Is AssangeDAO Twitter on sabbatical?

Here is time-lapse photography of AssangeDAO Twitter over the past five days.

No traffic

During this lull, a major development transpired: election of a new Australian prime minister who last year said of Julian’s incarceration, “Enough is enough.”

Not tweeting about this to AssangeDAO Twitter’s 19.4K followers is a missed opportunity to demonstrate that someone at AssangeDAO is keeping up with important news relating to the DAO’s namesake.

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We always have constant arguments and struggles, maybe this is the nature of human society. This state, perhaps only if Julian Assange personally leads it, can be resolved. In addition to Julian, far I can not see who has the capacity to solve these conflicts.

@Hezi if only Julian has the capacity to resolve conflicts within AssangeDAO, then it should not be called a DAO, which stands for Decentralized autonomous organization.

Jen Robinson and Gabriel Shipton can resolve.

@rave of the two you mention, only Gabriel Shipton follows AssangeDAO Twitter. Jen Robinson does not. Do either of them have any control over AssangeDAO Twitter?

The consensus unit have a mission here - no harm done to Julian Assange. Jen can be contacted whether she follows here or not if YOU have an issue. You know why there is no twitter feed at the moment.

@rave Yes, I know, and you know. But does Jen Robinson even care? If she can’t be bothered to follow AssangeDAO Twitter, I doubt she’d give a damn about the present standstill.

Why raise this if you’re not willing to tell her. Why presume she does not care? otherwise you stirring is pointless.

How do I go about doing that?
JR search

Update: nine hours after I opened this topic, and for the first time in 4 days, 20 hours, 52 minutes, AssangeDAO Twitter came alive.

Now that AssangeDAO Twitter has awakened from a 5-day slumber, let’s hope whoever is operating that account will attend to the problematic links on its profile page.


  • Chat: produces an uninviting error screen that may well discourage new visitors to AssangeDAO Discord.

  • Read: leads to a dormant page where the “newest” entry is 3½ months old.

AssangeDAO Twitter’s continuing state of neglect is an embarrassment to AssangeDAO.

The money is already in hand. There’s no need to run twitter.

The stated mission of AssangeDAO is about more than raising money. AssangeDAO Twitter can and should be an important part of pursuing that broader mission.


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The problematic links on AssangeDAO Twitter’s page, to which I drew attention on this thread 12 days ago, have not been addressed. Moreover, the last post overall at AssangeDAO Forum was ≈3 days ago. Cumulatively, this indifference reinforces the impression that AssangeDAO is dead.

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I think you’re correct.

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