Partnership with an allied cause & funding from Cult DAO


Thank you all for everything you are doing for liberty & freedom around the world. I wanted to propose a united front in the form of a partnership with Cult DAO. Although I built the Cult protocol and wrote The Cult Manifesto. I do not own it, it is owned only by the community & the Guardians with no investors except if you count those who provided liquidity on our ILO (initial liquidity offering) on Unicrypt.

Cult is completely decentralized. It functions to invest in revolutionary protocols, people and causes. It cannot be stopped. As long as there are people transacting CULT, proposals being put forward and voted on, it will continuously fund whatever the community approves.

This is why we pre appointed around half of the 50 Guardians to make sure that Cult is being guided by those commited to our shared values and mutual cause. For a list of the Guardians who have thus far doxxed themselves you can find it here

A truly decentralized DAO, and its intentions are only as good as the community that runs it. This is why we would like Assange DAO to take a place as Guardians, and as the Many. Thank you for all you have already done to further our mutual cause.

With Love,
Mr O’Modulus


Nice to see a fully decentralized DAO. The manifesto of cult.dao is a delight to read. Interesting concept.


I like it. We share the same base. So lets cooperate and grow more influential


Nice, This is the DAO we want


other than assange, what kind of things will this dao invest in for example?


For those that value decentralization CULT is an ambitious step forward to help take away the power of the few and put it in the hands of the money. First rule about CULT DAO is you talk about $CULT. Some very smart people in the discord all moving forward to a common goal. We are still early and I’m happy to have found this project. Let’s all work together!


The DAO may invest in protocols which satisfy at least 2/3 of the following criteria:

-Fight Against Centralisation

-Further the Cause of Decentralisation

-Directly Benefit a Noble Cause

How proposals work: How do Proposals work? - CULT.DAO


I’m not sure if I want to drink that Kool-aid.


That’s fair. I think we all have the same vision broadly conceived, but I’m open to being wrong. Let’s do this the right way, not right away.

If you have any questions feel free to PM or read more at



This is brilliant

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