New NFTs ideas for fundraising

  1. Mint an NFT with the very first WikiLeaks article, minted by Assange family or WikiL organisation, sent to the DAO wallet and auction it? Might do well getting some fundings (and some press).

  2. Mint other “historical” items that could be interesting for collectors, itens like collaborating with some magazines or newspapers where Wikileaks/Assange was feature in the cover and auction that cover as an NFT etc.

  3. Approach important collectors to see if they want/can donate some NFTs to the DAO that could be auction for more fundraising. Or even collaborate with know collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club to create one Assange BAYC NFT to be donated for example.


We could also ask XCOPY, BLEEP, FEWOCiOUS and other top NFTs creators to make one Assange/Free of Speech inspired NFT that could be donated to the DAO for auction so we gather more funds for Assange defense and maybe treasury. That way we involve more interesting people and keep showing the power and utility of NFTs and DAOs


Another idea that could be interesting to explore is to make a proper film about Assange. Having the family working with someone they trust and the DAO try to fundraise it via NFT auction so we do a proper budget documentary in collaborating with a good production house that then can pitch to streaming channels like Netflix. The sales from the film can return to the DAO treasury and the film can even be divided into fractions to mint several NFTs for the token holders for example.


Your suggestions are very good and enthusiastic. But the problem is, the project team members, do not know what they are thinking, in fact, what they are thinking, can tell us. The development of this project is not about a few of them, there are thousands of people behind it. At present, there are tens of thousands of people, and I do not know how many more people will be in the future.
Therefore, IN my opinion, project sponsors should first open their minds and correctly understand the current situation and development trend. This is a Dao, which requires communication, understanding, and joint efforts to develop.

Hey man, I suggest you could be actively involved in the management of the ASSANGE DAO community. If you step forward, I could put my vote on you.


I’m down but not really sure how to do that (newbie on DAOs). Also think that lftherios should be involved as well since we been discussing a lot of ideas in private and he knows his shit! :slight_smile:

That’s great!
If the DAO can issue its own NFT collection, it can make a larger impact :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Yeah that was what I thought and with the connections that people involved might have I think we can have a very strong collection that can do really well. Also I’m sure that most of the crypto artists will be happy to contribute to the cause. We definitely should move with that and as fast we can.

If the artists donate NFTs to the DAO, we can give them so $JUSTICE in return… Then they join our DAO

Yeah but if we don’t have more justice supply (and I don’t think we should create more) that will be difficult, but I’m sure that most of them will be happy to contribute either way with the right approach. Community is bigger that what we think! :slightly_smiling_face: … but a compensation and involve them in the Dao is a great idea! There is a lot of potential

Well you can have every new NFT be fractionalized with a certain % going into the treasury. JUSTICE is then a governance token.

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Yeah that a great idea! Lets try to implement that as soon governance is sorted!

I’m waiting to see what direction this DAO chooses to go towards before proposing anything


Actually, you could use the Assange DAO as the MVP before making a border product. As a DAO, we should be a united team and move forward to the same goal, we could have ongoing discussion by the way.
We just waste too much time on arguing directions.


Move small steps together and make other choices from then on. The current DAO is too small and too subtle to be destroyed. We need to work together to make it stronger first and I think there will be a different pictures and more choices once it gain momentem.


I like this idea. I am sure the Assange family would have connections to WikiLeaks to see if they are open to the idea of them donating an NFT.

WikiLeaks is currently not affiliated with the DAO, but they have retweeted the DAO.

In addition, perhaps Julian himself could donate an NFT to the DAO (after the core mission + governance is established)

The DAO could then auction it to pursue it’s next projects.

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Yeah we need to have the governance sorted asap so that hopefully we can try to start implementing some of this ideas and raise more funds for treasury and campaigns to bring awareness to Assange, reach a bigger audience and trying make more pressure in all possible ways.

We also need other ideas about how to support Assange that isn’t just financially.

Maybe print loads of posters and fill London around the court house and important spots; have a truck driving in London with some ad, rent ads spaces in UK newspapers or even TV; approach important musicians, actors, etc that can make videos in support for Assange to be distributed on social media (like De Niro’s fuck Trump video for example); organize protests (that might be more complicated to mobilize since everyone here is from all over)… I don’t know just dropping here whatever comes to mind and trying to brainstorm anything that we could do to make pressure to the UK government, court etc … maybe even initiatives in Australia to create pressure there too! We are a lot and if we organize ourselves that can be really powerful and have even more impact

I have no problem in selling overpriced memes for charity in general, but the problem is that it might be perceived as money laundering, if the ORG does not become a legal firm for representing individuals, but rather a pass entitty through for a holding company for fractional NFTs. I also have read that DAOs are supposed to be regulated as securities as well, so I do not know what the extent of the KYC (know your customer) rules will be needed in the future.

Thus, the Treasury Department has made clear in the Study that it is carefully monitoring digital art assets, including NFTs, and the forums and online marketplaces on which they are developed and exchanged. Even where NFTs and online platforms are not subject to current AML program, due diligence, recordkeeping and reporting obligations, they still are subject to U.S. criminal anti-money laundering laws under 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956 & 1957. Thus, the risks highlighted in the Study have immediate relevance. And businesses active in this digital part of the art world should consider whether their business models may be captured in a future FinCEN advance notice of proposed rulemakings (ANPR) or preliminary rules—leading to need for industry comment and, ultimately, some targeted regulation.

Very good idea, we must save AssangeDAO too.