Julian Assange has guilty

Julian Assange and Wikleaks doesn’t respect the constitution and law of human rights:
The cybercriminal association of Wikleaks didn’t act in respect of the human rights.
In many situations they picked up information from mk ultra NATO militar electronic celebral implant device of a experimental cavy acting against a representative democracy and playing a geopolitical game against Western World supporting advantages to China and Russia governments.
An example is their stupid hacking activities against a Mk-ultra cavy in 2013 in order to try to violate his identity supporting Wikleaks force with aim the destroying of his life thanking to a tentative to dissociate him violating his integrity trying to collect the relevant data of his knowledge that gave problems to the real cavy and NATO military alliance. I suppose that they has been financed from China and Russian goverments. Thanking to the resilience of the cavy, they have lost to their virtual manipulation game. Again in 2013 the idiot Vladimir Putin gave residential permission to a virtual identity generated from Wikileaks because he was believing in this geopolitical game but he has no control capacity of the real person with his experience anymore. The privilege connection to universal controllers, activation procedures and science knowledge of the cavy is today again supporting the military defence project in which he was and he is involved with NATO alliance.
With reference the data corruption, criminal hacking and virtual identity manipulation produced from Wikileaks supporting the no regulated crypto currencies, they are today suffering of their technology block chain failures.
Finally I hope that Julian Assange will be moved to US to pay his damages, he is not an human right defense actor and he has damaged the Western countries.

Thank you for nourishing the Wikleaks force with this delicious word salad - long live the cavy!


If you want I can give you more details to nourishing Wikleaks but I believe that it is not convenient for you.

In case let me know.


Sounds bigoted to expect everyone to be a native english speaker

Were that the issue, I’d agree. But this is a poor venue for slandering Assange. To many of us, he’s a champion of truth; and, more urgently, he stands symbolically and (if he is freed and so chooses) practically on the side of ‘enlightenment’ ideals against the empire and the agency that spawned it.

(More perspectives on the efficacy of such ideals and the claim that the agency spawned the empire are welcome in DMs or a new thread - I certainly lack the education to evaluate these ideas and wish some day to be able to.)

Hi, it is not an issue of ideology, Wikleaks didn’t respect the civil rights and national security to collect their informations (dark web, mk uktra cavies…) therefore I hope that the justice will consider these argoments

I want to precise that I’m the cavy mentioned above that the cybercriminal association of Wikleaks used for example to collect the Chapter 7 info in 2017 and the same cavy of 2013 as mentioned above. Thanks a lot Wikleaks to not have respected my civilian rights, human rights and national security, hacking my life, take advantage of the dark web promoting the social and be a sponsor of the dark virtual criminality in the society and damage the Western World. This is the other side of your steel medal. That’s Whistlerblowing of Wikleaks. Bye bye

Hello Alessio,

Can you tell me what a “cavy” is? I’ve never heard that word used before and feel like I’m not understanding completely.

Also, I’m curious to know a little more about your story in hopes to understand what it is you’re claiming here. For me personally, I think Julian deserves to be free based off the charges brought against him. Nothing he did nor anything WikiLeaks did was anything other than reporting the information that was provided. However you’re claiming more than that, while also saying he damaged Western Countries. Would it not make more sense to say that Western Countries damaged themselves due to the information they wanted to be private becoming public? I’m not sure how it makes sense to punish a man for informing the general public about wrong doings done by the most powerful government on the planet Earth.

Again, I would like to understand why you feel the way you do. If you want to discuss more let me know.

Wikleaks preferred to violate the person integrity, civilian and human rights in order to take advantage of some secrets and resell them manipulated to the pubblic on web… if you want to have more info on the topics mentioned from me here above you can ask to Wikleaks maybe they have something to satisfy your desire of knowledge…

So, instead of making wild accusations to WL yourself, you’d like US to make them? Sounds like an enlightened and pro-social undertaking - thanks for all your input.

I’m not a member of a supreme court of a state and I don’t want and I can’t substitute it obviously. I hope that the justice will take into consideration all the facts and data.