Pat yourself on the back and don't forget to retweet good news stories

Like this - so good.

For the legal defense and freedom of Julian Assange we started funding activities with advance payments to:

DAO members ( weren’t there 10,000 original contributors) - why aren’t you retweeting - free advertise the product so it can expand.

Wau Holland twitter updates - regarding Julian Assange
Assange DAO twitter updates
Gabriel Shipton twitter account updates
Stella Morris twitter account updates

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Wau Holland tweeted the above approx. 22 hours ago and so far 8 individuals retweeted it. Look aren’t there 10000 DAO members? Why is there only 8 retweets???

@rave Phew! I’m glad I acted fast. I figured you’d be taking names and kicking asses.


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Don’t know who Paula is or whether they lurk here - but at least we got 2 out of the 10,000. How hard is it to click the retweet button???

:thinking: :smirk:

Paul (not Paula) has 3,523 followers on Twitter, so an RT from him is a big deal.

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Sorry Paul - typing too fast.

i miss that Wau Holland tweet, RT now

there is a channel #socialmedia on the discord for members to drop content to be tweeted, very few use it. since i’m not on twitter all the time, all the suggestions are super welcomed.

cryptotimes article was RT when was out

later will tweet this one that a member send via telegram yesterday

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Didn’t realise that - I’ve added it to social media.

thanks! thats the best place since i check it often and all the help and suggestions are super welcome

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@PMA sorry to be a wet blanket, but in this instance AssangeDAO Twitter doesn’t seem to have much resonance. Eleven hours after posting, your tweet from an account with 19.5K followers has anemic numbers of Replies, RTs, and Likes.


nothing i can do, besides keep going. any suggestions?

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@PMA I’m not faulting you personally. But I think it’s increasingly clear that AssangeDAO Twitter has outlived its appeal, and thus its usefulness. Maybe time to put it in mothballs. Instead, cultivate direct contact with news media, including MSM, to spread announcements of AssangeDAO-branded events to help free Julian Assange.

It shouldn’t be moth balled. It would help if DAO members retweeted and tagged in relevant accounts IMO.

@rave why have they not done so?

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Maybe it is a nationality thing - how does it go on the Chinese version of twitter? Idk

The important thing is to retweet and tag.

I recall a comment once made here that the twitter feed did not have a DAO feel about it - I think whoever wrote that meant that it wasn’t appealing to crytpo enthusiasts or software engineers. So that is perhaps what is missing.

But I certainly cannot help PMA with any of that support!
Maybe PMA could ask for the engineering team to input content - once a fortnight.

Also I think it should be mandatory to have a monthly post dedicated to how to obtain Justice tokens.

I keep asking if the FEBRUARY method at the time of the Pak NFT auction is the right way to do it NOW - but I can’t get a response. Newbies need practical help.

So how to join (incl all the updated info) - should be a monthly post on social media IMO.

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