Proposal: Assange Podcast

Hello all! I haven’t met many of you, but I have been around the AssangeDAO ecosystem for a while. My background is in marketing as well as podcast production and hosting. Proposal template below!

Fund a podcast detailing Julian Assange’s case (episode 1) and other cases similar to it. The podcast will debut monthly and will be long-form and high quality, designed to raise awareness about Julian’s case and about cases similar to Julian’s globally. Cost of $5,000 per episode to plan, produce, staff, host and distribute across major podcasting platforms (Spotify, Google podcasts, etc.).

Proposal details:
I’m writing to propose a monthly podcast, meant to highlight the case of Julian Assange as well as other similar cases globally. The podcast would run about $5,000 per episode and I would anticipate creating ten episodes in the first season. The podcast would go into detail on a new topic related or similar to Julian’s per episode, and would include activists, commentators and experts to help raise awareness both for Julian’s case and others like it. Topics could include corporate whistleblowers or media leakers who were imprisoned or punished for their deeds, political dissidents who have or still are experiencing harassment or imprisonment, or other cases where censorship (whether government or by private companies) has hurt public good and welfare. It would also investigate government corruption and misdeeds including but not limited to some of the materials that Julian published about the early Iraq war.

I believe a podcast such as this would serve many important roles. It would firstly raise awareness for Julian’s case and hopefully help shape public opinion about his circumstances and imprisonment. It would also establish AssangeDAO as a place that is raising awareness for all forms of injustice, particularly those dealing with whistleblowers and other public-good rebels.

The first episode, goes without saying, would be a start-from-scratch deep dive into Julian’s case, to tell the whole story in podcast form. This would allow us to share the podcast to a new audience (podcast-listeners), and to have an updated, current episode that includes the whole story up until the present. It could be promoted and shared with new members and the public at large, and would hopefully help capture sympathy and advocacy for the case.

As a last note, this podcast would not be about crypto, web3, or AssangeDAO in any explicit way. It would be aimed at a mass audience and would serve as both a source of information as well as marketing for AssangeDAO and public opinion around Julian’s case.

If the proposal passes, I would undertake producing, preparing, editing and hosting the podcast. This would also include finding topics and guests, vetting guests, and publishing the podcast on all major platforms (Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, etc.). I personally think a once-a-month cadence is appropriate for this type of podcast, as it will allow for a thorough and complete episode that stands on its own about complex and important topics.

From a marketing perspective, highlighting other forms of similar injustice allows us to cross-pollinate with many other communities which are just as passionate about their causes as we are about Julian’s. It will also set a precedent for the DAO as a supporter of raising visibility against injustices globally. Third, it can serve as the main source of news coming out of AssangeDAO regarding Julian’s legal case as it continues to unfold.

I welcome any and all feedback from the community on this proposal. I have been a passionate supporter of Julian since the very beginning, and I’ve always felt like a well-produced podcast, particularly in the current age where crime and conspiracy podcasts are in vogue, would be hugely helpful for Julian’s case and to help shape public sentiment around him.


Good idea. Similar ideas have been expressed before.

But if the DAO is paying - this content should be included (or whatever content Julian wishes) - “this podcast would not be about crypto, web3, or AssangeDAO in any explicit way”. The DAO would want that crypto audience and the general public to be included. I think. Just have to find the right guests to appear.

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hey rave! Yeah, understand the sentiment completely. From my point of view, you just can’t hit both areas effectively, and I don’t think AssangeDAO needs much help in the crypto world. It’s a huge crypto story, and more traditional articles/etc can hit that market. Where I see it doing the most good is in getting out the message of Julian to average podcast listeners, and to highlight similar events/individuals who are persecuted for behaving in the interest of public good. I think the podcast can always be “brought to you by AssangeDAO”, as a basic onramp to web3 for those who are interested, but at least on my end, having given it a great deal of thought, I don’t think catering the crypto natives is the way to go. But that’s my thoughts/my proposal, I think if the DAO feels differently then the proposal doesn’t have to get picked up, that’s just how DAOs go and totally fine too!


Yes let others give their opinion. I think its a good idea. Id like to see it happen, subject to input on content.

No need.No need. To go without saying, we can see that many big media have reported the Sanqi incident. Are you sure your blog has great influence on those media

Hi, @0xSweetGift . I do recognize this, Assange DAO grew out of the Assange case and was formed by people in the crypto world who helped him due to the injustice he suffered and the fact that he faces over 100 years in prison if extradited to the U.S. I think the DAO’s advocacy and marketing of the Assange case is exactly what we need to do and what we lack right now.

In terms of practicing free assange’s core misson I think it can be done both legally and politically, DAO have had success in the past in supporting Assange’s legal case, but we have not made our claims to the public, we have almost no volume. I think producing podcasts is part of the activism that will grow our organization and allow us to be proactive in making an impact. I hope this is a start.

Thank you.

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Thank you for the kind words SShW. I agree completely! I’m wondering what the process is for furthering along this proposal, and either getting more feedback on it or getting it approved. I’d really like to create it, I just don’t know too well how the internal process works at AssangeDAO. Thank you!

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According to

We have prepared an initial governance model for the DAO, which is shown in the diagram above, and can be ratified by our first vote. First, community members will share a draft of the proposal in the forum for discussion with the community. This proposal template should be used.

Following community discussion, proposals are reviewed by the Consensus Unit. Their role is to screen the proposals for any potential harm to Assange or his legal case before a proposal is published on snapshot. If the Consensus Unit believes the proposal may cause harm to Assange or efforts to free Assange, they may reject the proposal from advancing. Initially, the Consensus Unit will consist of Jen Robinson (Julian Assange’s lawyer), Gabriel Shipton (Julian Assange’s brother) and Stella Moris (Julian Assange’s fiancée) and our community moderators.

If the proposal is accepted by the Consensus Unit, it will be added to Snapshot. $JUSTICE holders will be able to vote on accepting or rejecting the proposal.

Where required, successful community proposals will be executed by the Justice Safe signers or self-execute via the Zodiac Reality module.


I think it may be necessary to modify the template and then wait for a response from the consensus unit. Also looking forward to more feedback from people.

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Awesome, okay I edited the proposal to fit it into the template. Looking forward to next steps. Thank you!

Sorry for the delay here, I’ve been travelling. I agree with this in principal is a good idea.

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