MEETING: AMA Community Call with Gabriel

Dear AssangeDAO

In order to unite and remind each other why we’re actually here and revitalise our community:

  • We plan a community call with Gabriel Shipton. Time: Monday 18th April at 11pm ACT in Discord.

  • We opened this thread specifically for members, to write down their questions and things that they think need to be explained. That way we can all prepare each other for it, independently of the time zone and country.

  • We want you to keep the conversation productive, rational & simple in order to make it easier and to have a direct and clear reply. So please just write your questions here and leave comments and personal opinions outside of this thread – just questions to be asked please!

  • Because we want to be constructive, no FUD, no trolling, & no insulting please. Let’s be constructive and your questions will be answered. We will leave some time at the end of the AMA for members to ask questions live.

I would like Gabriel to explain how this came about behind the scenes and why it wasn’t voted on.

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I second @rave’s request for an explanation. Specifically: (1) in what sense did ASSANGE CAMPAIGN INC., an Association incorporated in the Australian state of Victoria, broker the NFT donation; and (2) who set the commission fee at $1,838,126.27 US Dollars?

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I can add one: how Julian sees the DAO and is there any on-going conversation about his support for the DAO and how that support could be? Is realistic the idea of Julian NFT to be auctioned by the DAO so we build the treasury and have funds to continue? If yes, can we have some sort of broad timeframe? Thanks


1\Treasury, where can we have money? 2\When can we add at least 2-5 proposers and multisig of community? 3\Who will be the future team(namely, marketing\dev\product-those team that Julian brother quos) that will dedicate their full time to the DAO and be responsible to token holder not only Assange? 4、What’s the roadmap and the token model that will address both freeing Assange and token price? 5、What rights should the token holders have and I suggest to develop a democratic process for admin election for social media and website account, you can put some resitriction as well.

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the AssangeDAO formed to bid as much as possible on the Pak/JA NFT. This was accomplished.
Pak then donated the funds to Wau Holland as promised.

It is not up to us in any way to determine how Wau Holland uses these funds. They are a registered German charity who is highly reputable and has been supporting Julian for over 10 years.

They also cannot donate money to the DAO, it is impossible.
Even if it were possible, we would reject it.

The DAO will continue to raise funds to move itself forward and pay core mods/developers.
NFTs are in the works but will take many months to complete.


Thank you very much Zylo. I also understood it like that and agree with your answer. I also would reply like that. However, let’s keep this thread for questions for the meeting and answer them there officially. Your answer we can already mention at the meeting and we add everything after it in an official AMA page, to use it in future. This will be useful to clear up misunderstandings and hopefully will prevent FUD in future, saving a lot of time for repetetive struggles in my opinion.

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Good questions for all donators. Respectful to all donators.

Yes, official channel is very important to answer and check questions from community, but please kindly know one truth, most of people cannot use Discord, even download, it is difficult in China. We usually use wechat as first tool for information communications.
Many people asked same questions one by one, because they have very limit channel to acquire information.
I hope you can build a effective information communication channel like Tecent meeting.

Trust in us, Zylo, Everyone knows your explanation, we are not stupid, we only want action and how, not promise, just it.
As creators of AssangeDao, you’d better have clear roadmap or plan, this is responsibility to community and respect to all donators.

Yes I know about Wau Holland. I know they have supported Assange for many years. I question that $figure - it sounds extravagant. I think TomStairtsen query above should be answered at the AMA session.
Point taken about it not being voted upon.

Im concerned about the DAO having no operating costs. So is the way forward similar to the above - pay a commission after completion of a NFT project? (What are they by the way?)

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What future projects will there be Gabriel? Also send good wishes to Assange.

i agree: The DAO will continue to raise funds to move itself forward and pay core mods/developers.
NFTs are in the works but will take many months to complete.

Hope you can update the progress, besides of Donation, we also donate justice tokens to push Assange activities like concert in europe this time, please show action from you and multisigners or creators before.

take look


uh this NO FUD

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  1. All multisigners must hold Justice tokens, share their holding address. The community must vote to choose multisigners by justice token.
  2. All proposers must show their justice tokens.
  3. Remove EWILLHELP YOU from Mod, his behavior in Disord is making more and more enemies for Assange and splitting community.
  4. Clear roadmap and plan for AssangeDao.

No token, no speak in crypto world, they cannot represent community members.

Look, i have some answers for forum proposals this morning, who ban me?
If he has no reasonable reasons, i think this meeting is no any use.

EWILLHELPYOU in discord is a threat to AssangeDao, his behavior also in telegram is not like a Real man like Assange.

We don’t trust such hypocrite, he ban me in Discord because i write: Just show your justice tokens, holding address, and then we can contitue forward for your proposal.

He is making more enemies for Assange, also splitting community.

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Is he the one banning people from the discord? I was recently banned without any notice given.