus attracting some speculators. Speculators did donate a lot of money. Therefore, the truth is that some donors are speculators, or speculators are also donors. You can’t distinguish between speculators and donors. In the cryptoo world, every donor should be espected, even if they has speculative attributes.Assange DAO belongs to the cryptoo world, so the existence of speculators cannot be avoided. In other words, a large part of the $55 million was donated by speculators who are also donors.
Speculation is an act. Everyone is likely to do it and stop it at any time.Community members were divided into two parts based on whether they are speculative or not,which caused the community to be divided.speculation and pump must be minimized which only exist at the tactical level and should not be the biggest obstacle to the great cause of the Assange Dao.

III. A strategic idea is that the community should be open and inclusive.

Since Assange dao is established in the crypto world, this shows that the assange dao wants to use the power of the cryptoo world. The power of speculators is an important component of the crypto world. So assange dao can not avoid power of speculators, just as assange dao did not refuse the donation of speculators.Open, inclusive and close cooperation with cryptoo players, you will find the infinite energy of THE DAO.
crypto players are not all speculators. cryptoo players include geeks, economists, IT workers, investors, anarchists, freedom fighters, speculators, Countless ordinary people,etc. They advocate freedom and equality, which is not contradictory to Mr Assange’s values. They are a huge group. In the cryptoo world, the dignity of cryptoo players cannot be underestimated.
The value orientation of cryptoo players in the cryptoo world is consistent with “Free Mr. Assange”. The management team should unite all forces to achieve the ultimate mission - free Mr Assange, rather than maintaining moral purity and repelling cryptoo players. The management team should know that Assange Dao is in the cryptoo world, raising eth and distributing justice.,The assange dao cannot exist outside the encryptoed world.
The management team raised eth, distributed justice, took the donor’s ETHs, and denounced the donor as a speculator. Similarly, the donor can also say that the management team is a liar. Here, a huge misunderstanding between the two sides was raised. From the words and deeds of the management team, the management team does not seem to understand the cryptoo world.
In fact the purpose of most cryptoo players is consistent with the ultimate mission of the management team - free Mr assange, and there is no contradiction. The management team should unite the community.At present, what the management team needs to do is to unite pure asange supporters from the non encryptoed world and donors from the encryptoed world, including some speculators, to guide the combination of the two forces to achieve the ultimate mission-free mr assange,instead of constantly creating contradictions and reprimanding each other.
The two sides should have in-depth exchanges, compromise with each other, seek common ground while reserving differences, work hard to free Assange, achieve a win-win situation, and finally achieve the “free Assange”.

IV. About the assange dao, cryptoo world and justice token

Dao should be a decentralized autonomous organization with free and equal members. The management team should be composed of soul figures and members elected by the community, develop continuously, and adopt a way acceptable to everyone to achieve the ultimate goal.
The cryptoo world is a financial world. Any formal project is against speculation and pumping but can’t completely exclude speculators,all the same they will still maintain the circulation and reasonable value of tokens. In fact, justice is priceless, but Justice token is worthless and discarded at will. cryptoo players lose interest in the justice token and no longer need justice. The value of the assange dao is also declining. The assange dao has lost its vitality and gradually lost its influence in the encryptoion field. More and more people are leaving. In the cryptoo world, people’s inherent understanding is that the assange dao is a hoax. The assage dao is becoming zombie. This has no conducive on helping Mr. Assange continuously. Mr. Assange’s difficulties are long-term and cannot be solved in the short term. He needs everyone’s help, not just money. The zombie assage dao cannot unite more people to provide more help to Mr. Assange.
Therefore, maintaining the reasonable value of the justice token is the prerequisite for the survival and development of the assange dao.Not all people want to speculate and pump, but most people just want to maintain the reasonable value of justice token, which is very reasonable and necessary.
The Assange Dao should take an open and inclusive attitude, have a macro vision, keep growing, liberate Mr assange, and further spread the values of freedom to a wider field. At the same time, speculation and pump must be minimized which only exist at the tactical level and should not be the biggest obstacle to the great cause of the Assange Dao.

English is not my native language. If there is any misunderstanding, please contact me further.


Of course, no doubt that the best way is to combine. the Markeplace can be a part of the product module in this proposal (such as display and trading part of AssangeDao.NFT). in the meantime, during designing this scheme, several NFT standards in the current industry (ERC 721,ERC1155…) have been repeatedly considered from the technical point of view. from the demand perspective of the token economy system, ERC3525 was selected.
About the staking and smart contracts, this proposal gives the overall framework (such as the weight of staking tokens to receive incentives, etc.), and the specific details will be publicized in the community into the development and implementation stage after it been voted (forming and supplementing dev groups\channel). It won’t be a problem,the development of these modules are relatively mature, and experience has been accumulated.

Thanks for your suggestion,I will add the MarketPlace section later on in the draft.

For the Assange DAO community, it is not enough to only have tokens or simply publish an avatar NFT. We need a whole economic systems to integrate, unite, and improve the effective operation of the whole community.
in the early proposal(Snapshot), part of it: “The Assange family will provide publicity to the DAO”.
we hope this proposal draft will provide the NFTs as the media carrier—For the family to present it to anyone who supports Mr.Assange.