Let multisig members burn their token and give back our DAO, vote for the new multisig members and start new projects to continue the justice

Hi everyone, I have some suggestions from Chinese DAO memebers.
according to the original multisig team words, they choose to give up the governing of DAO. But the smart contract should rewrite so that we could add new multisig members who are voted by DAO memebers.

We should have new mod and OG to help DAO develop new projects so that justice can prosper in the future. It is also good for the price of token. We could use the reputation and influence of Assange, and help more people around the world, not only the people who suffer from centralized government, but also other minorities, cuz cyberpunk spirit never ends!

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I agree,Thank you for your advice!

What’s a good smart contract that we should migrate to? Currently it’s held by a gnosis safe. Is there an alternate contract you recommend we deploy?


My suggestion is for the multisig signers to be replaced when new multisignature members have been agreed by governance. No tokens need to be burnt for this. It is a simple process. Right now the focus should be on setting up an antifragile governance framework.



The Devs/Founders were not paid any tokens or anything for their work, so token burning doesn’t matter.

Hi guys, I was deleted by the core team without any notice in the discord. They didn’t give me any reason. Now they are going to dictator in the DAO. This community is not a DAO, this is Korea. Shame on core team, and anyone refuse to accept it

Alex, did you complain to the organization regarding their behavior. I too was deleted from the discord, for informing them that their actions are unlawful, that the investors are the owner of the organization, and that any investor has the right submit a governance proposal, and that restricting that right is securities fraud. I informed them that failure to allow all proposals from investors, will result in me suing them in the US district court, See the legal question when posed to GPT-3 below.

Yup, I just came up with different voice about asking the core team to give up the multisig wallet, then while I was sleeping I was deleted. Plz send me message on twitter, we could do the lawsuit to kick off the core team, they are dictators. My twitter: @alex_pengfei

Discord is a mess and hard to manage. The forum is far more tolerant. We don’t have any treasury and all the mods are volunteers.

I appreciate the hard efforts by the volunteers, cuz justice need to grow so that we could save assange. But it is unfair to ban anyone who gave out different voices like me, now I can’t be Discord and speak for myself. The DAO should listen to anyone even though they are against you. Multisig wallet should vote for changing or not, it is very essential for a DAO to grow under this circumstance. If you have question about it, just start a official snapshot and let the DAO to make a choice. I have seen we have official snapshot and hope this problem can be solved as soon as possible. BTW, the treasury still has 600+eth now, so it is not empty. And the core team could add much more token with the multisig wallet maybe, that’s why I highly suggest core team should give up the multisig wallet

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I personally think that with 600 ETH, that it should be possible to find a civil rights attorney as an external hire, which should serve as a executive director of the org, and manage the volunteers / devs / staff.