Proposal bypassing AssangeDAO submission process

Two hours ago, AssangeDAO multi-sig @Silke posted a proposal at asking whether the AssangeDAO should execute a transaction ASAP to exchange all or part of its JBX tokens for ETH on the JuiceboxDAO bonding curve. According to @bZ-bbian9388 at AssangeDAO Discord, where he is a mod, core-team member and multi-sig, “Voting will start tomorrow.” I believe this development should at least be noted here at what AssangeDAO Discord mod and core-team member @PMA identified on April 19, 2022 as the official Forum for all proposals.

Teething problem…and part of the evolutionary process.

The proposal does not appear on the forum or on the AssangeDAO twitter - its another matter of communication to be sorted as it adds to confusion.

The AssangeDAO Twitter link - now only encourages potential participants and investors to join in the discussion at Discord, not the forum. Perhaps the forum should just cease then? It’s no longer rated “official”.

Looking at other DAOs, discord is their focus for communication (although I have read that some national groups cannot access it easily or at all?)

At minimum, Twitter should therefore promote the vote and always be updated with significant news.

Vote isn’t started yet, tweet is planned for tomorrow near the time that voting opens.

And yes I think the final proposal should have been added here, that was decided to be the standard procedure for proposals. Lets keep that in mind for the next ones.


About 10ish hours away. Interesting tweet from the MoonDAO re communication issues for the CN community - I wonder how they will sort it out -

Edit - I forgot to say thank you PMA.

Hello, I hope to learn from moondao community. Their communication is more effective and efficient

Part of the consensus of moondao comes from tokens, which is one of their common goals

Personally, I think the number of participants in the forum is actually small, and the number of discord is more. We shouldn’t waste time discussing it again in the forum, because this is not a very important event, and we can vote to confirm the opinions of most people in the community. This efficiency is too slow

we should always follow the rules and procedures, if the procedures aren’t the best then we should change it but until we change it we have to follow it

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For members who do not keep up with AssangeDAO Discord, here is a summary of posts there today by @PMA relevant to this Forum thread.

  • We have a procedure that we have to follow for all the proposals: Post in Forum for feedback followed by a Discord Temperature Check and so your proposal should have been added to the Forum for 48h at least. Link.

  • Posted in the Forum for feedback: 48h
    Cooldown period (voting delay): 24h
    Voting duration: 48h
    Voting system: Single Choice Voting
    Vote delegation: Yes
    Quorum: 5% $JUSTICE voting overall. Link.

  • We need to follow the same rules every time. This proposal should have been posted in the Forum earlier to be ready on time. Let’s now follow the procedure and have it ready to vote as soon as possible. Link.

  • I think the best process (current) is to start a draft working-progress discussion here and work most the details here in Discord since conversation is much more fluid. Then when a proposal is almost ready, the proposal author post it in the Forum (for 48h) for the last adjustments and feedback so all the members can quickly read the final proposal.
    Chats here in Discord can be quite long, messy and difficult to follow up for some members since most of the times the same discussion is spread in different channels, interrupted by other subjects, etc. so posting in the Forum a summary and final proposal for last feedbacks is important so that everyone is updated. Even if no one have anything to add it’s important that we have the final proposal summarised and easy to access for most of the members.
    This is the current procedures and if majority don’t agree we should make a proposal to change it but for now we should follow the rules that were previous decided. Link.

The temperature check is just an idea that was only discussed and as not been implemented. Needs to be proper discussed and voted when we draft a proposal for the governance of new proposals. Also the last point about discord discussion is my personal opinion not a rule