Let Julian Assange be the final judge!

I am worried that the next meeting will not necessarily lead to unanimity,then the DAO goes to split.

Let us seek common ground and allow for different viewpoints.

Adopt the agreed proposal and execute it immediately.For those conflicting proposals, let Julian be the final judge, on the premise of ensuring that Julian hears the full advice of all parties.

In this way, we can establish the basic rules that everyone agrees with in the shortest time.

He’s the only one who can convince everyone.


Good idea zian.

The whole project has been created for him. Therefore, involving him in giving him a voice seems absolutely legit to me. I also don’t want that several cooks cook several different soups somehow. I presume we’re all here for one common goal, one common soup and that’s why we should unite and work on the same thing to bundle up our energy.

@GabrielShipton, what do you think about that?

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Stella Moris is Julian Assange’s fiancée and mother of their 2 small children.

Herself, Jennifer Robinson (Assange long time lawyer), and Gabriel Shipton have direct communication with Assange.

They are his voice to the outside world until his freedom is restored.

Yes Julian can receive postal mail, (which is likely opened and read and easily lost/intercepted). Please go ahead and write to him, but do not expect a reply.