Maybe we need someone to tell Julian what's going on

Tell him that this dao has stopped moving forward, it’s like a mess of sand, and all the talents are lost. We don’t know how to find our place and our direction in the crypto world. Ask him what to do with this dao. Or ask him to appoint someone to lead us.


Whom would you suggest?

I do not know. All I know is that we’re pretty bad right now, as stagnant as WikiLeaks. I think we need people who are capable to stand up.
Assange is a good and brave man. His spirit has the significance of the times. But he went to jail, and we couldn’t move. It’s not right, we need more people like Assange to come forward and fight.

idk if it’s worth saying, but I don’t think it’s fair to call WL stagnant - do we know why they’ve been quiet (and aren’t they currently working the Hunter Biden laptop?).


There may be many inaccuracies in my statement, so can only be a simple suggestion. But we are in great times in the crypto world and something should really be done or we are a joke. And the project is named after Assange (this bad condition is a disservice to Mr Assange’s reputation). In addition, other people in the world of encryption, to see such a performance project, will think we are all a bunch of garbage.

Simply put, we need a person with clear thinking and strong organizational skills. Come and lead us out of the difficult situation of inaction.

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Maybe @harryhalpin can fit the role.

Would be wise to have a large media organisation handle that. Besides WL haven’t stated this. Anybody else does not speak for WL. That could harm WL.

If it is to succeed and be held in high esteem in the general public, we should have people who possess DAO managerial experience. But also those who can and are willing to delegate responsibility, recognise community talent and bring it together.

Instead we have the “Foundation” breakaway group - and many other capable people who left. Should never have happened.

If only we could afford!!!

This is absolutely key to untangling the present logjam. Those who would not trust us, will destroy us.

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Contact the Consensus Unit with your issues. They are all have DMs off their twitter feed. Tis not rocket science to use Google. They exist to protect their husband, brother and client.

I wouldn’t dream of disturbing their lack of interest in AssangeDAO’s public-facing online discussion platforms

  • AssangeDAO Forum
  • AssangeDAO Twitter
  • AssangeDAO Discord

or ruffling their confidence in the autocrat they left minding the shop. Consensus Unit knows best.