Meaning of Justice /Justice的意义

#Justice 不仅仅适用于Assange 也适用于“徐州铁链女”. JusticeDao可以把 “徐州铁链女”类似遭受极其不公正的案例 写入以太坊区块链。

#Justice is not only for Assange but also for "Xuzhou Iron Chain Woman”. JusticeDao can write the case of "Xuzhou Iron Chain Woman” who suffered extreme injustice into the Ethereum blockchain.

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Than create a XuzhouDAO. This is the AssangeDAO, where we focus on the freedom of Assange as our primary goal.

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Vitalik said about AssangeDao in a recent interview: It funds Julian Assange’s legal defense, and it may even eventually expand beyond that, depending on the community to decide what it will be. “Eventually expands beyond saving Assange”, so AssangeDao can eventually expand to “JusticeDao” to serve all those who have been injustice. “Xuzhou Iron Chain Woman”, like Assange, has been unfairly treated. we the JUSTICE, Not only for Assange, also for “xuzhou lronchain woman”, for the JUSTICE.

Google translate:
Vitalik最近的采访中关于AssangeDao说到:它为 Julian Assange 的法律辩护提供资金,它甚至可能最终扩展到超出这个范围,这取决于社区的情况决定它会是什么。“最终扩展超出拯救阿桑奇这个范围”,所以AssangeDao最终可以扩展为“JusticeDao”,为所有受到不公正的人服务。“徐州铁链女”和阿桑奇一样,受到了不公正。we the JUSTICE,Not only for Assange,also for “xuzhou lronchain woman”,for the JUSTICE.

The issue is that we cannot represent someone without their consent, for someone to help Xuzhou Iron Chain Woman, she has to agree to be helped, and we have to have the funds and resources to help her.

Apart of that I think we can work more efficient as a collective, if we all bundle our power and focus on one common mission. After we finished the goal and Assange would be free, we can concentrate on other missions. Why cooking other soups, if we still didn’t finish the first one?

… 10 years later …

If we don’t unite and fight together for his freedom now, than maybe you’re right! This AssangeDAO has not been created to free Assange in 10 years, but as soon as possible! Every day we don’t unite and fight together for the same thing, is a waste of time.

I think you misunderstand the amount of time that the state can drag out the proceedings.

If Assange is extradited to the USA, through the various levels of appeals, it could take that long.

I didn’t misunderstand anything here. I’m just confident, that if we bundle our power to get louder with our actions, that we’ll be much more effecient and impactful, instead of dispersing the colletive in doing multiple things at the same time. As Nils Melzer stated in the article of “Morning star” *1: “Julian Assange would be free within days if the mass media ended its “deafening silence” over persecution of the Wikileaks founder”. I personally agree with Mr. Melzer totally and I don’t see your 10 year speculation, as a reason to loose momentum with Assange’s family / supporters, in concentrating on multiple goals at the same time.

*1: End 'deafening silence' over state persecution of Julian Assange in Britain's media, UN expert demands | Morning Star

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