Please be responsible

Hello. The core staff of assange dao! You have created assangedao. Thank you very much! But can you be responsible to the end! You don’t have time to manage assangedao. Just hand him over

Yes 2 of the multisigs have already resigned.
We are trying our best to come up with an orderly way of voting on things so we can get more people onboard, but the method of voting etc still has to be determined.

I am trying to work quickly as possible as I deeply desire to be actively involved with the DAO and see it grow.

I believe our community is united, we are all frustrated with the slowness of things but we all want the same goals, to grow the DAO, to finish governance quickly, to free assange, to get more uses for $JUSTICE token etc, to get a code of conduct implemented, to get more active mods on discord/forum, to get more social media channels and more outreach etc.

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