Next Governance Suggestions

Redeem 200ETH and buy back 200 million JUSTICE tokens at a price no less than 0.0006 for the following projects:

  1. Airdrop with wikileaks users, 1,000 people in the first phase, 10,000 pieces per person; In the second phase, 2,000 persons, 20,000 pieces per person; The number of people in the third phase is 3,000, 30,000 for each person, and the above amount is 100 million
  2. Create the Julian Assange Peace Prize, which will be retweeted by officials, retweeted by wikileaks, etc. The first batch of winners will receive 20 million JUSTICE tokens
  3. Team reward: The early volunteer team will be awarded 10 million pieces, which will be publicly awarded by internal voting of the volunteer team.
  4. 联合维基解密用户进行空投,第一期人数1000人,每人10000枚;第二期,人数2000人,每人20000枚;第三期人数3000人,每人30000枚
  5. 设立朱利安阿桑奇和平奖,由官推发推,维基解密等转推。第一期获奖者可获得JUSTICE代币2000万枚
  6. 团队奖励,前期志愿者团队奖励1000万枚,由志愿者团队内部投票,公开奖励。

Our potential market is users in the crypto world. Airdrops to users in the non-crypto world are non-directional airdrops, and it is difficult to get good results.

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i think this need to be well organised since there are many different questions here and we just voted to keep the single choice voting. anyway here some remarks:

  • also agree that doest make sense to give free tokens away. i think that airdrops like that wont bring anything good since folks can sell it etc… its like giving away free money when we need money for treasury for initiatives etc

  • should be included a question of reimbursing those who accidentally burned their tokens instead of claiming them. honestly i don’t agree we should reimburse it because was an individual mistakes due lack of attention and not reading everything so people should be responsible for their own mistakes, but it will be fair that is voted and we reimburse if the majority agrees)

  • award i think could be stronger if we have a new NFT donated by assange to partly fund it. it should be one high profile winner each year, and great if we can award a significant amount of money.

  • buying $justice should be a certain amount over a long period so not to falsely inflate the price

  • maybe use some of this funds to have $justice listed in some CEX

Airdropping a Wikileaks user is a good idea: 1. If he doesn’t have a wallet, how can he receive justice from the airdrop? 2. Even if the other party receives it but does not participate in the transaction, it is equivalent to destruction.

Refuting other people’s opinions requires the use of the brain, not without the brain.

I like the idea of the Julian Assange Peace Prize.

As for the other idea - to educate people about crypto could be a legacy of Assange - and it is certainly something that the AssangeDAO could build on. Not sure if giving away stuff and rewarding volunteers is necessary. Lets see how people are willing to devote their time first.

Encryption is the trend, 6,000 airdrops, 500 people involved, we are successful.
Airdrops are advertising.
If he can’t create a wallet, we can make a tutorial.
If he doesn’t understand the crypto world, we can popularize it.
AssangeDAO is beginning to be forgotten and we need to be visible as soon as possible.
And wikileaks and the tens of thousands of Twitter bloggers who support Assange he is our joint target.
People who accidentally destroy it, it is their own fault, they did not mean to donate, if compensation, find Juice

Right now the price of $JUSTICE is about 5million justice / ETH, which means 200million $JUSTICE costs about 40 ETH.

However I think that a better decision is to use 200 ETH to literally hire a lawyer, to do the work assigned to the attorney under the DAO, including but not limited to submitting a pretrial writ of habeas corpus on behalf of Julian Assange.

Those jobs could be handled by the Assange family’s lawyers,AssangeDAO doesn’t need to focus on those works, There are other ways we can help Julian.

50 million dollars already. Forget about the hundreds of thousands of dollars, okay?

AssangeDAO doesn’t need to focus on those works, There are other ways we can help Julian.

That is literally what the community already voted for.

Also, weddings aside, the only thing that is going to free assange is the court system, focusing on the Assange Award, or other trivial wastes of time and money do not.

You can continue to maintain your extreme ideas, we continue to do what we should do

From the website:

“Should AssangeDAO continue to focus on its founding premise ‘Free Assange by All Means Necessary’ or Pursue other Activities?”

“Free Assange by All Means Neccessary” won.

Therefore the only proposals that go forward, is those that will free assange, which is by definition the legal process. See this:

If you do not know how the legal system works, then your opinion of what actually will free assange isn’t realistic, if you believe that “raising awareness” will free assange.

As the Juicebox redemptions are on a bonding curve - we would optimise funds if we redeemed funds over a longer period of time. Please remember Juicebox took 5% of the entire raise = 871 ETH. Redeeming for 200 ETH now might not be the most optimised solution.

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I agreed with you Silke but currently we have 0$ in the treasury which make our working progresses very slow. We can’t always expect people to help out voluntarily, we need money to keep the community going.

sure, but since juiceboxDAO is discussing how to spend the money in their treasury, if they are successful it will reduce the price of the juicebox tokens. So it is not given that waiting will increase the price under the bonding curve in this scenario.