My dreams/ideas for Assange DAO future

Just trying to brainstorm :slight_smile: some ideas for the DAO’s future.
I am sure other people can come up with even better ideas.

  • DAO gets Governance/Voting System/Author/Proposal System figured out and voted on
  • DAO looks at and votes on GnosisSafe modules as Silke mentioned: Should we allow Justice token holders the possibility to delegate their votes to others?
    and What voting system should the AssangeDAO adopt? Simple token voting, quadratic voting, weighted voting
  • DAO grows it’s Proposers/Authors
  • DAO grows/confirms the Multisig
  • DAO website is redesigned, possibly offered in multiple languages
  • DAO roles are assigned (volunteer at this stage), Mods, Marketers, Social Media Managers, Developers, Community Representatives, Ambassadors, etc.
  • A high profile person (Assange?) / artist donates/auctions an NFT for the DAO treasury.
  • DAO votes to buy $JUSTIC off the market for the treasury (could be a certain ETH amount over a long period so not to falsely inflate the price)
  • DAO votes to reimburse those who accidentally burned their tokens instead of claiming them
  • DAO works to get $JUSTICE token listed on more exchanges (pays the exchange a listing fee if it has to)
  • DAO works to get $JUSTICE token listed on so thousands and thousands of e-commerce shops (online stores) can accept $JUSTICE as payment
  • DAO or individuals open e-commerce shops to sell AssangeDAO promo materials (stickers etc), where people can only use $JUSTIC tokens to buy them
  • DAO works on guides (maybe posted on the forum?) to teach people who are new to Cryptocurrency on how to purchase $JUSTICE tokens
  • DAO votes on ‘Julian Assange Award by AssangeDAO’ to present to someone every year (can have an award value in eth or $JUSTICE)
  • DAO comes up with a unique NFT project of it’s own (something that hasn’t quite been done before, like Pak’s Censored NFT open-edition collection which was innovative)
  • DAO comes up with more unique uses for $JUSTICE token
  • DAO partners with more Assange supporters groups - perhaps sets aside a fund where we can reward those who have been campaigning for Julian Assange or help pay for some expense like a giant billboard of Assange + AssangeDAO somewhere to gain media attention?
  • DAO could consider some gas-free NFT/other airdrop to initial contributors to the DAO?
  • DAO looks at partnering with other DAOs
  • DAO brainstorms and implements new Proposals that will support Assange and the things he cares about (Whistleblowers, Freedom of Information, Free Speech, WikiLeaks, etc.)

Happy DAO Community = Happy Token Price = More things the DAO can do to support Assange and the things he stands for.

It’s a win/win scenario.


Censored NFT是加密艺术家Pak为AssangeDAO创造的一个可以众人共创的NFT集合,每一个人都可以在Censored上创作一句话,然后这些文字将被铸造成一个个白底黑字的NFT,最艺术化的是,这些文字都被粗黑的线条所遮蔽,象征着:被禁锢的言论自由,以及被禁锢的阿桑奇。这些NFT只有当阿桑奇获得自由时才会获得自由,这些文字才会被释放。

Censored NFT是一个很艺术化的设计,不仅完整地诠释了阿桑奇的遭遇,并且把众多参与者的情绪和期待装入了一个个NFT,Censored 也会成为NFT历史上一次很有标志性的创作。目前,Censored NFT已经停止铸造,在未来Web3的环境下代表自由的Censored NFT会不会是一种比较稀缺的思想资产?

如果从meme的路线去思考,Censored NFT也是AssangeDAO和Pak为捐赠者留下的一个可以把“为言论自由而抗争”这个宏大叙事一直延续下去的载体,每一句话的背后都是一个活生生的人,每个活生生的人是否都曾经遭遇过“言论不自由”或者其他的不公,我想,应该会有很多的故事

前几天,我写了一篇复盘阿桑奇DAO的文章[复盘阿桑奇DAO以及对DAO未来范式的思考 — i❤️y.eth],特别提到,AssangeDAO社区其实可以围绕CensoredNFT做一些事情,比如组织NFT背后的创作者们围绕阿桑奇宏大叙事的主线分享下自己的故事。目前还没看到有动静,所以,我决定自己尝试组织下,也算是为自己吹的牛逼做一个落地。


1、首先在推特Space组织中文社区的Censored NFT创作者进行分享。





1、谈谈自己当时创作Censored NFT这句话的心理

2、谈谈你对Censored NFT本身的理解





Here is the English version:

Censored NFT is a collection of uncensored NFT created by crypto artist Pak for AssangeDAO. Each person can create a sentence on The Censored post, which is then cast into an NFT with black words on a white background. The best part is that the words are covered with thick black lines. Symbol: the stranglehold of free speech, and the stranglehold of Assange. The NFT will only be free when Assange is free and the text will be released.

Censored NFT is an artistic creation that not only fully interprets the fate of Assange, but also puts the emotions and expectations of the many people involved into the NFT. Beyond beyond Censored NFT, it will become an iconic creation in the history of THE NFT. For now Censored NFT has stopped mintting, so will Censored NFT, representing freedom, be a scarce thought asset under the future of Web3?

Censored NFT is also a vehicle left by AssangeDAO and Pak for the donors to continue the grand narrative of “struggle for freedom of speech” if you think from the line of Meme, there is a living person behind every word, Whether every living person has suffered from “unfreedom of speech” or some other injustice, I think, there should be many stories

The other day, I wrote a reworking of the AssangeDAO [复盘阿桑奇DAO以及对DAO未来范式的思考 — i❤️y.eth], specifically mentioning that the AssangeDAO community can actually do something around CensoredNFT, The creators behind NFT, for example, share their stories around assange’s grand narrative arc. I haven’t seen anything yet, so I decided to try to organize it myself, and do a landing for my boast.

The following is the implementation plan of the draft:

  1. First of all, we will share it under Censored NFT creators at Twitter Space.

  2. If the number of participants exceeds 50, Space will be opened. Just leave a message below this tweet to sign up

3, Talk does not limit the number of times to organize, and does not rule out inviting creators from English and other language communities to organize and share

  1. Future exhibitions on the NFT chain of the Meta-cosmic space Organization are not ruled out

Discussion framework:

  1. Talk about my psychology when I created the phrase “Censored NFT”

  2. Talk about your understanding of Censored NFT itself

  3. Talk about what you know about Assange DAO and your thoughts on DAO in the future

Don’t talk politics

Thank you for quoting @peterlg2100 on Twitter!


The higher the price of $Justice will attract more people to join AssangeDAO.

The more members AssangeDAO has, the stronger the public influence will be, and it can help Assange get his freedom faster.

For Assange, for justice, all $Justice holders unite.


The project has taken all the money


The two

priorities from the above list IMO

It is obvious that the DAO should raise more to add to its treasury - until then it cannot do a number of those other important items listed