MEETING NOTES: AssangeDAO meeting on Friday March 4th at 9pm CET (8pm UTC) Twitter Spaces

Edit: Meeting Notes

Background: The First Step Toward AssangeDAO Governance - AssangeDAO

  • We wish Amir and Rose were at the meeting but seems they are busy

  • Should avoid US residents on Multisig

  • Should avoid Multisig members being all in the same country (spread out as much as possible)

  • We shouldn’t take off the 2 members who’ve resigned from the multisig until we’ve found replacements otherwise it’s dangerous because it would require 3/3 signing

  • Silke: Governance framework should come first, as we are just using default snapshot parameters

  • Silke: The reason why only 10 people are authors on Snapshot is because we first have to sort out governance, there are 2 Chinese community members on that list already. This list is from the core devs who helped found the DAO. Their role is only to put up Governance proposals that the community writes on the forum.

  • There could be a criteria (list of authors) or minimum # of tokens people have to initiate snapshots.

  • This can be voted on as part of the governance

  • For now proposals should only be related to governance

  • For example, the proposal related to the Juicebox freezing of token minting should have waited until the governance was voted on as this is what we agreed, only for the 10 to make proposals involving Governance posted on the forum and not other issues.

  • Gabriel: Before we do proposals we could do temperature checks inside the discord

  • So we can find out from the community what is the order of proposals

  • bZ: How were the first 10 snapshot authors decided?

  • Silke: The snapshot space was setup with 10 people as authors from the core team from the beginning - they are only there temporarily until the Governance (including who the snapshot authors should be) are decided.

  • Silke: The juicebox issue was slow because we had to discuss with Juicebox how to accomplish this properly without disabling the ability to claim their unclaimed tokens.

  • We should figure out governance first, I think it’s much more important.

  • If this is what the community wants, we have to first agree on the governance mechanism

  • Gabriel: Governance is most important

  • Zylo: Makes sense to do governance first so we know how people are being elected etc so we can be sure the DAO is doing what the community wants.

  • If we elect multisigs first and then change the governance we cannot be sure that its what the community wanted

  • First the governance should be set up so we can figure out requirements for mulitsig

  • emily: bZ: temporary multisig option is good too

  • Silke: Stellar wrote a good blog post on what governance questions have to be dealt with. HERE: The First Step Toward AssangeDAO Governance - AssangeDAO

  • role of Assange family has gone thru which is part of the governance questions

  • Silke: how should voting be done? Token voting? Quadratic voting or different voying system? should there be like in Juicebox DAO like temperature check being taken in discord? How big should the multisig be? 4 out of 7? etc 6 out of 10?
    what should be the criteria for the multisig?
    Should there be other modules? gnosis safe modules?
    Or do we even want a multisig? We could migrate to a different framework
    idea would be to have a decision by the community of all those and then actually implement it, and change the snapshot.
    Maybe the community will decide its based on token amount who can put up proposals, or these 30 authors can put up proposals after a temperature check in discord, or is the current template we have for proposals appropriate?

  • Bluecoffee: Our community doesn’t even know who are these 11 people on snapshot

  • Gabriel: In terms of Juicebox DAO they have a 2 week governance cycle

  • Gabriel: the DAO will be much more robust when the governance is in place

  • Silke: Those 11 people, one of those is the multisig, 8 other people on that list are not on the mulitsig

  • Silke: the reason why it was restricted is because we wanted to deal first with governance and nothing else

  • Gabriel: the community is better represented when we decide on the governance process

  • silke: who should be added from the Chinese community as a snapshot as an author?

  • yeti: how did the community governance proposal come about?

  • Stellar: Its important to emphasize, why its set in place, the community is not ready for random proposals
    the role of adding a proposal is a custodian

  • Stellar: we should use these calls to figure out what the exact next proposals should be until we have the exact governance in place

  • stellar: I think its important to set a deadline for when the governance process has to be completed

  • stellar: it will have clear rules on who has authority to submit proposals

  • stellar: we should worry less about chagning the multisig now and give a very quick deadline on when there will be that transformation

  • BlueCoffee: there should be someone in chinese community who can have snapshot creation ability

  • Emily: Silke said 2 chinese community members can put up proposals, but Bluecoffee said there’s not, so silke do you know who are those 2 peopel?

  • silke: there’s 11 people, suji and shane? are from the chinese community?

  • Stellar: Snapshot authors must focus on proposals related to governance so we can officially ratify our governance

  • Stellar: Snapshot authors should discuss with each other before putting up proposals. They should be in English and Chinese.

  • bluecoffee: discord needs more mods, admin powers etc

  • gabriel: Ok i will get on that.

  • stellar: one week for designing the polls
    there should be in parallel a forum post for multisig if people want to nominate themselves so it can eventually be ratified

  • Silke: there should be a snapshot if we want to add 2 temp Multisigs

  • bluecoffee: we will nominate someone form the Chinese community to be on the multisig

  • stellar: the snapshot should be clear that they are temporary and there will be elections in a few weeks

AssangeDAO meeting on Friday March 4th at 9pm CET (8pm UTC)

We will focus on next steps: Governance + Multisig.

It will be held on Twitter Spaces.

Follow on twitter for further updates or check the discord/forum.

Gabriel Shipton of the Assange Family will attend.


who else is going to be attending?

Did Amir attend the meeting? we need his participation

Should we start some kind of shared doc that we can be update and everyone can add or pitch ideas so we start working on a governance proposal? I took the one that was created in the beginning and added some personal notes: