Is it possible to sue Germany for not giving political asylum to Assange?

Hi everyone,
I’m new, I dont have a clue about what has been done and whats been worked on but I cant stand the thought that transparency of governmental fuck ups is something that can be punished.

My question: Is it possible to sue Germany (or any other country) for not giving political asylum to Assange?

The support of politicans in germany seems to be strong - more than 80 politicans signed an open letter.

I would like to know weather this option has been explored and if the financial capacities would be there.

sorry if this is the wrong channel for this question.

First there are 726 seats in the German parliament (Bundestag). So 80 members signing a letter is no indication that if voted upon, by a special motion - that there would be overall agreement.

Second - Assange cannot apply from a prison cell - so even if the majority approved - Assange cannot leave his situation to reach Germany. This fact is part of the reason he has never been granted bail. Why the US won’t allow it. Note that the asylum offer by Mexico was cited as a reason for his bail being denied.

Answer is no. They won’t be sued - because essentially Germany hasn’t done anything wrong.

No, because to my knowledge he has never applied for asylum in germany, and he actually has to be on german territory to claim asylum.