Just a friendly bit of advice

Hi AssangeDAO,
Im E, and Im one of the people who humbly got to help bring this project into being. I got to watch this grow from just an idea being tossed back and forth, into the robust community it is quickly becoming.
As I bow out of any spotlight, or authority here, and quietly exit stage left from any honorous position (as anonymous letters are prone to do) I wanted to leave you my parting thoughts, and perhaps some friendly words of wisdom to keep handy as you collectively plan your future.

As long as this community stays true to its core goals and purpose, the sky is the limit.

The tough part for thousands of members will be staying true to the noble path it began with. The pressure to veer off course will be immense.

Public perception of this DAO is a unique currency at play. We wield a part of Assange’s name here, and with it, a portion of both that notoriety and responsibility.

Will this DAO maintain strong principles?
Will this DAO withstand almost certain efforts to sabotage it and lead it astray both from within and without?
How will its vision and leadership qualities manifest outside of its initial purpose?

These are questions I safely assume Julian is asking himself right now, and ones we too should ask ourselves.

Whatever we do, our core ethics should be held to the highest degree, and our focus should be pragmatic, and not only based on an investment structure.
We should match a zeal for profit margins, with a passion for ethical action. Combined, those two focuses could merit phenomenal change on a massive scale.

People who joined this DAO, largely, did not do so with regards only to personal gain (not to disregard those whom did, there is plenty of room and need for fiscal concern and sharp planning).

Great things are truly possible here for all of you.

Set your minds on a common goal, and let nothing stop you.
Stay noble.


(Consider me “mostly” retired from the core groups now, and just another voice for true $Justice in the crowd.)


Thank you for your inspiring words. That’s exactly what I thought as I entered this project. I was (or am) shocked that not all people that joined, had good intentions… (Trolling, insulting, financial profit, gaslighting etc…) Hopefully such people will leave… I wrote a comment about trust and security in this forum, which was my first one. Hopefully it will not be ignored too, because there are not only friends that have our efforts \ ideas on the radar.

I’m still under this sad impression somehow and reading your words now keep the flame going if you know what I mean. Only together we’re strong.

Thanks, Ewi. :heartpulse:


Thank you for your noble advice ECareYou
Let’s distribute the common goal.
The AssangeDAO mints travel passports for Julians & like minded in the crowd. ><