Meeting notes from Feb 20th, 6am UTC Twitter Spaces with Assange Family and AssangeDAO

Meeting notes from Feb 20th, 6am UTC Twitter Spaces with Assange Family and AssangeDAO

Stella Moris (Julian Assange’s Fiancée and mother of their 2 children):

  • There are dark forces (Governments and Intelligence Agencies and others) at work against Assange

  • The CIA contracted the Spanish security company (UC Global) that was working inside the embassy (for Ecuador) to instead spy on Julian, his lawyers, take our baby’s DNA. Instead of providing security for the building they began spying and working for the CIA.

  • We know this because there was a whistleblower inside the security company who came forward.

  • The case is in the courts in Spain. And the head of the security company has been indicted (charged). WikiLeaks: New leads suggest CIA spied on Assange to secure his extradition to the US | International | EL PAÍS English Edition

  • Julian is up against the most powerful state in the world with unlimited resources who is and has been committing criminal operations against Julian for years.

  • Julian has been on the defensive for years, but really what needs to be done is more offensive operations in the courts, which was not possible until now because of the DAO.

  • When Julian and WikiLeaks first started publishing cablegate and other large publications, there was an extrajudicial and illegal banking blockade against them, which Bank of America, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard etc shut down donations to WikiLeaks all at once without any legal process.

  • This illegal banking blockade forced WikiLeaks to start accepting Bitcoin donations and that’s what kept WikiLeaks being able to continue it’s work. WikiLeaks - Banking Blockade

  • An investigation revealed that as soon as Pompeo was director of the CIA he made WikiLeaks his #1 target. His first speech as CIA director was all about WikiLeaks. “Imagine this, publishing true information was the CIA’s biggest threat”. Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA's secret war plans against WikiLeaks

  • The CIA started an all out war against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

  • They were developing plans to assassinate Assange, or kidnap him and rendition him to a black site or to engineer his arrest.

  • They managed to get him arrested, basically an illegal kidnapping from the Embassy by working with Ecuador, and the UK.

  • CIA also have been largely at work on propaganda attacks against Julian. Many smears and planted stories. The most famous one is a front page story in the Guardian saying that Julian had Paul Manafort visit Julian three times in the Embassy. Manafort held secret talks with Assange in Ecuadorian embassy, sources say | Paul Manafort | The Guardian

  • The DAO is so important because one of the main attacks against Julian is to try demoralize supporters and demoralize Julian saying that he has no support by using smear narratives.

  • The DAO has come out and shown unquestionably that there is no way to question the reality of the amount of support that Julian has.

  • The DAO has come together in order to Free Julian. This is such a power message which brings together a powerful group of talented people across the world.

  • The potential of this DAO is more powerful than all the states put together who are trying to work against Assange.

Chinese Translator

  • Most Chinese Community don’t know how to use twitter, most Chinese Assange supporters are on other social media like WeChat.
  • Chinese community are contributing to this project because they believe in Assange.
  • Our DAO members are separated around the world, most of us cannot physically go to London and take to the streets.
  • How can we make the AssangeDAO and it’s community bigger so we can have more influence in the public to support Assange?

Gabriel Shipton (Julian Assange’s brother)

  • Family is 100% fighting to Free Julian, as long as the DAO remains 100% focused on that mission, the DAO has the family and Julian’s full support.
  • We will be working to increase the profile of the DAO and coming up with strategies to build up the DAOs strategy.
  • Julian wants to build on the successful of his first NFT and potentially do further NFTs which could potentially contribute directly to the DAOs treasury.
  • If this DAO is able to Free Julian it would be an incredible historical achievement which could impact and encourage other DAOs all over the world.

Chinese Translator

  • What are the next steps, Have you looked at the proposals and ideas on the forum etc?


  • There are some great proposals and ideas on the forum. The governance structure needs to swiftly so we are all fully united behind the DAO so we can start making progress on the DAOs mission.

Chinese Translator

  • Justice token is also a strong indicator of the success of the DAO, everyone in the DAO should have a role, for example people outside the UK can encourage their own communities to get involved.
    -Do we have detailed plans what the DAO will do in the future?


  • It’s really the Family’s role in the community to make sure that any proposal is put forward is to do no harm to Julian or his defense. It’s up to the community to decide what actions and proposals to put forward. The family’s role is to be the direct communication with Julian, promote the DAO and ensure that no proposals could harm Julian or his defense.
  • There are many good ideas in the discord and the forum. We should put them through the community governance system and act on them.

Chinese Translator

  • What about the Multi-sig wallet? There are 3 people. Are we planning to increase the multi sig?


  • Yes the team is still here, we should build the Multi-Sig past 3 for security reasons. - There are many talented people here, so we should give everyone a chance to be part of that. It will be left up to the governance system to nominate those people.

Chinese Translator

  • Who can start the snapshot?


  • Initially the snapshot is only open to a few people to put up proposals from which the community has proposed on the forum, and then it will be opened up to more members, which will be up to the community to decide. The substack goes into detail about this The First Step Toward AssangeDAO Governance - AssangeDAO

Chinese Translator

  • How does the family veto work?


  • It’s not really a veto process, it should be a back and forth process (if the family sees a proposal that might be harmful to Julian or his case), if there is portions of the proposal that would harm Julian or harm his defense, or establish some legal precedent that is unhelpful, then we can work with the drafters of of the proposal to modify it, so that so that it would it would not harm Julian so I think it’s not helpful to frame it as a veto that we will be using at will. We are here to work with the community to free Julian. Not to work against the community.

Chinese Translator

  • Will we mint more tokens?


  • There are currently no plans to mint more tokens but again this is up to the community to vote and decide.

Chinese Translator

  • When will the snapshot proposals go up so we can vote?


  • Hopefully quite soon


  • I see Julian once or twice a week in the prison, and he is following the DAO even though he does not have the ability to access the internet and follow it as closely as he would like. Julian has ideas that the family will be happy to discuss and share.


  • We need to have simple instructions on how non-technical people can buy Justice tokens and how they can participate in the DAO.

  • I’m still amazed at what you have all achieved in the past two weeks

  • Bringing this all together and these 10,000+ community members.

  • This is a sort of new paradigm philanthropy that I talked about on the forum where where it sort of unlocks value for the for the contributors. It’s not just a one way transaction anymore.

  • I think we are going to look back and see how we are setting an example for others to follow to support all sorts of causes.

  • We shouldn’t lose sight of what we’ve achieved and what we will achieve.

  • Congratulations to everybody and thank you.